Indy News Update #2 for August 28, 2010
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John Lynch sent this in:

VPW 8/21/10 – 2010 Gold Rush Rumble

1. Jerry Fitzwater Show

Fitzwater came out after the fans were welcomed in. As usual, he was accompanied to the ring by his caveman sidekick Grop. Fitzwater’s first announcement was that about an hour before bell time he received a text message from VPW Champion Mack Daddy Flexx that stated he was not coming and he had no interest in performing in front of the VPW fans. The last time Flexx was in Centereach, he told the fans to go to hell and this time he refused to show up. Flexx had been scheduled to compete against VSK in a Bragging Rights Champion Showdown. This would have been the first time that both singles champions competed against each other in a match. Flexx robbed the fans of that opportunity. Fitzwater then announced that his guest would be a true champion, VPW New York State Champion VSK. VSK spoke about Flexx letting everyone down and that he would never let the fans down. VSK then announced that he added himself as a last minute entry into the Gold Rush Rumble in an effort to become a double champion. At this point, VSK was interrupted by “Slick Sleezy” Sam Shaw. This was the first time that the fans saw Shaw and they immediately hated him. Shaw introduced himself and said that while he was in the Gold Rush Rumble later on, he couldn’t wait and wanted a title match now against VSK.

2. New York State Championship

VSK (c) d. “Slick Sleezy” Sam Shaw

Shaw was impressive, but it was not his night. VSK continued his winning streak of title defenses. Both men would however be in the rumble later on.

3. 2010 Gold Rush Rumble

This match featured 22 of VPW’s best. Earlier in the night, all 22 drew random numbers to determine their order of entrance. Participants would then enter at two minute intervals. The match ends when it is down to the final four wrestlers. All four would then go on later in the night in a four way elimination match with the winner earning a title match of his choice at the next Centereach show.

Order of Entrance:

1. Mike Magnum w/ Mikey Old School
2. Jason Static
3. Jay Delta
4. Flames w/ Mikey Old School
5. Johnny “Muscles” Marinara
6. Dani DT
7. Minyon
8. “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious
9. Razzle Dazzle w/ Jacob Hendrix
10. “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes
11. VSK
12. K-Fresh
13. Ben Dejo
14. Marty Con
15. E.J. Risk
16. K-Funk
17. “German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt
18. “Slick Sleezy” Sam Shaw
19. Mikey Old School
20. Zombie w/ Black Rose
21. Grop
22. “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher
23. Xandar Page

This was easily one of the most exciting matches in VPW history and must be seen to truly appreciate it. The final four were Joe So Delicious, Ricky Reyes, K-Funk and Josef Von Schmidt. The following matches were made after the rumble ended with those individuals that did not qualify for the final match.

4. VPW Tag Team Championship

“The Resurrection of Tag Team Wrestling” Eclipse (Xandar Page & Jay Delta) (c)d. Flames & Mike Magnum w/ Mikey Old School

With Nick Saint nowhere to be found, the newest member of Old School Unlimited, Mike Magnum, teamed up with one half of Crossfire to battle the three-time VPW Tag Team Champions. Unfortunately for Mikey Old School, his team couldn’t dethrone the champions.

5. Minyon, “Smooth Operator” Mike Gallagher & Zombie w/ Black Rose d. Los Ben Dejos (Marty Con & Ben Dejo) & E.J. Risk

The Zombie chased Los Ben Dejos all over the venue and eventually his team to victory.

6. Jason Static d. K-Fresh

Having been eliminated earlier in the night by a double team maneuver from both Funky Fresh Boyz, Static got his revenge in this singles match.

7. 2010 Gold Rush Rumble Final Four

“Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes d. K-Funk, “German Hammer” Josef Von Schmidt & “Ultra Sexy” Joe So Delicious

Delicious was ganged up on and eliminated first. Then Von Schmidt was next. This left K-Funk and Ricky Reyes to battle it out. As close as Funk got, Reyes was unstoppable. Immediately following the match, Jerry Fitzwater hit the ring to ask Reyes which championship he was going after. Reyes said that he wanted the best VPW had to offer and that was VSK. VSK then came out to confront his challenger. Things started to get physical, but Reyes left the ring, saving his fight for when the gold was at stake.

VPW Upcoming Dates

September 11, 2010 – Deer Park Community Center – Deer Park, NY

October 9, 2010 – Centereach VFW Hall – Centereach, NY

November 20, 2010 – Centereach VFW Hall – Centereach, NY

December 4, 2010 – Deer Park Community Center – Deer Park, NY

The Wire sent this in:

IndyGurlz returns with another news update! With a new DVD that shipped out last tuesday, a Match Tonight in Newton, NJ and Our September 18th event taking form! So without any more delays lets get to the news.

