Indy News Update #3 for June 27, 2011
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WSU Uncensored Rumble IV iPPV A Huge Success; Results, News & Fallout

WSU would like to thank all the fans that purchased or came live to WSU’s “Uncensored Rumble IV” iPPV on June 25th & to all the media outlets that covered it. The show was a huge success and universally has been praised as the best show in WSU’s 4+ year history. Outside of the matches, fans were treated to many highlight videos and backstage footage.

You can watch this iPPV on replay at the following link:

This was a great show with many twists, turns, surprises and of course many emotional moments. But don’t take our word for it, check out these reviews of the show if you’re on the fence about ordering the replay of this iPPV:

Dan MacMillian at (With Pictures)

Melanie Rob at

Joe Babinsack at

Jennifer Logsdon at

Hit The Ropes:

Mike Fiala at

PWI magazine’s Frank Krewda & Brady Hicks were also on hand and called this one of the best women wrestling events ever. If you haven’t experienced WSU yet, this is the time to check out why everyone is raving about WSU.


Sassy Stephanie d. Rain to retain the WSU Spirit Championship
The Boston Shore d. The Belle Saints to retain the WSU Tag Team Championships
Serena Deeb d. Nikki Roxx in a First Time Ever match
Amy Lee & Jamilia Craft were the soul survivors of the annual 8-woman Elimination match; as a result, Amy Lee earned the right to enter the Uncensored Rumble last
Kristin Astara d. Jillian Hall in Hall’s first match since her WWE tenure
Cindy Rogers d. Allison Danger in Cindy Rogers retirement match
Niya & Barbie went to a no-contest after Jessicka Havok ran out to destroy both competitors
Jessicka Havok d. Alicia via ref stoppage in an Uncensored Rules match when Alicia’s mom threw in the towel
Mercedes Martinez d. Brittney Savage to retain the WSU World Title, her 44th defense in 30+ months, keeping her reign as the longest reigning & defending champion in all of womens wrestling
Lexus defeated 22 other women to win the Uncensored Rumble; as a result Lexus will get a WSU World Title match on August 6th

– The DVD version of this event will feature backstage footage as well as the emotional celebration of Cindy Rogers career, which occurred after the iPPV went off the air. The entire WSU locker room came out to send Cindy Rogers off in style. As noted before, Rogers has been battling through injuries and had to stop wrestling for health reasons.

Fans who order the DVD (we will have pre-ordering information up this week) will get $5 off the price if you show us your iPPV receipt from GoFightLive. has now been updated. Rankings, Title Histories & Win/Loss record pages have all been updated. Check out WSU’s 4+ year history at these pages, as every match result, win/loss & championship match have been recorded on these pages.

WSU will be releasing several free videos later this week. We will also have a new episode of WSU Uncensored available soon at

WSU stresses to check us out at, as many on the WSU roster talk about their matches and we also provide live updates & news. Pictures have also been uploaded to the WSU facebook page at

WSU would like to thank our male counterparts for showing their support to the hardest working women in wrestling today. Stars such as Homicide, Azrieal, Deranged, Dixie, Mack Daddy Flexx, Bobby G., Reggadones, Mo Sextyn, Bandido Jr., Jay Lover, Justin Toxic, Neeno Capone, as well as the staffs of NYWC & ACE came out to show their support at the live event.
WSU will return live on 8/6 at the ACE Arena with a special DOUBLE DVD taping. That’s two shows for the price of one. Main eventing taping one will be Mercedes Martinez vs Lexus for the WSU World Title. The second taping will be main evented by Jessicka Havok vs Alicia in a winner takes all LAST WOMAN STANDING match.

Serena Deeb, The Boston Shore, Brittney Savage, Amy Lee, Rain, Annie Social, Allisyn Kay, Sassy Stephanie, The Belle Saints, Niya, Barbie, The Soul Sisters, Jennifer Cruz, Rick Cataldo, Monique & many more have been signed to this event.

We will have full details and a press release about this show later this week.


– Thanks to everyone for making this the most bought WSU iPPV.

– Injury Report: Mercedes Martinez was banged up and had a stinger that has since went away….Jana of the Soul Sisters had a concussion and was pulled from the rumble. She will not miss any ring time. Jana has been on every single WSU show since day one… Brittney Savage was also banged up after her match…. Both Alicia/Havok had minor cuts/bruises and were sore after their encounter. No one is expected to miss any ring time.

– Annie Social is back with WSU full time and is on every show forward, as long as it does not conflict with her schedule in Japan.

– Roxxie Cotton was supposed to return to WSU last night but had car trouble. She returns 8/6.

– WSU was thrilled with the debut of Allison Danger. You can not write emotional moments & Danger sent off Rogers as classy as possible.

– WSU thanks Cindy Rogers for her loyal work here for 4+ years. WSU was honored Cindy chose to have her last match here. Cindy Rogers had a test run on commentary for the iPPV during the Rumble. Lots of tears were flowing after Cindy’s match. Martinez & Amy Lee put together Cindy’s post show segment, which will be released on the DVD as an exclusive.

– Jon Harder, who started on 4/2 with the company, and called the iPPV, is WSU’s full time commentator.

– After debuting in Reina in Japan, Latasha returns on 8/6.

– WSU apologizes for the late start time. Our original GoFightLive producer was in a car accident 2 weeks ago and we had a new staff. There were problems with one camera being out and another camera being black/white. WSU didn’t want to go on the air with a crappy feed, so we took the 20 minutes to make sure things would flow smooth. Since WSU didn’t want the fans live to just sit there, WSU asked Amy Lee & Rick Cataldo to go out there and do improv comedy to warm up the crowd while fixing the technical issues. We promise to make sure this does not happen again.

– WSU thanks Jamilia Craft for everything and wishes her the best of luck in Reina in Japan. The door is always open once Jamilia returns to the United States, as Jamilia has a one year deal, but who knows if it will be extended.

– Something major that will affect the course of WSU will take place on 8/6…..

– WSU has signed a deal to release compilation DVDs in national chain stores. We are hoping to have our first DVD “UNCENSORED Volume 1” released in stores this Fall. The DVD cover is already on our Facebook page. Stay tuned for more.

– WSU will return on 8/6… a press release is expected soon. It will be a double DVD taping and not taped for iPPV. WSU wants to spread out the iPPVs to make them feel more special and wants to use the double DVD tapings to help build up future iPPVs. WSU has renewed for a second year with and wants to use the show to help push the iPPVs.

– WSU has several autographed posters from everyone on the event for sale for $10. To check availability/order, please email

For more on WSU, visit the following sites: home of WSU online where you can buy WSU DVDs (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

Thank you for reading this press release & for your support of WSU.