Indy News Update #2 for June 16, 2011
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Chaotic Wrestling is the promotion of the month for June. All titles are offered this month for just $11.25 which is 25% off the regular price. Check out Chaotic Wrestling and support indy wrestling. Visit their website at

AIW DVD May 21, 2011 “TPI 2011: Day Two” – Lakewood, OH $15.00
1. Tim Donst vs. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds
2. Gregory Iron vs. Marion Fontaine
3. Bobby Beverly vs. Facade
4. BJ Whitmer vs. The Duke
5. Shiima Xion vs. Flip Kendrick
6. Dave Crist vs. Jake Crist
7. Johnny Gargano vs. Rickey Shane Page
8. Gregory Iron vs. Bobby Beverly
9. Tim Donst vs. BJ Whitmer
10. Shiima Xion vs. Dave Crist
11. The Olsen Twins vs. Dalton Castle & K. Fernadez
12. “The Chad” Williams vs. Hobo Joe
13. Marion Fontaine vs. AERO! vs. Maximo Suave vs. Louis Lyndon
14. Shiima Xion vs. Tim Donst vs. Gregory Iron

AIW DVD May 20, 2011 “TPI 2011: Day One” – Lakewood, OH $15.00
1. Greg Iron vs. John Kermon
2. The Duke vs. AERO!
3. Dave Crist vs. Rickey Shane Page
4. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds vs. Sterling James Keenan
5. Facade vs. Sugar Dunkerton
6. Non-Tourney: Mickie Knuckles vs. Mena Libra
7. Bobby Beverly vs. Sonjay Dutt
8. Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon
9. Jake Crist vs. Jonathan Gresham
10. Marion Fontaine vs. Colt Cabana
11. Tim Donst vs. Mad Man Pondo
12. AIW Debut Of Green Man
13. Non-Tourney: Johnny Gargano vs. Akira Tozawa
14. BJ Whitmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs
15. Shiima Xion vs. Paul London
16. Non-Tourney: ACH vs. Gary Jay
17. Non-Tourney: Submission Squad vs. Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett

Force 1 DVD May 13, 2011 “Friday the 13th PART F1” – Egg Harbor Twp., NJ $15.00
1.Masked Lion vs. Alexander James
2. BUNKHOUSE BRAWL: Devon Moore vs. Ty Hagen
3. Ryan Eagles vs. Adam Cole
4. The Black Gate Asylum vs. Team LanceAlot
5.Joel Maximo vs. Caleb Konely vs. Cedrick Alexander vs. Joe Ettell vs. Josh Hybrid vs. Kevin Cunningham
6. RV1 vs. Alex Colon
7. Greg Excellent vs. Sugar Dunkerton
8. “The Runaways” Joe Gacy & Ryan Slater vs. Sami Callihan & Johnny Calzone
9. 2 out of 3 Tables Match: The Monster Squad & Matt Saigon vs. DJ Hyde, Nui Tofiga, & JT Roberts

Chaotic Wrestling DVD April 29, 2011 “Showcase Series” – Lowell, MA $11.25
1. Julian Starr vs. Brandon Locke
2. Psycho vs. Scotty Slade
3. Alex Arion vs. Matt Spectro
4. Chase Del Monte & Elia Markopoulos vs. RePublique
5. Mikaze vs. Taka Suzuki
6. Alexxis vs. Taeler Hendrix
7. Brian Fury vs. Handsome Johnny


6/19 – ICW – Milwaukee, WI
6/24 – Chikara – Chicago, IL
6/25 – Chikara – Taylor, MI
6/26 – Chikara – Cleveland, OH
6/26 – AIW – Cleveland, OH
7/12 – IWA East Coast – Nitro, WV
7/16 – DreamWave – LaSalle, IL
7/29 – AIW – Lakewood, OH
7/30 – Chikara – Reading, PA
7/31 – Chikara – Philadelphia, PA