*** IndyGurlz at Garden State Wrestling ***

IndyGurlz makes their debut at Garden State Wrestling Tonite!!!

Tonight at Sussex County Community College Sara Del Rey makes her IndyGurls Debut against IndyGurlz Favorite Sumie Sakai!! This match is looking to be a tough challenge for the debuting fighter but another IndyGurlz Fighter has their eye on the match!

Sara Del Rey former Shimmer Champion, and Current JAPW-WD Champion she is looking to add the IndyGurlz World Title to her collection. Even though she has proven herself to be entered in the “War of the Roses” Tournament for the World title on September 18th. She is still ranked low on the World Rankings in IndyGurlz. When she heard that Sumie Sakai had an open contract for August 28th she called the main offices and asked to be given a chance to take on one of the top ranked stars in Indygurlz.

This caught the eye of another highly ranked IndyGurlz star… Mercedes Martinez sent an angry video that she has been hearing about Sara Del Rey this and Sara DelRey that and wants to see up close and personal why Sara Del Rey deserves the right to skip working her way up the ladder and take on Sumie Sakai… So on August 28th Mercedes Martinez says she will be in the audience to get a look at Miss Del Rey….

What will happen when Sumie Sakai & Sara Del Rey go at it in the squared circle… Who will reign supreme? Will Mercedes Martinez have anything to say about why Sara Del Rey is getting presidential treatment in IndyGurlz?

IndyGurlz @ Garden State Wrestling

August 28, 2010 6:00PM
Sussex County Community College
1 College Hill Rd
Newton, NJ

For More Information Check out

*** IndyGurlz “War of The Roses” ***

The War of the Roses is just around the corner and things are starting to heat up for everyone. As 8 talented women go at it in a single elimination tournament for the coveted Indygurlz World Title.

Talents Announced So Far

1) Japanese Star – Sumie Sakai
2) Current WSU World Champion – Mercedes Martinez
3) Australian Star – Kellie Skater
4) Current JAPW-WD Champion – Sara Del Rey

4 Names already announced the 5th name Jana has a lot on her platter. 1/2 of the WSU Tag Champions she brings her talents to the war. Jana started out in IndyGurlz with a pretty bad record but as she progressed up the ladder she has become a talent to watch out for. Can she take her list of championships to the next level by getting control of the Indygurlz World title?

IndyGurlz “War of The Roses”
September 18, 2010 7:00PM

at the Boonton Elks Lodge
125 Cornelia St.
Boonton, NJ

Tickets: $10.00 (Before September 11th) $15.00 (Door)

For More Information Head over to

*** IndyGurlz Volume 4: The Lost Reels NOW SHIPPING ***

After 3 years IndyGurlz enters the video vault and pulls out footage
previously unreleased. Watch as some of your favorite fighters go at it in the
square circle to prove who is the best in their quest for Championship Gold
Where ever their road takes them.

Matches On This DVD

Miss April vs Dani DT

Kylie Pierce vs Roxxie Cotton

Genni Wright vs Sumie Sakai

Cindy Rogers vs Kylie Pierce vs Jana

Traci Brooks vs Amber

WSU World title Match
Mercedes Martinez vs Bombshell Bo

This DVD and more are available at and other Indy Wrestling DVD Outlets.

Tony Givens sent this in:

CWA’s Championship Wrestling TV for August 28, 2010 is Now Online at

This week’s main event features “Notorious” Nick Hammonds vs. Jason “The Gift” Kincaid. Hammonds pinned Kincaid in a tag team match on July 17. Will lightning strike twice? To add fuel to the fire, a Contenders Ring spot is on the line in this match as well.

Also on this week’s episode we will find out who Rob Knight’s “Mystery Man” is. This man fed Rob Knight information about Robbie Cassidy’s back injury. Rob Knight used that information to his advantage, when his charge, Chris Richards defeated Cassidy for the CWA World Heavyweight Title on June 19. Cassidy injury was worsened at the hands of Richards and his career may be in jeopardy… After Rob’s “Stooge” is revealed, he will team with the debuting Lukas Angel to take on G1 Wrestling Camp Graduates: Jeff Connelly and Steve “Fireball” Barry.

We will see all this and more on this week’s edition of Championship Wrestling TV!