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BJ Whitmer was the guest on talkIMPACTradio this week. BJ was on the show for about 30 minutes and discussed everything from his return to wrestling, his thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky and his recent match with Eddie Kingston and upcoming match with Sami Callihan.

The interview can be heard in it’s entirety at


-BJ said he didn’t like the stigma of saying he “retired,” from wrestling. He knowingly took a break a few years ago and it was meant to be just that, a rest from wrestling.

-BJ said he worked a 9 to 5 job during his “retirement” and found himself very out of shape. Eventually it was now or never in regards to making a return.

-BJ shared his thoughts on Gabe Sapolsky, Citing he lost Gabe’s number but he’d love to work for him again. Great memories from ROH.

-BJ shared his thoughts on CM Punk’s success. He was asked if he ever thought looking at that little kid in shorts in Chicago would make the career he did. Whitmer said he knew Punk was special but thought his look would hold him back. He enjoyed Punk’s infamous “fourth wall” promo and likes the freedom punk is getting.

-BJ talked about his match with Eddie Kingston last month, He loves the chemistry Kingston brings to the table. He also mentioned that it was special of Eddie Kingston to get on the microphone after the match and speak so highly of him.

-BJ talked a bit in depth of his ROH run. His infamous cage match with Jimmy Jacobs. His barbed wire match with Necro Butcher. And his thoughts on why the faction, Hangmen 3, failed.

-Other topics included in the interview are BJ cutting his hair and subsequently bleaching it (and the pain involved), Being called Kennedy, What the future holds for him and much more!

The interview can be heard in it’s entirety at, You can keep up with BJ Whitmer on facebook at TI Radio will be emulating the popular ESPN show, Around the Horn, next week and invite you to play along. Details on the website on how you can be part of an always fun show.