Indy News Update #1 for July 10, 2011
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Bobby Strouss sent this in:

Here are the AWWL Results for Saturday Night’s AWWL: Pure Bedlam II……

Ladies Action
Miss Serenity defeated Arella Angel

Inter-gender Paddle on a Pole match
Mr. X, with help from Miss Serenity defeats Randi West

Grudge Match
Whipdog Johnson defeated Big Rookie
**In this match, it was announced that Big Rookie had registered a restraining order against Whipdog earlier in the afternoon, however, CEO of AWWL Eddie Farhat, Jr., said that he would go to jail for Whipdog to have his revenge on Big Rookie, for costing Whipdog the tag team championships back in June.**

Special Attraction
Cody Tu Tone and The American Marvel went to a ten minute time limit draw.

Singles Match
“Jumpin” Jimmy K defeated AJ Powers

The AWWL Tag Team Championships were up for grabs as the champions “The Devil’s Duo” Big Jake Axle and Damien Michaels, were unable to appear, due to one being in jail. This lead to….
Frank Stein & AWWL Cruiserweight Champion Mike “The Flight” White defeated “Hot Stuff” Anthony Rivera & Rick Ragnarok
**After this match, ring announcer Travis Perdue gets into the ring and stated that due to AWWL rules, Mike “The Flight” White could only hold one championship at a time and he chose to hold the Cruiserweight Championship. However, CEO Eddie Farhat, Jr. jumps in and announces that they will remain tag champions and he will discuss with the AWWL offices, concerning the AWWL Cruiserweight title.**

Tag Team Action (if Harker Dirge & Rastakhan lose, Harker must give up the AWWL Midwest Championship)
Harker Dirge & Rastakhan defeated Dano Strongbow & The Mighty Sabbath
**At the conclusion of this match, AWWL CEO Eddie Farhat, Jr. chimes in again and states that after the way the match went down, Harker Dirge and Rastakhan will face each other next month to determine the number one contender to the World Title. Also announced, the fans get to choose the type of match the two will have via Eddie Farhat on facebook. Eddie will pick the best choice out of all match types.**

Main Event AWWL World and Mexican Championship Double Championship Match
Sabu defeated Tim Horner, Jr. to become NEW World Champion of AWWL, thanks to interference from Rastakhan. However, Sabu’s manager Johnson Weinstein explained to Sabu what had happened in the closing moments. Sabu agreed with Weinstein for five more minutes, which went to a draw…..therefore Tim Horner, Jr. retains the World Championship and Sabu remains Mexican Heavyweight Champion.

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