Indy News Update #1 for June 25, 2011
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PWF sent this in:

A historic summer for the Pro Wrestling Federation keeps getting bigger. As we continue down the road to The Finale during Labor Day weekend, the fastest growing promotion in East Tennessee is adding more events to its calendar and the stakes are raising for every competitor on the roster.

Next up? The PWF returns to Greeneville, Tenn., for the first time in nearly one calendar year at the National Guard Armory this Saturday at 8 p.m. A double Steel Cage Main Event headlines the card, as two feuds come to a boil.

First up, the Tag Titles will be on the line as the Rockstars From Outer Space — Jay Shaft and Chris Graves — defend against Mike Blade and the Modern Day Superstar. Shaft and Graves won the belts from Blade and MDS, but did so in a Four-Way Elimination match. The current champs have never beaten the veteran duo of Blade and the Superstar in a head-to-head matchup, and walked out midway through their contest at Memorial Bash to retain the belts on a countout loss. There will be nowhere to run and nowhere to hide this time for the champions. Mike Blade and the Superstar also have something to lose. This will be their last chance to beat the Rockstars as long as Shaft and Graves hold the titles.

In the other Main Event, Greeneville’s own Rain Rodriguez takes on Daniel Mulligan inside the cage. After months of torment and bullying and several close losses to the Hillbilly Heartthrob, Rain personally requested this match. It all started when the 330-pound Mulligan, who regularly leaps off the top rope with devastating splashes and flying headbutts, stole the Cruiserweight Title from Rodriguez. Mulligan believes he’s the best high flyer in the entire area — and thus the rightful holder of a title belt in a division that emphasizes top-rope moves and high risks. Mulligan still has Rain’s Cruiserweight belt. He’s even stolen Rain’s hat after one of their hard-fought one-on-one matches. Mulligan, who tips the scales at about double Rain’s weight, has promised that in the cage he’ll take everything Rain has left — including his career!

Mulligan represents the Tower Of Power, one of the most successful — and most dastardly — factions in the Southeast. Led by Manager Of Champions Terrence Tyler, the Tower Of Power does whatever it takes to win matches, titles, and make money. Two of the young up-and-comers on the PWF roster, Cody Blade and Tra Jones, want to join the Tower Of Power. Tyler doesn’t just hand out spots in this prestigious faction, however. They have to be earned. Tyler told Blade and Jones to impress him, and “The Canadian Destroyer” is trying to do just that. Jones has challenged PWF Heavyweight Champion Josh Crawford to a title defense this Saturday night in Greeneville. Can Jones bring home the biggest prize in the company, and with it, join the TOP?

Blade, meanwhile, has challenged “Fireball” Steven Barry to a singles match. Barry and Matt Storm beat Cody Blade and Tra Jones in a Flag Match at Memorial Bash — and Blade has taken that loss personally. He’s taking on the Fireball one on one to try and settle the score. Will Steven Barry prevail again? Or will “Knock Out” Cody Blade win with his New and Improved Codybreaker?

The Hit Squad is another dangerous faction in the PWF, which is coming off its biggest night since joining the company. On June 18, Adam York and D’Jinn beat Josh Crawford and Big Daddy Freddie in a tag team match. Then, Nick Hammonds brought gold to the Hit Squad when he defeated Johnny Knieval in a controversial Throw In The Towel Match. Notorious Nick has elected to skip the Greeneville event because of what his manager, Hammer cites as “pending legal litigation.” York and D’Jinn will be in action, however, and they’ve called out Knieval. Will the now-former Southeastern Champion take out some of his frustration on Hammonds’ friends and partners?

If you’re a wrestling fan in East Tennessee, you cannot afford to miss this event in Greeneville. The PWF strives to present fast-paced, entertaining professional wrestling at a price that the entire family can afford. Join us at the Greeneville National Guard Armory at 1030 Hal Henard Road. BE THERE!

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