Indy News Update #3 for July 18, 2011
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NWS sent this in:

This past Sat nite National Wrestling Superstars returned after a six week vacation and as always in the summer a lighter than usual but better than anticipated Dunellen NJ Knights of Columbus crowd were treated to a night of excitement and action as the NWS presented the annual Captain Lou Albano Memorial Tag Team Tournament.

Before the show, WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff sang God Bless America much to the delight of the fans. Then, ring announcer Dapper Johnny Falco introduced the teams of the tournament and told the crowd the rules of the tournament.

Round 2
Team Champion, Rampage Rogers and Corey Havoc defeated the team of Cannonball and Paco Libro

Round 2
The unlikely team of JD Smooth and B.Ferm who was thrusted into the limelite when Smoothie`s partner Joe Jenella was droped from the NWS roster took on current NWS Tag Team champions The Jersey Shore Jocks and came away with the surprise victory of the evening

Round 3
Team Supreme def The New Kidz On The Block Tim Hughes & Leon Saint Gia Vonie

Round 4
Team Thunderhorse def Sanchez and Fast Eddie

Match #5
After the first round, fans were treated to a singles match with indy star Monsta Mack taking on 80’s Retro Rocker. Before the match, Mack saw WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff sitting on the stage and told the crowd he was dedicating the match to his childhood idol Nikolai Volkoff. The match can only be described as Total Destruction as Mack dominiated his opponent. After about 3 minutes, he invited Nikolai to the ring to help finish off Retro, but instead of hitting the Rocker, he hit Mack instead. Mack was furious and went to Commissioner Gino Moore and demanded a match to show him that he was the real legend and wanted to prove to everyone that Volkoff should stay out his ring.

Match #6
Team Thunderhorse with Romulus took on champions Rampage Rogers and Corey Havoc…known as Team Champion. Fans didn’t know who to cheer as both heel teams brought their “A” game to the match. After nearly 10 minutes, referee Jimmy Storm was knocked down by Romumus who then handed his team bags of powder which were thrown into the eyes of Rogers and Havoc as the 2nd ref came in to make the count.

Match #7
Team Supreme took on JD Smoothie and B.Ferm in a thrilling contest that saw Team Supreme member Nicky Oceans attack a fan as the fan came to the ring to tell the referee that Team Supreme were cheating. While the referee was trying to help security separate Oceans and the fan, Ferm and Smoothie did some double-teaming of their own and put Corvis Fear down for the 1-2-3.

Match #8
Before the finals of the tournament, the match made earlier in the evening took place between Monsta Mack and Nikolai Volkoff. Volkoff must have taken a double dose of Five Minute Energy as he took it to Mack both in and out of the ring. After 5 minutes, Mack was outside and the fans started him “chicken” as the DeeJay played the Chicken Dance song, setting Mack into a frenzy. When he went back into the ring, it was only a matter of time before Volkoff scored a pin for the win

Match #9
Finals of the J-Cup Tag Team Tournament
Team Thunderhorse, with the help of Romulus scored an upset win over JD Smoothie and surprise partner B. Ferm. By the end of the evening, fans, who normally boo the man known as Mister Entertainment (J.D. Smoothie) were well behind him and his partner even more so when Romulus once again tried using the powder but Smoothie knocked the packet into his eyes allowing the team of Ferm and Smoothie to capture the 2011 Captain Lou Albano Tag Team Tournament

After the match, all 8 teams went into the ring for a final celebration in front of all the fans.