Indy News Update #2 for July 3, 2011
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Wrestleview’s own Josh Boutwell passed along this recap:

IPW: Hostile Takeover ’11
New Brockton, Alabama (Old National Guard Armory)
July 2, 2011
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

On July 2nd Impact Pro Wrestling returned to New Brockton, Alabama for the “Hostile Takeover” event featuring appearances from WWE Hall of Famer “Bullet” Bob Armstrong and his son former TNA & WWE Tag Team Champion “Road Dogg” BG James. Last month this changed in IPW when Gulf Coast Legends Chief Little Bear & The Swat Team surprised everyone by turning on the young stars in IPW and declaring that they were going to take over IPW as The Kings of Old School. Top heel group (at the time) Initial Shock then ran out and effectively turned babyface by going after KOS.

Tonight’s event started off with Ring Announcer B-Smoove singing the National Anthem and then the 2011 Super Cup Winner Brian Cage came down to the ring. Cage was scheduled to face Cameron Frost for the IPW Heavyweight Title tonight but Cage said Frost was injured (he said he was just scared to face Cage) so instead he would have to face someone else leading to the opener.

-“The Story of the Year” Brian Cage def. “The Evolution” Robyn Golphin
This was my first chance to see Golphin and he was EASILY the smallest guy on the card tonight, but also seemed to be the fastest. The two exchanged a cool arm drag sequence to open the match and then it eventually spilled out to the floor where Golphin it a Diving Knee Strike off the apron onto Cage on the floor. Cage came back by slamming Golphin into two separate ring posts. Back in the ring Cage began working on Golphin’s leg stomping and slamming it into the mat and putting him several different leg submissions (including a Half Crab and modified Figure Four). In the end Golphin made a small comeback and attempted a Cross Body, but Cage caught him and turned it into his TKO for the win.

Cage works on the leg of Gophin

After the match Cage said “I QUIT!” and dropped the mic down.

Next up was a big Four Team Over the top rope Battle Royal.

-Tag Team Battle Royal: The Asylum (Craig Craven & Lane Smart) def. Lil’ Luscious & Preston Veston III, TJ Affliss & Phoenix, and another team I couldn’t catch the name of
This was a relatively short Battle Royal. Luscious was the first guy eliminated but his partner Preston Veston III made it all the way to the Final 3 when he was left alone with both Craven & Smart. Eventually Craven eliminated himself and it looked like Preston might come back and win it afterall, but with both Craven and Asylum’s manager TJ Affliss (who was also in the Battle Royal) at ringside to help Smart he was able to pull it off in the end. After the match Craven & Smart hit a Double Chokeslam on Preston and continued to beat on him until Luscious ran out to make the save.

Smart takes out Preston

After that match Trooper of the Swat Team and Mad Dog Murdock representing the Old School Kings came out. Trooper said that Cobra and Little Bear weren’t able to make the show but regardless the Old School Kings would be taking over. Cali Kid walked out and questioned why Trooper, someone who he had respect for, would turn on him and the other guys last month. Trooper called him a “pretty boy” and a punk and then Jon Ryker came out from behind Cali Kid and jumped him. They started stomping on Cali Kid in the ring 3-on-1 until JT Angel came out to help Cali Kid, but the numbers game was too much for him as well. And then “OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW!” blasted over the loud speakers and Road Dogg ran out with a bat and chased KOS out of the ring. Road Dogg challenged King of Old School to go find another partner and have a 8-Man Tag for the Main Event pitting Road Dogg, JT Angel, Cali Kid, and Bob Armstrong against Jon Ryker, Trooper, Mad Dog Murdock, & another partner. Murdock said he was a manger not a wrestler so that wasn’t going to happen, but IPW Commissioner Dandy Jack said it WOULD happen tonight!

