Indy News Update #2 for July 11, 2011
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Kevin sent this in:

Biggest Legends Show Of All Time Announced For 12th Annual Gathering Of The Juggalos!

Friday Night, August 12th 2011, Juggalo Championship Wrestling is proud to bring to you: Legends Of Wrestling! The biggesticons and most controversial names in the history of Professional Wrestling gather together to do what they do best… Wrestle!

This is not an autograph session or a photo opportunity, (although you may certainly get a chance to do that) this is the sport of kings, Professional Wrestling.

You can search the world far and wide, but NOWHERE will you find a more devastating lineup of legends stepping through the ropes to reignite old rivalries, and settle new scores! Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the greatest grapplers go for what they know!

4 Big Matches are already signed for this super-show in Cave In Rock, Illinois:

“I Quit Match” First Time Ever!
Rowdy Roddy Piper Vs Terry Funk
Special Referee: Dangerous Danny Davis

Classic Rock vs Punk Rock!
The Rock N Roll Express (Ricky Morton & Robert Gibson) vs The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)

Steel Cage Grudge Match!
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine Vs Tito Santana

Epic Encounter!
Bob Backlund Vs “The Olympic Strongman” Ken Patera

Scheduled to appear at JCW’s Legends Of Wrestling:

Rowdy Roddy Piper
Terry Funk
Jerry “The King” Lawler
Xpac Sean Waltman
Kevin Nash
Razor Scott Hall
Tank Abbott
Koko B Ware
Mr Usa Tony Atlas
Honky Tonk Man
Al Snow W/Head
The Rock n Roll Express
Superfly Jimmy Snuka
The Headbangers (Mosh and Thrasher)
Hacksaw Jim Duggan
Big Daddy V
Dirty Dutch Mantel
Greg The Hammer Valentine
Bob Backlund
Zach Gowen
Powers Of Pain (Warlord and Barbarian)
Rob Conway
Tito Santana
Cowboy Bob Orton
Tracy Smothers
Olympic Strongman Ken Patera
Jesse James (Road Dogg)
Billy Gunn
Wildfire Tommy Rich
“Hands of Stone” Ronnie Garvin

Guest Ring Announcer:David Penzer

There will be five Wrestling Events in total during this 4 day festival August 11th Through the 14th 2011, including Legends Of Wrestling, ArenaChicks Women’s Wrestling, two Oddball Wrestling events, and Bloodymania 5.

Don’t miss the unprecedented freshness! Get Tickets and More Information at

New Gathering Commercial/Infomercial here:

Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

PWO: Krimson and Aaron Draven Comments Added To PWO YouTube

“The Embodiment of Evil” Krimson has been a hot topic throughout professional wrestling in recent weeks, as his influence becomes more and more apparent in other wrestling organizations. Meanwhile, back home in PWO Wrestling, Krimson may be days away from gaining more power and control than ever before.

Krimson is targeting the PWO Title, not because of the money or success that comes with it, but because he wants to take away the hopes and dreams for all of PWO’s wrestlers. With no title to fight toward attaining, they will become angry, depressed and directionless, much like Krimson had many years ago. And once they are vulnerable… Krimson will recruit them to join him, and soon all of PWO will fall under his dark rule. Here are two of his most recent messages directed at former PWO Champion Johnny Gargano and current PWO Champion Jason Bane.

The Anticipation of Evil –
Storybook Ending –

Aaron Draven was one of PWO’s brightest shining and fastest-rising star. Omega was not only PWO’s first ever Television Champion, but also the first ever 2-time PWO Television Champion, not to mention first two-time champion of ANY kind in PWO. Draven cemented his status as a player last year, when he ended Benjamin Boone’s two-year undefeated streak by pinning him in the center of the ring.

Then… just as quickly… it was all gone. Draven was barely featured on PWO TV. He quietly lost the PWO TV Title. Rumors began to circulate that he would be removed from PWO’s roster altogether.

But after three months in seclusion, Omega came back in a way no one expected… saving’s Justin LaBar from a bullying attack at the hands of Marion Fontaine. Why did Draven do it? Not long afterwards, we received our answer.

Why Aaron Draven Came Back to PWO –

Krimson challenges Jason Bane for the PWO Title in a No Disqualifcation Match, and Aaron Draven teams with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash to battle “Big Rig” Brodie Lee and Marion Fontaine, plus much more at PWO Wrestlelution 4: Overdrive on Sunday August 7 at 3:00 pm, emanating from Jacobs Pavilion at Nautica in Cleveland, Ohio. Tickets are on-sale now at or you can order this event now on iPPV at!

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