Indy News Update #2 for July 20, 2011
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO TV #127: Champion vs. Champion

TV Airdate: 7/17/11

PWO Wrestling – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

Watch this episode today at this link –

Scheduled for the broadcast…

PWO Champion Jason Bane vs. PWO TV Champion Bobby Beverly
Very rarely in professional wrestling do two singles champions meet each other in one-on-one competition, but this week on PWO TV, we deliver it! Beverly currently finds himself surrounded by three capable challengers to his title in Shiima Xion, Jason Gory and Michael Façade, while Bane has been the target of the wrath of Krimson, seemingly the final hurdle separating Krimson from possessing the PWO Title and the power that comes with it. Can Bobby Beverly keep gold around his waist? Can Bane keep Krimson from gaining possession of the goal and dream of a locker room full of competitors? Only one champion will have the momentum heading into their respective biggest career battles at Wrestlelution 4!

Full Circle: Josh Prohibition
At PWO Wrestlelution 2, Josh Prohibition lost the PWO Title in a classic near thirty-minute war with Johnny Gargano. Two years later, Josh is back, and targeting his two most famed partners and rivals – Johnny Gargano and “M-Dogg 20” Matt Cross. Sunday, August 7 at PWO Wrestlelution 4, the three meet in a “Full Circle Three Way Dance” featuring the first 3 PWO Champions and first 3 Wrestlelution main events. This week on PWO TV, we’ll take a look back at Josh’s last match and get his thoughts present-day about Gargano, Cross, and his intentions at PWO Wrestlelution 4.

Brodie Lee’s PWO In-Ring Debut vs. Gregory Iron
On August 7 live and on iPPV, Brodie Lee will go face-to-face with Kevin Nash in a tag team encounter. With Marion Fontaine by his side, Brodie has sent some very physical messages to Nash, partner Aaron Draven, and friend Justin LaBar by assaulting several innocent victims up and down the PWO roster. However, this past week, one man was brave enough to stand up to adversity, as he so often has. Gregory Iron, whose partner Hobo Joe was injured by Brodie two weeks ago, actually this mammoth of a man to a one-on-one contest. Brodie & Fontaine laughed it off, but Iron has proved in the past he can never be counted out. Can he find a way to persevere or will Brodie show another potential sign of things to come at Wrestlelution 4?

Nicki Valentino vs. Ben Fruith
The alleged master of all things 80s was hit with stunning news recently when he found out he’d be forced to battle 80s legend and Hall of Famer Tito Santana at Wrestlelution 4! How will the alleged master of fanny packs & zubaz counter-act this in his first match since the news broke? Will Ben Fruith send a message to Bobby Shields through his Sex Appeal partner Valentino one week after promising to stand up for himself and win back his trophy Shields had stolen from him?


– Comments from Krimson. Hear his thoughts on defeating Johnny Gargano and what’s planned for PWO Champion Jason Bane

– Comments from everyone involved in the PWO TV Title picture – Shiima Xion, Jason Gory, Michael Façade and PWO TV Champion Bobby Beverly.

– Bobby Shields responds to Ben Fruith’s challenge!

– Another visit with Aeroform in preparation of their PWO Tag Title elimination match at PWO Wrestlelution 4!


All of this is in preparation for our biggest event ever – PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive, Sunday afternoon, August 7 at the Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica at 3:00 pm. See the event live or join us on internet pay-per-view!

The card….

Kevin Nash & “Omega” Aaron Draven w/Justin LaBar vs. Marion Fontaine & “Big Rig” Brodie Lee

PWO TITLE MATCH (NO DQ): Jason Bane defends against Krimson

FULL CIRCLE THREE WAY DANCE – M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Josh Prohibition

OLD SCHOOL CHALLENGE: Hall of Famer Tito Santana vs. “Late Nite” Nicki Valentino

PWO TV TITLE 4-WAY ONE-FALL MATCH: Bobby Beverly vs. Shiima Xion vs. Michael Facade vs. Jason Gory

PWO TAG TEAM TITLE ELIMINATION MATCH: Sons of Michigan vs. Aeroform vs. Homeless Handicapped Connection vs. Brian Bender/Bryan Castle

PWO WRESTLERAMA TROPHY: Ben Fruith vs. “True Talent” Bobby Shields

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AWF Australia sent this in:


Welcome to the AWF News Update for July & August 2011. If you are new to receiving this email for the first time please subscribe and join AWF’s mailing list by sending an email with Mailing List as the header to This way we will send you regular email updates and keep you up to date with everything AWF.
An exciting next period is ahead as AWF airs its first ever World Wide Internet Pay Per View event AussieMania beginning in August, and has live events in Minto and Blacktown upcoming.
Be sure to join us for the ride as we continue to build quality pro-wrestling in Australia.