Road Dogg came out swingin’

-Nelson Izer def. Street Bandit
This was a fun back and forth match with Street Bandit playing the awesome heel as always. Bandit kept using the handcuffs he brought to the ring on Nelson. Late in the match Nelson went for a Scoop Slam but as he picked up Bandit it caused Bandit’s feet to take out the referee. Nelson locked in the Full Nelson on Bandit and he tapped but the referee was out. Nelson tried to revive the referee but turned around into a shot from the handcuffs. Bandit covered Nelson but he was STILL able to kick out! Bandit went for a DDT but Nelson countered into the Full Nelson for the submission win!

Nelson takes Bandit out with the Full Nelson

-IPW Fusion Title: Chuck N Dales (c) def. “The Ever So Popular” Mike Freska w/”Busti” Becki Kennedi
Last month the absolutely gorgeous Becki Kennedi’s (who I got a chance to meet here and yes she’s as gorgeous in person) interference backfired on Freska and Chuck N Dales won the belt. Freska went to hit Chuck with a chair that Becki brought to ringside but the referee took it away. As the referee was disposing of the chair Chuck pulled a foreign object out of his tights and nailed Freska with it and got the pin. After the match Freska blamed Becki again and said this was her second strike leaving her in the ring. Dandy Jack then came in and told Becki she needed to put on some more clothes (he was the only person there that had that thought) and challenged Becki to a one-on-one Intergender Match later tonight! Becki agreed if she could pick the referee to which Jack agreed to. Becki then picked another hot girl from the front row (which I saw walk in right before the previous match) to be the referee.

The gorgeous Becki Kennedi & Mike Freska

Chuck N Dales outsmarted Freska again in the end

At intermission Road Dogg & “Bullet” Bob took pictures with fans in the ring for $5.

Next up was supposed to be the rematch between Initial Shock and Smash Mouth Kings for the Tag Titles, but Michael DeSade came out alone. He said that Jon Ryker had other obligations now (Kings of Old School) and his old partner Victor Cru would be teaming with him tonight.

-IPW Tag Team Titles: Michael DeSade & Victor Cru def. Initial Shock (DJ Durst & Xtreme-G)
This was a fun tag team match but Cru on the apron jawing with fans the entire match was about as entreating. DeSade & Cru surprised the champs and got the win and the belts!

The new Tag Team Champions!

IPW then announced that at the next show in 2 weeks from Geneva, Alabama former WWE, WCW, ECW, and TNA star RAVEN will be competing!

-Intergender Match: “Busti” Becki Kennedi def. Dandy Jack w/Special Referee: Lady Freska
The guest referee (who wore the most absolutely AWESOME and hot referee’s uniform EVER) was announced as “Lady Freska.” Jack actually wore trunks in this match which is a sight I could have went my entire life without seeing. How did we get to the point where Busty Becki was wearing more clothes than Dandy Jack? That’s just not cool. They had a funny comedy match with Becki beating the hell out of Jack mostly. In the end the referee pushed Jack with Becki kneeled behind him for the pin for the absolutely gorgeous Becki Kennedi.

Can she referee EVERY match?

The lovely Becki Kennedi & Lady Freska

-Main Event 8-Man Tag Team Match: “Road Dogg” BG James, “Bullet” Bob Armstrong, The California Kid, & JT Angel def. Kings of Old School (Trooper, Jon Ryker, Mad Dog Murdock, & Street Bandit)
Bullet and Road Dogg got a HUGE pop when they came out. The heels spent the most of the match isolating Cali Kid and beating on him (though he was able to hit a nice Corkscrew Plancha to the outside early in the match) with him repeatedly getting the hot tag to Road Dogg only for the heels to have distracted the referee. Finally Cali Kid got the hot tag to Road Dogg in the sight of the referee and Road Dogg ended up getting the pin after the Shake, Rattle, & Knee Drop. The heels tried to come back after the match and beat down the faces but to no avail. Cali Kid took out Ryker with a Superkick to send everyone home happy.

The babyfaces were ready

The Bullet!

Road Dogg leads his team to the win

Overall yet another fun show from IPW where everyone seemed to enjoy themselves despite the bad weather earlier today and heat inside the building. If you’re in the Wiregrass area down here in southern Alabama or northern Florida I definitely suggest checking out an IPW event.