Indy News Update #2 for July 25, 2011
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NWS sent this in:

This past Saturday night July 23rd, National Wrestling Superstars returned to the Jersey Shore at the Island Heights, NJ Fire Company Hall. And even with the stiflingly hot weather, a better than expected and highly energetic crowd turned up to this (thankfully) air-conditionded venue to cheer on their favorites.

Miss Teen New Jersey finalist Taylor Troehler sang a beautiful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner”.

MATCH #1: A.C. Kewl (with manager Captain Johnny Kool) vs. “The Jewish Ninja” Sy Bootsie.
Sy Bootsie, returning to NWS after a long absence, held the advantage for most of the match, but manager Johnny Kool spoiled Sy’s return. After Kewl kicked away Sy’s attempt at a Figure-Four Leglock, Kool grabbed Sy’s ankle from the outside, distracting Sy long enough for Kewl to hit him with a Full Nelson Slam and get the 1-2-3.
Winner: A.C. Kewl

MATCH #2: The Soul Assassin vs. “Ice-Fire” Steve Zapf (with manager Island Heights Firefighter Todd Ewen)
Soul Assassin worked over Zapf’s arm early on, but Zapf battled back, and after hitting a bulldog on the Assassin out of the corner, locked him in a Crossface submission hold, and Soul Assassin tapped out.
Winner: “Ice-Fire” Steve Zapf

MATCH #3 – NWS HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE REMATCH: “Rampage” Rogers (Champion, with manager Captain Johnny Kool & his “2 Rude Dudes” partner “Corrupted” Corey Havoc) vs. Ray-Ray Marz (Challenger)
Marz, the former champion who had been defeated by Rogers for the title, had been waiting months for this rematch opportunity, and made the most of it early on by dominating Rogers with his quickness. But Havoc pulled down the ropes and made Marz tumble to the outside, then he and Captain Kool attacked him. Marz complained about all the outside interference to Commissioner Moore, and the Commissioner said that Rogers’ contract did allow him to have both Havoc and Kool at ringside, but he would allow Marz to choose someone to be in his corner, and Marz immediately fetched Island Heights Firefighter Todd Ewen. Marz and Rogers resumed their battle in the ring, with Rogers’ strength dominating, but Marz battled out of both a superplex attempt and a Camel Clutch, and came back with a flurry of offense. After hitting his running knee finisher on Rogers, Marz had Rogers covered and seeming poised for victory, but then Corey Havoc leaped into the ring and broke up the pin and attacked Marz. The referee immediately called for the bell.

Winner (by disqualification): Ray Ray Marz. (“Rampage” Rogers remains NWS Heavyweight Champion.)
After the match, Havoc and Kool pulled Marz to the outside and continued to attack him, until “Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo ran into the ring to break up the attack. Havoc and Ringo got into each other’s faces and it looked like their match for later on was going to take place right there on the spot, until the officials broke it up. Commissioner Moore ruled that the Marz & Rogers would have a rematch in Brick, NJ in early October.
During Intermission, the wrestlers, including former WWE superstar Manu, posed for pictures and signed autographs, and the NWS fans wished Dapper Johnny Falco and Mrs. Dapper, who was ringside, a happy 29th Wedding Anniversary.

MATCH #4 – NON-TITLE GRUDGE MATCH: NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc (with manager Captain Johnny Kool) vs. “Bounty Hunter” Johnny Ringo (with his Bounty Boys)
Ringo out-powered Havoc early on, but the match eventually spilled to the outside and the two brawled all around the ring, then eventually back in. Towards the end, Ringo began to out-power Havoc, but then Havoc’s “2 Rude Dudes” partner “Rampage” Rogers came out and distracted the referee while Havoc and Johnny Kool double-teamed Ringo in the ring. Ringo overpowered Johnny Kool, only to have Havoc throw a handful of powder in his eyes, and then Havoc leveled Ringo with three shots to the head from a “Wet Floor” sign. The referee finally turned around as Havoc covered Ringo for the 1-2-3.
Winner: “Corrupted” Corey Havoc

After the match, Ringo’s sons (the “Bounty Boys”) came into the ring to try and protect their father from further attack, but were beaten down by Havoc and Rogers, and it took the entire cadre of NWS referees to finally break up the attack. A furious Ringo complained to Commissioner Moore, and the Commissioner announced that at the Brick, NJ show in early October, Ringo and Havoc would have a rematch, and since Havoc liked using “Wet Floor” signs so much, the match would be a “Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em & Wack ‘Em Wet Floor Sign Battle”.

