Indy News Update #2 for June 3, 2011
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– The 2011 Australian card of the year is set to take place 10 June at Panthers Penrith. It’s Aussie Mania and it will be a great night highlighting the talent of the AWF. Wrestlers from many states will be in attendance, and even former WWE star U-Gene will be in town via the USA for the event. Please support this live show! To buy tickets visit If you can’t be there live, we will be having for the very first time the chance for you to view the event as an Internet PPV Download after the event. Full details to follow in a press release soon!

– Major news stemming from the 21 May AWF Dojo event is that Jay Law is the new Young Lion’s Champion, and at the event imposed a coup on co leader Robert Barnes, laying him out and taking sole charge of the Elite Wrestling faction. Earlier in the night Law defeated Shane Saw in the Partners Collide tournament final, which gave him access to a shot at any AWF Championship at any time. In round 1 of the tournament it was Barnes who layed down for Law allowing him to go to the next round fresh. As a result of the goings down a disillusioned Barnes will head to Europe to regroup and will be absent from the AWF scene for some time. Jay Law’s first YLC challenger will be the inform Sir Loin, who will be looking to avenge partner Shane Saw’s loss, and bring the Young Lion’s Championship to the Meat Massacre.

– Iron Ben Coles comes into Winter still Australasian Champion, bringing his reign to 9 months as of June. During Autumn Coles continued to be a valiant champion downing the likes of Grant Linstrom to win the Brisbane Supa Tournament, and he also successfully defended the Australasian Championship against stellar opponents in Mason Childs and The Samoan Warrior. Jack Tasman was the only blemish on Coles’ record, with Tasman scoring a count out non-title victory at Bass Hill due to the Multicultural Society’s interference. Coles has stated that he will bring down the Multicultural Society one by one at upcoming AWF events, and has enlisted former WWE star U-Gene to give him a hand at Panthers on 10 June, as he continues infiltrating the MS and getting his hands on the slimy crooked ref Mad Tony Kebab!
Outside of the ring due to the people at I & J Foods not wanting him to use the “Iron Jay” name outside of their promotions, AWF will be discontinuing promoting the “Iron Jay” name, and Ben will be referred to as Iron Ben Coles from here on in. Ben will air in another TV advertisement soon.

– AWF Tag Team Champions “Party Trix” are continuing to work extremely well as a tandem and have defeated all comers over Autumn. At the 19 March dojo event the team was forced to face off in a partners collide match up, and the team were so evenly matched they pinned each other with the same backslide. Now that’s two minds thinking alike! While heating up the tag division the champions have become targeted men. The Multicultural Society have marked the Tag Team Championships as being on their list, with Island Tribe attacking “Illusion & Fusion” at the 21 May AWF Dojo event. Winter also sees challenges from the team going by the name “SpaceTech” of Spaceboy Dacey and El Technico, plus The Elite Tag Team and Meat Massacre. It will be interesting to see if Party Trix can keep the party rocking and maintain their winning ways over the coming months.

– Commonwealth Champion Tama Williams, along with WA’s Percy T and Kabel all appeared at the Chikara King of Trios, the largest tag tournament in pro-wrestling, as Team Australia in the month of April in Philadelphia, PA, USA. The team was unsuccessful in their bout against Team Fist, but the experience was said to have gotten all ready for future big bouts. Percy T and Kabel will be again rearing for action at the upcoming Supanova Perth AWF events, while Tama Williams gears up for the main event with The Samoan Warrior Vs U-Gene and Coles at Panthers..

– The Detonation Crew faction has been in peril over recent months at the hands of the Multicultural Society. After running teams like the Platinum Players and The Freakshow out of the AWF, the Detonation Crew’s power hold over the AWF ranks seem to be up against a wall, despite Iron Ben Coles still holding the Australasian Championship. On 16 April The Multicultural Society maimed TNT after victory over Anubis & Del Fuego in handicap action. The Samoan Warrior and Tony Kebab assisted the losing team members in attacking TNT after the bout, destroying his shoulder and sending him to the hospital. TNT was operated on after the event and will be out of in ring action as a result until August. TNT did however re-appear at the May 21 Dojo event in a sling and informed the Multicultural Society that U-Gene would for 1 night represent for the Det Crew and team with Iron Ben Coles Vs The Island Tribe at AussieMania. As extra conditions if the DC win they will get 1 minute alone in ring with Mad Tony Kebab, and if the MS are victorious they will gain control of the Australasian Championship. The stakes have seemingly never been higher for the Detonation Crew. With Max Comic seemingly gone, and Powerhouse Theo out of sight, the Detonation Crew will definitely need the support of the fans in future encounters with the Multicultural Society.