AWF Australasian Champion: Iron Jay Coles
1. Jay Law
2. Concrete Davidson
3. Blakestone
4. Jack Tasman
5. Samoan Warrior

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Tama Williams
1. Spaceboy Dacey
2. Jarred Slate
3. Massive Q
4. Dean Draven
5. Mimic
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Jay Law
1. El Technico
2. Shane Saw
3. Grant Linstrom
4. Anubis
5. Percy T

AWF Tag Team Champions: Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
1. Elite Wrestling: Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom
2. Island Tribe: Tama Williams & The Samoan Warrior
3. Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic
4. Meat Massacre: Sir Loin & Shane Saw
5. Multicultural Society: Anubis & Diego Del Fuego



Australia’s top wrestlers converge for the biggest AWF event of 2011, it’s Aussie Mania! Introduce yourself to the wrestlers of the AWF in a 2 hour plus internet pay per view. Come in intrigued, exit an AWF fan. Screening at for $9.99 US
View and Purchase On Demand from 1 August, 2011
Event from Panthers Penrith, NSW, Australia

Feature Bouts
– Tag Team Showdown: Tama Williams (NZ) & The Samoan Warrior (Samoa) Vs Iron Ben Coles & U-Gene (USA)
– SA Vs NSW: Mimic Vs Blakestone
– Technical Bout: Jay Law Vs Mason Childs
– Size Vs Strength: Massive Q Vs Concrete Davidson
– Newcomer Vs Veteran: Jack Tasman Vs Dean Draven
– The Great Aussie Rumble! : 20 Participants, Entry every minute, Elimination by pin or being tossed over the top rope, 1 winner.
– Plus more surprises and excitement!

Support AWF Wrestling and purchase AussieMania – AWF’s 1st IPPV event
Visit to witness AWF AussieMania On Demand. View and Purchase from 1 August.



The first week of July once again saw the US based and owned WWE come to Australia and play to massive amounts of fans. Sydney and Melbourne once again did 1 million dollar plus houses, and other cities did almost as well. On top of the gate there were no doubt huge dollars made in merchandise sales. The WWE live are a force to be reckoned with in the once per year live format across Australia when it comes to drawing people to the shows and getting their fans spending money.
When speaking to some of those who went to the WWE live events most of the people I spoke with said the matches were just ok, with some even saying the bout quality was so-so. Tickets on average were approx. $150 each, and merchandise per head approx. $50!

