Indy News Update #1 for August 27, 2010
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Michael Tartaglia sent this in:


On August 18, 2010, ECWA Founder Jim Kettner announced that he was retiring from the promotion and handing the reigns over to Mike Tartaglia and Joe Zanolle of the TWA. Kettner started the ECWA 43 years ago, and has entertained many, many fans along the way as well as providing many area wrestlers, and many who went on to become big stars in wrestling, a great place to perform and hone their skills. Kettner wanted to leave the ECWA the same way he started it, quietly and with little fanfare. Kettner is a great friend, we thank him and we wish him well always.

Tartaglia and Zanolle plan to promote the TWA & ECWA shows separately.

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Since winning the TWA Heavyweight Championship on April 11, 2010, Break Morant has said that he wants to defend the title against all comers, regardless of whether they are a favorite of the fans or not. So far, Morant has successfully defended the title against “The Beast” Glen Osbourne, Osbourne/”Hitman” Tony Stetson/”Mr. Wrestling” Steve Corino in a four corners match, and Corino in a singles bout.

Coming in September, Morant has two titles defenses against a couple of very capable challengers. First, on Sept 18 at Wescott Field in Sewell, NJ, Morant will defend against “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz. While Benz’s comedic persona often elicits laughter and jeers from the crowd, there is a very accomplished and seasoned veteran wrestler beneath that powder blue tuxedo and dark hair toupee.

Then on Sept 25 at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ, Morant will meet Damian Dragon for the championship. Dragon recently won a hard fought four corners match and has also been hitting a lot of professional strides in the TWA and also in World-1 ( and most recently ROH. Dragon has a hard hitting elbow drop off the top rope that Morant had better avoid being hit with, otherwise his championship reign may be a short one.

While Morant has recently started to hear some cheers from the fans, especially when he faced Steve Corino, the champ again reiterated his goal, “It doesn’t matter to me who the fans cheer, the bottom line is I’m going to defend this TWA Heavyweight Championship against whoever the TWA management and TWA Commissioner Joel Goodhart deems worthy, friend or foe, and I am going to honor and bring prestige to the most coveted prize in the TWA!”


TWA Pro Wrestling

Saturday, September 18, 2010*

Wescott Field

located at the corner of Fairview Dr. & Burlington Ave.

Sewell, NJ 08080

Bell time 2PM

Tix are ONLY $10!!!

Note: There are NO chairs for this event. Grandstand seating will be available or you can bring your own lawn chair or blanket.

*This is an outdoor show. The rain date is Sunday, September 19, 2010 at 2PM at the same location. NO REFUNDS on tickets for any reason, even in the event that the rain date is used.

“Fundraiser to benefit Sewell Baseball & Softball”

All of the TWA shows are family friendly and suitable for kids!


TWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Breaker Morant (c ) vs. “The Midnight Idol” Nicky Benz

TWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: “The Best Around” TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell (c ) vs. the undefeated “Red, White & BLUE Express” the Blue Meanie & Kid America

PINS COUNT ANYWHERE ON THE BALLFIELD: “Hitman” Tony Stetson vs. “The Beast” Glen Osbourne

TAG TEAM ACTION: Matt & Bryan Logan vs. Aden Chambers & TBD

OPEN CHALLENGE: “The Sensei” Paul Lopresti has issued an open challenge to the TWA locker room

PLUS: “Hitman” Michael Bruno, Cujo the Hellhound and the return of the “World’s Only Breakdancing, Wrestling Robot” SHOCKWAVE the Robot!!!

*Card subject to change.


While you’re there, get a great keepsake or a life-long memory. We will be offering a limited number of the following souvenirs/interactions on a first-come, first-serve basis. We strongly recommend that you pre-order so as not to get shut out. Remember, these are limited and all donations go toward Sewell Baseball & Softball.


– Baseball signed by all the wrestlers $20.00

– Chair signed by all the wrestlers $40.00

– Be a guest ring announcer for a match $20.00

– Be a manager for a match (lead a wrestler to the ring and be ringside for the match) $20.00

– VIP access to meet the wrestlers in the dressing room $50.00

For information on the wrestling this show or to order any items, please contact:

For Sewell Baseball & Softball visit:

For directions visit:

For tickets or more information visit:

Email or

Call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Design/Mike) or 856-952-2255 (Jeff)

Tickets can also be purchased in person at the field the day of the event.

