Indy News Update #2 for December 29, 2010
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(NEW YORK) — Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is pleased to announce
that WSU Uncensored #11 is now available for free viewing on
In this special year-end edition, the Top 5 Moments of 2010 are counted
down. Also in this episode is a phone call from WSU World Champion Mercedes
Martinez regarding her upcoming Ladder Match against storied-rival Angel
Orsini, plus a featured look at Jessicka Havok and Homicide sits down to talk
WSU as well.

Mercedes Martinez, Jessicka Havok, Alicia, Angel Orsini, Brittney Savage,
Serena, The Belle Saints, and Sassy Stephanie are just some of the WSU
Wrestlers covered in WSU Uncensored #10.

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Steven Ashe sent this in:


Monday December 27

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
Oshawa, Ontario

Royal Canadian Legion Hall
Attendance: 100+
Referees: Sean Cassidy & Chris Murray
Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Results credit: Hellkat for
Before the tournament starts WILD Champion Anthony Darko w/Primo Scordino comes down to the ring to share his thoughts about the tournament.

1) WILD Tournament Quarterfinal Match #1
Mommi Tsunami Jodi D’Milo v. Gabriella Vanderpool – Winner: Gabriella Vanderpool

2) WILD Tournament Quarterfinal Match #2
Holly Hilton v. Evilyn Fox – Winner: Evilyn Fox

3) WILD Tournament Quarterfinal Match #3
Seleziya Sparx v. Buck Gunderson.
Darko & Primo Scordino come out to watch the match – Winner: Seleziya Sparx thanks to help from Darko & Primo Scordino.

4) WILD Tournament Quarterfinal Match #4
Xandra Bale v. The Harlequin Sabrina Kyle w/Josh Rogen – Winner: Xandra Bale

5) Steve Brown v. The Sport Jessy Jones – Winner: The Sport Jessy Jones.
Post Match Hacker Scotty O’Shea comes down and with Brown, beats the tar out of Jones. Rip Impact comes to save Jones which leads into the following match.

6) The Hacker Scotty O’Shea v. Rip Impact – Winner: The Hacker Scotty O’Shea

7) Ontario Independent Championship Match
Cody Deaner (sporting a new look) v. Tricked Out Tyler Tirva – Winner: Cody Deaner

8) WILD Tournament Semifinal Match #1
Gabriella Vanderpool v. Evilyn Fox – Winner: Gabriella Vanderpool

9) WILD Tournament Semifinal Match #2
Seleziya Sparx w/Primo Scordino & Anthony Darko v. Xandra Bale – Winner: Xandra Bale

10) The Canadian Crazyhorse Michael Elgin v. Psycho Mike Rollins – Winner: The Canadian Crazyhorse Michael Elgin

11) Hayden Avery v. The Amazing Darkstone – Winner: Hayden Avery

12) New Skool Title Rumble Royale with Cheese Match – Winner: Primo Scordino

13) WILD Tournament Final Match
Gabriella Vanderpool v. Xandra Bale.
Primo & Darko come out to watch the match. – Winner: Gabriella Vanderpool.
Post match Darko comes to the ring and berates Vanderpool. She then kicks Darko in the mush and challenges him to a ladder match next show for the title.

14) Teacher v. Student – Showtime Eric Young v. Sean Spears
Winner: No contest as Showtime injured his ankle halfway through the match and the match had to be stopped.

15) Steel Cage Match – Your Savior Sebastian Suave v. The Russian Bear Boris Breshnev w/Jamie Virtue
Winner: Your Saviour Sebastian Suave by escaping the cage. Post match, all the faces drag Virtue to the ring and toss him into the cage so that Suave can beat the tar out of him.