On 1 August the Australasian Wrestling Federation will hold its first Internet Pay Per View event hosted by World Wrestling Network ( entitled “Aussie Mania”. This event is available to anyone who has internet access. I am encouraging everyone who has any interest in pro-wrestling and anyone I know to buy this IPPV to help build AWF and in hand Australian Wrestling. I am not promising the best show in the history of pro-wrestling, but I am promoting an exciting and enjoyable wrestling card produced in Sydney, Australia by passionate Australians here trying to build up the Australian wrestling business domestically. I am asking fans to spare $9.99 to purchase and view this event on IPPV, or alternatively $20 plus postage on DVD.
I have been involved in wrestling since my early teens. I ran a wrestling newsletter in high school, at 17 I began wrestling training, and at 18 I started wrestling locally. By 20 I was helping to promote Australian shows. At 21 I began promoting the Australasian Wrestling Federation. That was in 1999. I am now 34 and wrestling has just scraped me by financially for the last many years. Wrestling is my passion. I have been lucky to have wrestled some excellent wrestlers to help me along on my journey. I have had opportunities wrestling internationally. For many wrestlers involved in Australia it is their dream to go to the USA and make it big. My dream has always been to help make “Aussie Wrestling” popular here in Australia.
Financially it is a struggle to be a wrestler in Australia, as I accept it is in many parts of the world. Promoting wrestling is a very time consuming and sometimes thankless business. In Australia currently both wrestlers and promoters are mainly fuelled by passion for the wrestling business. It troubles me that there are fans that won’t give an AWF show a chance to help support Australian wrestlers, when they will spend money at a WWE show like it’s not an issue. Of the small amount of people that have ventured to AWF events, a large amount of those people that I received feedback from have made comments along the lines of “I wasn’t sure about the show coming in, but I had a better time at the AWF than at the WWE. It was great value for money”. Overwhelmingly feedback has always been positive from those attending. Now is the time to give AWF a real chance.
The afore mentioned reasons have led me to promoting AussieMania as an IPPV. I would like people who haven’t seen what is on their doorstep to be able to give the AWF consideration and see our show, featuring Australian wrestlers. I would in the process like AWF to make some money out of this event and get out of financial peril so it can grow. I would like to assist more Australian Wrestlers become “professional” here in Australia and aid the in ring product to continue to improve. I would like Australian Wrestling to mature and become a successful part of Australian culture and have a respect among its own people, like it did in the 1970’s.
AussieMania may be the first chance for some to see Australian Wrestling. If this is you please give it a shot. If you don’t enjoy the event, see it as a donation to improving the product (which it will be), and that you will be helping to bring a better Australian wrestling product to future audiences.
If you are someone that has been to a local wrestling show in the past and has been disappointed we are hoping to erase this with AussieMania and future AWF IPPV events. There are many local independent promotions, some that are of good quality, some that are not. Unfortunately the bad have jaded some fans on the idea of Australian wrestling and have prevented them from attending future shows. I ask you to please judge the AWF show and it’s wrestlers on their merits and give AussieMania a chance with a clean slate. As mentioned earlier we are not hailing that the show is the best in the history of wrestling, or even in AWF history, however AussieMania is a solid showing of Australian Wrestling matches and talent and a great introduction to following the product. We are sure you will find enjoyment in the show, and may even be surprised how much you like it. It certainly warrants your interest and purchase as an event.
It is truly time to support our own. There is a great wealth of talent in Australia who deserve to be seen and appreciated. By large numbers of fans purchasing AussieMania, it will help facilitate some much needed funding for facilities, show materials and improvements to AWF and its wrestlers. This would truly be possible if all the fans that attended the WWE events around Australia this June purchase and support the first AWF Australian IPPV event AussieMania. I am almost begging. Please don’t let this be a chance for another time. Now is the time for AWF to help build up Australian Wrestling to its potential and expose our great fighting athletes to the people of Australia and the world and your purchase will help facilitate this.
If you don’t have internet access, are uncertain about the IPPV format, or would simply like a hard copy of the event to keep as a souvenir and start to build your collection, AWF is also offering AussieMania in DVD format for $25 which includes postage in Australia, or $30 to anywhere in the world available from 1 September. As a collector’s edition the first 50 DVDs will even be signed by Aussie Ozbone. Payments can be made via Paypal at or via cheque or money order made to AWF Wrestling at PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761, Australia.
In closing I just want to reiterate how important the success of AussieMania is to AWF and wrestling in Australia. I really hope you will purchase and support the event. As fans you have a lot to gain by doing so. The decision is up to you. I hope you will seize this opportunity to support your local Fed… AWF, and purchase AussieMania on IPPV available from 1 August, On Demand at for $9.99, or on DVD for $20 plus postage from 1 September via the AWF postal address or Paypal. It is an investment worth making in Australian wrestling and I think it will make you feel good if you really care about wrestling.
Further AussieMania event details can be found at the AWF Website at Support AWF and please purchase AussieMania! Every purchase will really help wrestling in Australia and start to build a better future.​=rlvviBvht78 – Pics thanks to Samuel Dickinson


Monthly AWF Live Pro-Wrestling returns to the AWF Dojo Minto, NSW on Sat 23 July at 7pm to present July Justice! Be there to see 6 huge up close and personal bouts featuring the rising wrestlers of the AWF.
Mid Year Madness on 25 June was out of control, as tensions flared as Jack Tasman suckered in tag partner El Technico and turned on him, Powerhouse Theo returned for the Detonation Crew as a mystery partner to aid the defeat of The Multicultural Society, and even referees Mad Tony Kebab and CB Cochran got into a fight! July Justice will no doubt escalate even further as Spaceboy Dacey returns to the Dojo for a shot at the Commonwealth Championship, Powerhouse Theo returns to singles competition to take on the brute of The Samoan Warrior, and the Main Event will be Champion Vs Champion with Jay Law taking on Iron Ben Coles. All this plus many other questions are sure to be answered from the last event!

