Indy News Update #1 for July 8, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Belltime: 1:30pm
Ring Announcer: Greg Boddam
Ref: Bryan Renda

This was a free event held outdoors in the heart of Downtown Simcoe, part of the Open Streets event to encourage downtown commerce and healthy living (walking,cycling etc.) presented by the Haldimand/Norfolk County health board.

At the start of the show “Too Sweet” Pistol Pete was presented with a plaque award to celebrate his birthday and dedicated years in the local Ontario wrestling scene. He was announced as a “hardcore legend” in Ontario. Pete came out and gave a brief speech.

Battle Royal for the AWA/NWX North American Championship Final Match
Troy “the boy” Buchanan & “Go Time” Chris Laplante were the final two remaining and would set up the title match as the main event later.

Order of Elimination: “Top Story” Topher Whiteman, “Wonderboy” Zakk Atticus, “Too Sweet” Pistol Pete, “Retro” Rex Atkins

Tag Match
“Too Sweet” Pistol Pete & “Retro” Rex Atkins def. Topher Whiteman & Zakk Atticus
-After the match Whiteman complained that Pete wasn’t the legal man and that it was unofficial, upset he left to do an interview with the Simcoe Reformer local newspaper

Holly Hilton came out as the AWA/NWX Womens Champion and said that nobody was gutsy enough to face the champ so she would be managing her man Primo to retain his TV title.

AWA/NWX Television Title Match
“Simcoe’s Own” James Masterson def. Primo Scordino w/Holly Hilton won by DQ after a lowblow

Comissioner IM Ball told the ring announcer Boddam that the title would change hands as a result of the DQ, thus making Masterson the new Television Champion.

An irrate Primo left yelling at both ring announcer and Commish about the odd title change.

Boddam entered the ring an interviewed the new TV champ, who was holding his nuts, held the belt high, and said it feels great to be champ in his hometown.

Troy Buchanan came to ringside, speaking about how it was ridiculous to be celebrating Canada day, and that he was in NWX since it’s inception and the longest reigning TV champ so it would be a dream to win the big title and take it back to America where it belongs.

AWA/NWX North American Championship Finals
“Go Time” Chris Laplante def. Troy “the Boy” Buchanan to become new champion.

AWA/NWX returns to Windham Centre on July 17th for a show benefiting Camp Trillium’s support of Children’s Cancer, admission by donation.


Saturday July 02 2011
MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
CHIN Picnic – Day 1
Toronto, Ontario

Referee: Jimmy Korderas
Ring Announcer: Arda Ocal
Results credit: Betty Brant, Lord & Lady Blackhill
1) Crazzy Steve def Anthony Fiasco via jumping DDT. MOTN

2) Jon Bolen def “Big” Brian Youngblood via low blow

3) Courtney Rush def “The Suicide Blonde” Xandra Bale via reversal of crossbody attempt

4) “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def “Your Savior” Sebastian Suave via DDT

5) Johnny Parisi (aka Johnny Swinger) def “The Russian Bear” Boris Bresznev

6) “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin def Kiyoshi, Brent B and Ashley Sixx in a 4-way dance via spiral bomb on Sixx

7) Phil Atlas def “Textbook” Tyson Dux via DQ when Jon Bolen interfered on Dux’s behalf. Parisi returned to assist Atlas, and the two challenged Dux and Bolen to a tag for CHIN Day 2

Sunday July 03 2011

MPW – Maximum Pro Wrestling
CHIN Picnic – Day 2
Toronto, Ontario
Belltime: 3pm
Ring Announcer: Arda Ocal
Ref: Jimmy Korderas
Notables in Attendance: Kaspian Dolce, Tomer Shalom
Results credit: Chris Crucifix

Brent B def. Anthony Fiasco

“Big” Brian Youngblood def. Ashley Sixx & Marcus Marquez in a handicap match

Jason Cyprus def. “Rocksteady” Alex Vega

“Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def. “Russian Bear” Boris Breshnev

Crazzy Steve def. Sebastian Suave

Kiyoshi def. Michael Elgin

Phil Atlas & Johnny Parisi (Johnny Swinger) def. Tyson Dux & Bolen

After the match Johnny Parisi was awarded a silver engraved plate in memory of his uncle, legendary Tony “Cannonball” Parisi, and cited the CHIN Picnic in 1988 as the first time that Swinger wanted to become a wrestler when attending with his uncle and from that moment was able to live an incredible dream wrestling around the world for WWE, WCW ECW & Australia.


Friday July 01 2011
PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
Canada Day Carnage
Cambridge, Ontario
Riverside Park

Event #1

PWA Ontario Championship:
Eddie Osbourne def. Brandon Flip to retain the title

Hardkore Hick & Moondog Buddy def. Tommy Power, Dallas Carter & Mr. Atlantis

Eric Cairnie def. Joey Allen to become #1 contender for Ontario Title

Event #2

Killer Coulter def. Tommy Powet and Mr. Atlantis in a 3 way

Eddie Osbourne & Juan Ortiz def. Eric Cairnie & Brandon Flip

Dallas Carter def Moondog Buddy w/ help from Tommy Ryder

Joey Allen def. Hardkore Hick

Event #3

Mr. Atlantis def. Killer Coulter

Juan Ortiz def. Brandon Flip and Joey Allen in a 3 way

Hardkore Hick & Moondog Buddy def. Tommy Power & Dallas Carter

PWA Ontario Championship:
Eric Cairnie def Eddie Osbourne to win the title

Event #4

8 Man Tag Match:
Team Bad Guy (Osbourne, Allen, Carter, Mr.Atlantis) def. Team Good Guy (Hardkore Hick, Moondog Buddy, Brandon Flip, Killer Coulter)

PWA Ontario Championship:
Eric Cairnie def. Tommy Power w. Jessy Jones to retain the title
After the match Jones used his crutch to smack Powers and then fired him.

Event #5

Battle Royal
Winner: Dallas Carter
Other participants: Brandon Flip, Killer Coulter, Tommy Powers, Mr Atlantis, Moondog Buddy

4-Way Match – PWA Ontario Championship:
Eddie Osbourne def Eric Cairnie, Hardkore Hick and Joey Allen to regain the title he lost to Cairnie earlier in the day