Indy News Update #2 for June 22, 2011
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Latest results from the Pittsburgh-based International Wrestling Cartel show Super Indy X:

AWE sent this in:

Tag match pitting Nash, Morton to headline AWE Awesome Night of the Legends

Ricky Morton has been trying to pick a fight with Kevin Nash for 10 years. He finally “crossed the line,” Nash said today, with recent comments from Morton suggesting that “the only way Kevin Nash ever got anywhere in the wrestling business” was by servicing, in a manner of speaking, Vince McMahon.

“You challenged my manhood,” Nash said. “If I’m not mistaken, you’re the one who just got out of jail, right? Isn’t that more your MO? if anybody’s been doing that activity, I’m pretty sure it’s you,” Nash said.

Morton has gone after Nash in interviews dating back to 2001, including an infamous profanity-laced shoot interview with Rob Feinstein of RF Video.

“So you got my attention, finally. I’m here,” said Nash, who will partner with Doug Gibson in a tag-team match against Morton and his long-time Rock-n-Roll Express partner Robert Gibson at the AWE Awesome Night of the Legends on Oct. 15 at Augusta Expo in Fishersville. Va.

Nash hesitated to refer to the meeting as a “match.”

“Ain’t gonna be no match,” Nash said. “I’ll determine when you’ve had enough. And let me tell you something, it’s going to be a long night. I promise you that,” Nash said.

C4 Wrestling sent this in:

C*4 presents “Crossing the Line 4” Official Results
Ottawa, Ontario
Friday June 17th, 2011
Attendance: 250+
Announcer: Voice
Referees: Bakais, Alex Hetfield TJ Wylie

1 – Lucky Sabiti survived a chaos-filled Six Man Mayhem match. Other participants included the debuting tandem of Checkmate (Lionel Knight and Christopher Bishop), “Jagged” Scott Parker, Cecil Nyx, and Jae Rukin. No doubt, Jagged suffered for the comments over the past season made by his partner Shane Matthews, in this match, as Lucky, Rukin and Knight banded together to “teach Jagged a lesson”. A fast-paced opener that highlighted all the men involved.

2 – The debuting Adam Cole of ROH fame, fell to the determined Mathieu St. Jacques. An incredible athletic contest that could have gone either way – St. Jacques scored one of his, if not his biggest, victory with this win of his career. Both men gave it there all. Cole received a “please come back” chant following the match.

3 – El Generico, and The Wolfmun (Twiggy and Beef Wellington) defeated the trio of “MVP” Michael Von Payton, “Ronin” Josh Alexander, and “Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali. As a result of the match, MVP, Ali and Alexander’s faction must disband. The match was fast paced brawl, which saw Twiggy score the pin on Ali for the win. Following the loss, Josh Alexander left the ring disgruntled. Ali turned to his long time friend and partner MVP, apologizing for the loss – only to be assaulted by Von Payton, and left laying unconscious in the centre of the ring.

4 – In what many people are calling the Match of the Night – and a true Ontario MOTYC (the first of three of the night) – C*4 Tag Team Champions, “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen and “Speedball” Mike Bailey beat the odds, and defeated The American Wolves, ROH World Champion, Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. This back and forth action packed contest saw all four men give it there all. Bailey stood his ground and proved to many. that he truly belongs in the ring with the best in the world. The finish saw Davey Richards locked into Steen’s sharpshooter, struggling to escape, when Bailey delivered a monstrous Shooting Star Press onto Richards’ back. The pressure and impact proved too much for Davey, who submitted. As Steen and Bailey celebrated, Edwards and Davey argued and went nose to nose in the ring.

5 – In the second MOTYC, “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin somehow managed to pin Chris Hero. Both men battled back and forth, and gave each other everything they had. Elgin withstood several thunderous roaring elbow’s to the face, and back of the head, and managed to fight his way through. In the end, Hero was pinned following a huge spinning sit-out power bomb. Hero, bleeding from the mouth, took the mike after the match, and told the fans in attendance that they should be proud to call Elgin “One of their own”.

6 – In a slightly more light-hearted, but still competitive match-up, Sebastian Suave defeated “Psycho” Mike Rollins, Tomasso Ciampa (subbing for “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea) and “The Allstarter” Brent B. Suave was accompanied by his new valet, the debuting Seleziya Sparx. The finish saw Rollins distracted by Sparx, and finished off by Suave. It should be interesting to see what the future holds for Suave and his new “manager”.

7 – In the main event – and third MOTYC for the night, C*4 Champion, “Player Dos” Stupefied shocked many, by defeating his partner, and best friend, Player Uno, to retain his title. Before the match, Stupefied told Uno that he demanded that the match be contested as a “No DQ or Count-Out” street fight. He also told Uno that as soon as the bell rang to start the match that they were no longer partners, friends or brothers.

As the match went on, both men lived up to the stipulations as they beat each other from one end of the building to the other. In a moment that had everybody standing in the venue, Player Uno delivered a monstrous brain-buster off a stage, through a table to Stupefied. Both men we helped back to the ring by security – and slowly made it to their feet. Uno and Dos continued to fight back and forth, until Uno’s arms became entangled in the top rope. As senior official attempted to pull Uno from the ropes, Dos threw him out of the way, and proceeded to super-kick Uno in the face, three times. Finally, as Uno fell to the canvas below, Stupefied climbed to the top rope, and delivered his trade-mark frog splash, and scored the pin.

Many people, perhaps Uno the most, were surprised to see such a vicious streak come out of a man whom he has called his best friend for most of his wrestling career. It appears as though the issues between these two may not be over.

We would like to thank all of our fans who came out on June 17th, to help make this event a huge success. Without a doubt, top to bottom, C*4’s best show ever.

C*4 will return with Season 5 on November 19th, 2011 – as we celebrate out Fourth Anniversary. Stay tuned for details over the summer by visiting our website – .

With our usual fall debut pushed back – we ask all of you to come out on Friday August 12th, to support the Canadian Cancer Society, when all of us help bring you “Fighting Back: Wrestling with Cancer”. Details to come shortly – visit for details.