Feature bouts will see:
Champion Vs Champion: Jay Law Vs Iron Ben Coles
Commonwealth Championship: Spaceboy Dacey Vs Tama Williams
Tag Team Championships: Falco & Linstrom Vs Party Trix
Grudge Match: Jack Tasman Vs El Technico
Samoan Warrior Vs Powerhouse Theo
Anubis Vs Shane Saw

For all this plus more exciting happenings don’t miss July Justice, and be on hand for a great night of AWF Wrestling!

When: Sat 23 July, 2011 – 7pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, Minto
Tickets: $15 available via Paypal or at the door if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
Card Subject to Change


It’s Australia’s biggest annual Wrestling event, it’s PsychoticSlam! Since 1999 PsychoticSlam has been AWF’s biggest event of the year, and 2011’s edition promises again to be a great extension of the tradition as we return to Blacktown RSL for a world wide Internet Pay Per View edition of AWF Wrestling.

Elite Wrestling has been continuing to build momentum, as Jay Law has hounded AWF Champion Iron Ben Coles over recent months as he tries to take the Australasian Championship. Now to intensify the war, Law has added Japanese international wrestling star Dick Togo to the squad to continue his assault on Coles. Iron Ben has countered by replying with returning Detonation Crew tag partner Powerhouse Theo. The scene is set for a huge main event, with the balance of power in AWF at stake.

A huge undercard is also in store and will feature Great Aussie Rumble winner Concrete Davidson receiving a Commonwealth Championship shot against The Multicultural Society’s Tama Williams, and the 300 kg tandem of Mass Transit will challenge for the AWF Tag Team Championships against Party Trix.
Other wrestlers scheduled to appear include the arrogant and muscled “Mad Turk” Hussain, the imposing force of Blakestone, the highflying masked sensation El Technico plus many more wrestlers to be announced soon.

Feature bouts will see:
Tag Team Main Event: Dick Togo (Japan) & Jay Law Vs Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo
Commonwealth Championship: Concrete Davidson Vs Tama Williams
Tag Team Championships: Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic Vs Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
Plus more bouts TBA via AWF website post July Justice.

For all this plus more exciting happenings don’t miss PsychoticSlam live! Book early to avoid disappointment.

When: Sat 27 August, 2011 – 7pm
Where: Blacktown RSL, Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
Tickets: $25 available via Paypal from AWF Website at, at the venue or at the door if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
Card Subject to Change




AWF School of Pro-Wrestling at Minto, NSW is starting its next Beginners Course on 3 September, 2011, so if you have been considering taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, referee, or involved behind the scenes, applications for the Spring 2011 Semester (September, October, November) are available now and should be returned asap.
Visit the school page for course details and email for an application form today!
Make your wrestling dreams come true and get involved in pro-wrestling in 2011!


TNT is accepting private wrestling sessions once again at the AWF Dojo in Minto, NSW. Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm from 4 July. Anyone from anywhere, experience or no experience. Contact him at to schedule sessions.
Below is a link to a short “TNT in Pics” video showing wrestling photos from the last few years.

All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377.


Fri 10 June, 2011
Panthers Penrith, NSW
Attendance: 220

RESULTS: Massive Q pinned Concrete Davidson … Blakestone pinned Mimic … DJ Fusion & The Illusionist pinned El Technico & Spaceboy Dacey … Jay Law pinned Mason Childs … Jack Tasman pinned Dean Draven … Iron Ben Coles & U-Gene pinned Samoan Warrior & Tama Williams … Rachel Rose pinned.Selene … Concrete Davidson won The Great Aussie Rumble.

Sat 18 & Sun 19 June, 2011
The Sydney Olympic Park Dome, NSW
Attendance: 600 per day

DAY 1 RESULTS: Concrete Davidson pinned Blakestone … Selene pinned Rachel Rose … DJ Fusion & The Illusionist pinned Grant Linstrom & Jay Law … Massive Q pinned Dean Draven … El Technico pinned Jack Tasman … Spaceboy Dacey pinned.Anubis … Iron Ben Coles pinned Shane Saw & Sir Loin … Traffic pinned Frankie Fettucini.
DAY 2 RESULTS: Concrete Davidson pinned Dean Draven … DJ Fusion & The Illusionist pinned Daxon Kage & Anubis … Jay Law beat Iron Ben Coles via COR … Shane Saw & Sir Loin b Massive Q & Traffic … Rachel Rose beat Baby Devine & Selene in a 3 way bout … Spaceboy Dacey pinned.Jack Tasman.