MATCH #5 – LOSER GETS A HAIRCUT MATCH: Bobby Youngblood vs. “The Jersey Shore Lunatic” Slayer
These two long-haired combatants have had a long-standing grudge between them, and for this match they agreed to put their long tresses on the line. The two fought a pitched battle inside and outside the ring, Bobby’s brawling skills pitted against Slayer’s unpredictable style. In the end, Bobby delivered a dropkick to Slayer in the corner, then positioned him for a superplex, but Slayer fought Bobby off, then leveled him with a flying cross-body and got the 1-2-3 pin.
Winner: Slayer

After the match, Bobby tried to escape from the ring with his hair intact, but Commissioner Moore and the Security Staff blocked his exit, and with the help of Ray Ray Marz and Steve Zapf he was dragged back to the ring, knocked semi-conscious, and was shaved semi-bald before he recovered and escaped from the ring. (The hair clippings were subsequently donated by NWS to the “Locks Of Love” charity.)

MAIN EVENT – SIX-MAN TAG-TEAM MATCH: Steve “Monsta” Mack & NWS Junior Heavyweight Champion “The Love Machine” Nicky Oceans & “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smooth vs. former WWE star Manu & “Atomic Dog” Ali & Father Oz
The match started off with Oz and Smooth locking up, and Oz was surprisingly able to match holds with the veteran Smooth. Oz tagged in Atomic Dog, and Smooth, who wanted no part of the Dog, slipped out and tagged in Oceans, who was outpowered by the Dog from the beginning. After getting head-butted by the Dog on all fours, Oceans managed to crawl over and tag in Mack, who announced that he wanted to lock up with WWE legend Manu. Manu obligingly tagged in and the two big men, evenly matched for strength, traded punches back and forth with no effect on either man, until Mack made the mistake of head-butting Manu, and found that he had the trademark Samoan super-hard head. A woozy Mack tagged in Smooth, whose punches had no effect on Manu, and was systematically pummeled by Manu. Manu tagged in Father Oz, but Smooth quickly grounded Oz with a blatent low blow, and for the next few minutes he and Oceans and Mack kept Oz in their corner until Oz ducked under a lariat attempt by Mack and clotheslined him instead, and then tagged in Atomic Dog, who cleaned house on Oceans and Smooth, and went after Mack. While Dog and Mack were fighting, Manu stunned the crowd by turning and attacking Father Oz in his own corner. When Dog turned around and saw the fallen Oz, Manu claimed ignorance of Oz’s condition. But when Dog turned back to attack Mack, Manu attacked Dog from behind, and Manu and his apparent new allies did a four-on-two beatdown on Dog and Oz, holding down Dog for Manu to hit him with a Samoan Splash. The referee, confused at first, eventually called for the bell and threw out the match.
Winner: None (Double Disqualification)

Security eventually broke up the attack and helped Atomic Dog out of the ring. Monsta Mack seized the microphone and explained that when NWS brought in Manu to substitute for a fired Balls Mahoney, they had doomed the match, as he stated that he and Manu were Samoan “blood brothers”, and blood was thicker than money. Mack stated that he would be coming to Brick, NJ in early October, and was bringing along another friend who was a forner ECW and WCW star, Crowbar. Ali stated he didn’t care who was with Monsta Mack, he wanted a piece of him in Brick. Commissioner Moore said he had just been on the phone with another former ECW & WWE star (and current TNA star) and that he would be coming to Brick to team with Atomic Dog against Monsta Mack and Crowbar… none other than D-Von Dudley!