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8/28 ROH Results: Charlotte, North Carolina

Return date is January 15, 2011

1. El Generico d. Erick Stevens – Generico wins with a brainbuster. Plenty of chops, woo’s and Generico strutting! Said to be a “great opener”.

Steve Corino comes out and cuts a promo about the history of Charlotte and wrestling. Says Wahoo McDaniels, Mr. Wrestling One, Johnny Valentine, and Ric Flair are all dead and buried. Bobby Dempsey is his opponent…

2. Steve Corino d. Bobby Dempsey – Corino wins after a low blow and a sliding lariat following a ref bump. Corino had the chain with him for the double chain match at GBH. Dempsey had the majority of the offense.

3. Necro Butcher d. Grizzly Redwood – Necro has new tights, said to be “Rave-ish style”. Necro wins with a Tiger Driver. At one point in the match, Necro tried to suplex Grizzly to the outside, but got blocked and took a sunset bomb to the floor. Then Grizzly threw a trashcan at Necro’s head and chugged a Dr. Pepper, which spilled.

4. Eddie Edwards d. Colt Cabana – Match was non-title. Cabana slipped on the Dr. Pepper that had been spilled by Redwood in the previous match. Edwards reversed the flying stinkymouth with an O’conner roll for the win. Cabana and Edwards shook hands after the match. Said to be a great technical match.

Intermission – Guessing around 400-450 there now, with only a few open seats.

5. Cedric Alexander & The Bravado Brothers d. Caleb Konley, Jake Manning, and – Bravados win with a enzuguri/german suplex combo on Konley.

roXXXas says it’s “bizzaro world” in Charlotte tonight. Sinclar is getting pops and Turner is getting heat!

6. Roderick Strong d. Kevin Steen – Corino is out with Steen. The crowd is chanting “Next World Champ”, and both guys are reacting to it! Corino tried to use the chain, but Cabana came out to stop him. Low blow to Roddy, and Generico came out to take care of Corino. Double knee gutbuster and a super kick win it for Roderick.

7. The Kings of Wrestling d. The Dark City Fight Club, The All Night Express & The Briscoe Brothers in an Ultimate Endurance match to retain the ROH World Tag Team Titles – The Dark City Fight Club have been eliminated by The All Night Express after a neckbreaker/backbreaker combo. Jay Briscoe has been busted open by the Kings on the floor. All Night Express are double teaming one Briscoe, while the Kings of Wrestling double team the other. Eventually The Briscoes hit Titus with a Doomsday Device to eliminate The All Night Express. Hero immediately hit Jay with the Golden Elbow for the pin to retain the titles.

8. Davey Richards d. Tyler Black in a non-title match – Crowd is chanting “You Sold Out” at Tyler. Jim Cornette came out and tried to make it a title match. Tyler Black refused, the match is still non-title. roXXXas said that Tyler has gotten near falls with “rubicks cube and warriors way/coast to coast”. According to ROH’s Twitter, Tyler had Davey down at one point and stood over him and did the John Cena “you can’t see me” hand gesture. Tyler went for a Pele kick and it was caught into a grapevine anklelock. Davey wins after repeated Kawada kicks, a God’s Last Gift to Tyler, and then forced him to tap to the Clover Leaf.