Indy News Update #2 for June 13, 2011
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Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Live Pro Wrestling

Dorchester Arena and Community Centre
2066 Dorchester Rd Ss 2,
Dorchester ON,

June 11th, 2011
Attendance: 60
Referee: Squeegee
Notables in Attendace: Tyler Tirva, ONE FALL WRESTLING’s Big Jim & Mycroft

Supremo Fantastico def. Jake O’Reilly

Promo with the “Turk” Reza Stars talking about how he was better than Dorchester, the locker room and was a big TV Star until Robbie MacCallister came out to set up the main event.

Michael Elgin def. Brent B with help from Jake O’Reilly, after the match they beat down Brent B until Phil Atlas made the save to set up the semi-main event tag match.

Derek Wylde def. “Psycho” Mike Rollins after a death valley driver

Courtney Rush def. Holly Hilton


Bolen def. Crazzy Steve after holding onto the ropes after a sunset flip attempt.

Jake O’Reilly/Michael Elgin def. Brent B/Phil Atlas after the ref miscounted

Robbie MacCallister def. “Turk” Reza Stars


GWN (Great White North)Championship Wrestling presents it’s next spectacular card

“STORM CLOUDS RISING-Love for Olivia 2”

Sunday,June 26,2011
Ukrainian Cultural Centre
241 Kenilworth Avenue North
Doors open 1 PM,bell time 1:30

The main Event has been signed




A match to determine the New #1 Contender-‘THE TYRANT”ERIC DAWSON vs “RUGGED”REX ATKINS,with the winner to challenge the GWN Heavyweight Champion in August

Former GWN Ladies Champion JODI DI MILO has demanded and GWN Commisioner Johnny Riel has granted,for the first time in the history of the GWN Ladies Division,a STREET FIGHT,with new Champion “THE ANTI-DIVA”KAITLYN DIEMOND.

AFTERSHOCK(Damien and Drake Styles)defend the GWN Tagteam Titles against THE AMERICAN TITANS

$500 Bet Win in 10 Mins or Less
“Kickin'” Kyle Broox vs. Igor Sonovivich

Tickets available now!8 Dollars in advance,10 at the door(call 905-522-3857 for ticket information

Sunday June 26,2011,GWN once again shows why we alone set the standard.



Sunday June 19th
Doors – 12:00 pm
Bell – 12:30 pm
Tickets only $15
15 Harmony Rd North Oshawa!

Sunday June 19th is the perfect time to experience Pro Wrestling Eclipse YOU GOTTA SEE THIS! Wrestling has been a feature on Father’s day in the past, as it brings a family friendly environment to the forefront for fathers and sons to enjoy together.
PWE Will be live at 12:30 from Harmony Hall located on the corner of HWY 2 and Harmony in Oshawa, 15 Harmony Rd North, and tickets are only $15 first come first serve! Be sure not to miss this huge event as the card is stacked and today we look at 2 huge match ups that will be early MOTY Candidates.

Our main event will be for the PWE Open Weight Championship and “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin will have his biggest test to date infront of him Davey Richards!

Davey Richards is held in high regard within the world of Pro Wrestling, as a matter of fact many fans consider him to be the best in the world! If you have witnessed him live I bet you would not disagree. Former PWG World Champion, Tag Team Champion and Former ROH Tag team Champion brings a style to the ring that not many men can match. He is always in top physical condition and can do things no other man can within the ropes. His hard hitting style, and technical prowess is rarely matched by an opponent. With more top profile matches then anyone in North America, he is a top contender for any title in the world, and will look to leave Harmony Hall with another title to add to his list. – – – – — – – “Unbrekable” Michael Elgin is hands down one of if not Ontario’s top talents. His matches in the last 2 years inside Ontario have been held in High regard by our diehard fans. This may be his toughest task to date, but when I described Davey Richards many of the same claims hold true with Michael Elgin. He has been known to be very versatile inside the ring, being able to hang with a wide range of opponents, whether it be taking to the air, staying on the mat or his patented smash mouth style that has brought him to the focal point of Ontario indy, and in recent months a force in ROH. This match could be a main event anywhere in the world but PWE is bringing it to Oshawa, and this is one main event you don’t want to miss!

A new Number 1 contender will be crowned on June 19th.
4 men will wage war for the chance at the top prize in PWE
Sebastion Suave vs. Josh Alexander vs. Mike Rollins vs. Phil Atlas – Replacing Jake O’Reilly
Mike Rollins has been on the cusp of PWE Open Weight title and the Main event Picture but is 1 win away from accomplishing this heavy task. He has proved that he has what it takes, but with the tactics of Michael Elgin and his long time friend Josh Alexander turning his back on him, he has yet to get that big win. June 19th could be his night but he has to defeat 3 of Ontario’s hottest talents to do so!
Josh Alexander has always been the supporting cast, but with his actions towards Rollins he proved his time is now, and he will not be overlooked any longer. He has had many top performances in 2010 and 2011 now he looks at capturing his first singles title in some time. His history with Rollins is well documented and with both of them in this match the fuse could reignite
Suave much like the other 2 men listed has been on the brink of being the top guy, but that 1 victory has slipped out of his hands. June 19th he looks to verify the thoughts of PWE faithful and claim is spot as a top contender.
Phil Atlas even though this will be his first match inside PWE, he comes with a long resume that few men in Ontario hold. Countless tours for AJPW as well as a highlighted match with Kaz Hiyashi gives him credentials to automatically be inserted into this Contenders 4 way. Atlas has been at the top of his game for many years now, but as of late has been off the radar in Ontario. June 19th he lets fans know he hasn’t gone anywhere and he is Ontario’s hottest prospect