Sat 25 & Sun 26 June, 2011
Claremont Showgrounds, WA
Attendence: 500
DAY 1 RESULTS: Spaceboy Dacey & Percy T pinned Shane Haste & Mikey Nicholls … Jarred Slate pinned Jay Warship … Kabel beat Eliot Forbes … Shane Haste drew Mikey Nicholls … Spaceboy Dacey & Percy T pinned Jarred Slate & The Wraith… Daxon Kage beat.Dan Steel & Jonathan Link in a 3 way bout.
DAY 2 RESULTS: Prety Boy Troy pinned Daxon Kage … Jarred Slate pinned Spaceboy Dacey … El Jim Bob pinned Shiv Simpson … Heritor, Crazy Train & The Wraith b Jimmy Jamal Jenkins, Dark Link & Elliot Forbes … Spaceboy Dacey & Percy T pinned.Daxon Kage & Jay Warship.

Sat 25 June, 2011
AWF Dojo, Minto, NSW

RESULTS: The Illusionist pinned Greatness Grant Linstrom … Massive Q & Traffic pinned Jack Tasman & El Technico … Rachel Rose pinned.Baby Devine … Shane Saw pinned DJ Fusion … Young Lions Championship: Jay Law pinned Sir Loin … Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo pinned Tama Williams & Anubis.

– TNT & Selene opened the show.
– TNT bought out Iron Ben Coles and introduced Rachel Rose into the Detonation Crew and congratulated her on graduating wrestling school. The Multicultural Society interrupted and Kebab said the Detonation Crew would pay for what happened at AussieMania and CB Cochran has it coming too. Tama then said he would take Del Fuego’s place in the Main Event. TNT said he had a surprise in store for the MS and the main was now set as a Tag Team bout.
– The Illusionist made the Grim Reaper appear in the opening match, startling Linstrom and leading to him being pinned. Linstrom protested after the bout he wasn’t getting a fair shake.
– Originally scheduled to be a 3 way, Tasman stated that he saw Q & Traffic team at Supanova and knows he’s in for trouble. Traffic & Q said they dont want to fight each other and wanted a 2 on 1. Tasman protested and said he’d get a partner which turned out to be the man who beat him at Supanova, El Technico. In the finale, Tasman turned on Technico and pushed him off the top rope leaving him for dead while “Mass Transit” double teamed and finished him off.
– TNT held a graduation ceremony for trainees who had just successfully passed the competent course at the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. Michael Pisano, Kurt Savage & Jamie Bozza were awarded with certificates. Baby Devine came out and interrupted saying that none of the wrestlers where Elite material and that Rachel Rose had stuck her nose in Baby’s business and that she would teach her a lesson. Rose then attacked Devine and defeated her with the Rose Thorn.
– As TNT called for intermission Tony Kebab attacked the exiting CB Cochran and punched him on the floor many times, leaving CB dazed.
– Shane Saw upset Tag Team Champion DJ Fusion with a rollup. TNT interviewed Saw after and he said that Sir Loin would win the Young Lion’s Title upcoming.
– In the Young Lion’s Championship bout Baby Devine tried to interfere, but Shane Saw countered and carried her off. However Linstrom threw a steel water bottle to Law who cracked Loin and scored the win.
– In the Main event Iron Ben Coles announced the Detonation Crew’s surprise partner to be Powerhouse Theo. Theo had a long beard and hair now, and had lost weight but was more defined. He made an impact in the match and Tama and Anubis were shocked. In the end Kebab pulled out ref OJ Fitzpatrick and clobbered him after Coles hit the Iron Splash. Anubis and Tama then looked like they had the bout won, but then CB Cochran emerged and pulled out Kebab and clocked him. Theo then scored The Powerbomb on Tama and CB counted the win for the Detonation Crew.

Photography thanks to Neil Wells



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Sat 23 July 2011
July Justice
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sat 20 August 2011
August Aggression
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sat 27 August 2011
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW

Sat 3 September 2011
New School Students
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sept & Oct Dates TBA soon including Wollongong, Newcastle and Parramatta regions.

To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!
Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!


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