– Supanova Pop Culture Convention comes to Sydney on 18 & 19 June, and Perth on 25 & 26 June, and as always AWF will be a big part of the action. So come and support these massive events with AWF bouts at 12, 2 & 4pm daily. Supa Tournaments will be in effect, with winners receiving future title shots.

– Concrete Davidson made his debut at the Melbourne Supanova events in April astonishing fans with his seemingly stronger than self, feats of strength, as he battled Mad Turk Hussain and Krackerjak. While not able to pick up victories in his initial endeavours he has built up momentum since, picking up a win at Bass Hill on 16 April teaming with Selene to upset Robert Barnes and Baby Devine, and also downing Grant Linstrom in an Arm Wrestling bout. Davidson claims he is from the 1920’s and the great grandfather of Max Comic. Concrete refutes the notion that he is in fact Max Comic in disguise or is still a Young Lion’s competitor. Whilst Davidson cannot produce any identification, he is currently producing smiles and support from AWF fans, and says that he is looking forward to showing his strength in the Great Aussie Rumble at AussieMania.

– It has been confirmed that former Australasian Champion Dean Draven will make his return to the ring as part of the Aussie Mania Great Aussie Rumble bout, and will appear at the Sydney Supanova in singles action. It will be interesting to see if Draven can have a similar effect on the AWF as he has had in past years and rise to the top of the cards and make an impact as he has done in the past. AWF wishes him well.

– The AWF has been running great monthly shows from its Dojo in Minto through 2011, and the tensions and action have been escalating every month. Be part of the action again on 25 June when AWF presents Mid Year Madness! This event will see some new faces debut, tensions develop, and a guaranteed up close and personal wrestling experience. Be there every month and become part of the AWF family of regular fans attending!

– AWF welcomes its new students who have just started this June at the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling. We look forward to seeing you grow in your wrestling journey! Applications for the next intake, which is the Spring Semester starting 3 September are now available for the next course. All interested please send an email to for an application. Looking forward to seeing you all in the ring soon!

– Mad Turk Hussain is currently in Japan wrestling and training with Zero 1. AWF wishes big Huss a great tour and much success in the orient.

– New female wrestler Rachel Rose made her first appearance at Bass Hill Plaza making comments alongside TNT in commentary, and will make her debut at Panthers Penrith. Rachel has been training at the AWF School of pro-wrestling for the past year and AWF looks forward to introducing her to its fans soon.

– Another female talent set to appear at Aussie Mania is Niki Nitro. Niki has wrestled about shows for the last few years in NSW, VIC and SA, and will finally come to AWF at Panthers on 10 June to make her presence felt, and will debut in ring on 19 June at Supanova Sydney.

– This Is AWF Wrestling internet show is in currently in production and will debut soon. More details to follow. In the meantime here are some AWF online bouts for you to check out.
Aussie Ozbone in Japan:
Baby Devine Vs Selene:!
Iron Ben Coles Vs The Samoan Warrior:

– People interested in working with AWF please contact . We are looking for dedicated volunteer all-rounders to help with a variety of tasks. Must be competent, have transport, & good personal skills. The perfect chance for those wanting to break into the wrestling business, especially behind the scenes to help make a difference. Looking for someone to come and do immediate live show reports and uploads, flier and poster distribution, video taping and more. Booker/Writers wannabes need not apply.

– If you have a business that currently needs a push and more exposure and you are interested in becoming an AWF sponsor please send details to or call 0410691377 to talk about tag teaming with us over the next 12 months. If you are even interested in sponsoring a wrestler we can cater smaller sponsorships to any business.

– Are you or a family member or friend having a birthday party upcoming? Why not celebrate it with AWF Wrestling! We can have wrestlers visit your party, or even host a party show at our Minto venue, or your hall. If you want the best party you will ever remember give us a call on 0410 691 377 or email for details.

– AWF is on Facebook. Make sure you visit & join our Facebook page at to get more of the latest from AWF. Interact with AWF and many of our wrestlers and get the latest info.

– Thanks for your support of AWF, & hope to see you at the upcoming events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Become involved and let’s continue to make AWF grow each month in 2011!

See you at the matches!


Sat 4 June 2011
New School Students
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Fri 10 June 2011
Aussie Mania!
Penrith Panthers
Penrith, NSW
Sat 18 Sun 19 June 2011
Supanova Sydney
The Dome
Homebush, NSW

Sat 25 Sun 26 June 2011
Supanova Perth
Claremont Showgrounds
Perth, WA

Sat 25 June 2011
Mid Year Madness
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

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