Indy News Update #2 for July 10, 2011
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* Drew Gulak Wired Invitational: VSK defeated Alex Reynolds, Alexander
James, & Lance Steel. After the match, Gulak’s lackey Mr. Tofiga
destroyed the in-ring competitors.

* Azrieal and Bandido, Jr. defeated The Runaways (Joe Gacy & Ryan

* BLK JEEZ refused to make his ordered public apology, resulting in
BLK JEEZ attacking a fan AND CZW Commissioner getting in a brawl with

* BLK OUT (Ruckus & Alex Colon) w/ Robbie Mireno & Chrissy Rivera
defeated The Set (Lance Lude & J-Sinn)

* Ricky Reyes defeated Ty Hagen in a hard fought match

* Matt Tremont entered the ring unannounced demanding a fight and
defeated Little Mondo!

* DJ Hyde headed to the ring, issuing an Ultraviolent Table Match for
Matt Tremont on August 13 at ‘Tangled Web 4’

* DJ’s “slave” Greg Excellent was ordered to clean the ring, but
Excellent said he wanted to make amends with “The Boss” and wanted
to present a new banner for the Hardcore Hall of Fame. Hyde though was
more than disappointed when the banner was not for him, but for all of
the fans of the ECW Arena! Hyde beat down Excellent and told him on
August 13, he will be facing a mystery opponent.

* Jake Crist defeated AR Fox to become the NEW Wired TV champion!
Jake’s brother and Irish Airborne tag partner Dave Crist celebrated
with Jake in the ring. At ringside, Crist and Fox shook hands.

* Cole Callaway – THE SURPRISE APPEARANCE – began Men’s Club
USA…starting with their new spokesperson, Larry Legend!

* Necro Butcher though was not able to pull off a victory against Sami
Callihan (After DJ Hyde made this match an Ultraviolent Match and
threatened Necro to not pay him if he lost). But Hyde made it clear
Callihan still did not earn the right to face him one-on-one and on
August 13 would face BJ Whitmer!

* CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore retains against Joker.
Afterwards, BLK JEEZ attacks Moore AND Security. A frustrated Moore
sets a match against BLK JEEZ on August 13! But CZW Commissioner Maven
Bentley wants the odds stacked…and will give fans a chance to be
involved. On August 13, it will be a Lumberjack Strap Match! CZW will
sell raffle tickets for the chance for fans to be involved in the

* MASADA becomes the NEW Ultraviolent Underground champion, defeating
Danny Havoc AND will face BJW’s Deathmatch champion Ryuji Ito at the
Chri$ Ca$h Memorial event on September 10

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‘Acid Fest 2’ will take place Sunday, July 10 at The Asylum Arena,
7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA at 4 pm. A $10 donation is being
collected at the door for Trent’s family. For the latest, visit

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– On Saturday, August 13, ‘Tangled Web 4’ airs on iPPV from The
Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA at 7:30 pm.

In a *2 Ring Psycho Circus Death Match* – “The Golden Boy” Drake
Younger vs. Scotty Vortekz. See what Scotty Vortekz

and Drake Younger
have to say to one another!


* CZW World Heavyweight Title, Lumberjack Strap Match: champion Devon
Moore vs. BLK JEEZ (Fans can buy a raffle ticket for the chance to
join in on the match!)

* Matt Tremont in an Ultraviolent Table Match

* Greg Excellent vs. a DJ Hyde mystery opponent

* Sami Callihan vs. BJ Whitmer

* A Drew Gulak Wired Invitational Match

All the action for ‘Tangled Web 4’ will air LIVE on iPPV at
! Download the flyer for Tangled Web 4!

Show your support at the ‘Tangled Web 4’ Facebook Event Site

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