TWA Pro Wrestling

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Flyers Skate Zone

601 Laurel Oak Road

Voorhees, NJ 08043

Doors open 6PM

Bell time 7PM

Tix are ONLY $12 & $10!!!

All of the TWA shows are family friendly and suitable for kids!


TWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Breaker Morant (c ) vs. Damian Dragon (note: should Nicky Benz win the TWA Heavyweight Title on Sept 18, 2010 in Sewell, NJ, Benz would defend the title against Dragon)

SIX-MAN TAG TEAM WAR: Matt & Bryan Logan and Chase Del Monte vs. TWA Tag Team Champions “The Best Around” TJ Cannon & Bruce Maxwell and Aden Chambers

LAST MAN STANDING MATCH: “Hitman” Tony Stetson vs. “The Beast” Glen Osbourne…the match ends when one man cannot reach both of his feet by the referee’s count of ten!

USA vs. GERMANY: “The Red, White & BLUE Express” The Blue Meanie & Kid America vs. “The Berlin Bad Boys” Max Von Bauer & Kermon w/ Carlton P. Hightower & Mr. Maxx

REMATCH FROM JUNE 5, 2010 IN PLYMOUTH MEETING, PA: former ECW/TNA Star Julio Dinero vs. Ryu Lee

TWA DEBUT MATCH: Lucha Libre Star, Sabre Cat vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Shields

PLUS the RETURN of the “World’s Only Breakdancing, Wrestling Robot” SHOCKWAVE the Robot!!!

Tickets can be purchased at the door and at these locations or via paypal at:

For more information on TWA events, tickets, directions, merchandise, the TWA Wrestling School and advertising & sponsorship opportunities:


– Email

– Call 856-232-9332 (Hair by Dezign/Mike)

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The Wire sent this in:

NHPW finished 2 shows over the weekend, and the next four shows announced… Plus a new DVD Shipping September 6th…

*** NHPW “Southern Impact Tour 2010 ***
(Courtesy of Westside Pro Wrestling):

Night 1 (20/08/10):
– Killswitch Krew (Mana & Tapu) def. High Risk Revolution (Benjy the Clown & Hallmark – SA)
– David Hawk (SA) def. Daxon Kage (Special Guest Referee, NHPW Hi-Fi Champion Heritor)
– High Risk Revolution (Blake “The Man” Mitchell & “Cannonball” Kris Taylor – SA) def. Apocalypse (Kabel & Mange)
– NC Viper def. Billy Flyswat (NSW)
– Amazing Kong (USA) def. Jaxon James
– Bombshell Bo (NSW) def. Jessie McKay (NSW) and Amazing Kong (USA) to become the first NHPW IndyGurlz Champion
– Tama Williams (NSW) def. Sonjay Dutt (USA) and Percy T. to become the new Art of Fighting Champion

Mana relinquished the Art of Fighting Championship in a promo at the start of the show and announced his retirement for Final Battle in November. A promo from Gene Snitsky followed challenging Mana one last time.
AWF’s Billy Flyswat made his WA debut.

Night 2 (21/08/10):
– Billy Flyswat (NSW) def. Daxon Kage
– Mange def. Benjy the Clown (SA)
– NHPW Hi-Fi Champion, Heritor def. David Hawk (SA) and Hallmark (SA) in a Triple Threat match to retain the title
– NC Viper and Blake “The Man” Mitchell (SA) went to a double countout
– “Cannonball” Kris Taylor (SA) def. Kabel
– NHPW Art of Fighting Champion, Tama Williams (NZ) def. Sonjay Dutt (USA) to retain the title
– Awesome Kong (USA), Jessie McKay (NSW) and Percy T. def. Kellie Skater (NSW), Bombshell Bo (NSW) and Jaxon James in a Six Person Tag Match

*** NHPW Tour Schedule ***

The next four shows are probably the biggest in the history of NHPW as we say goodbye to the warrior that helped start NHPW… “The Polynesian Warrior” MANA starts his march the final chapter of his career as he enters the ring to take on some of his friends an foes for one last time.

The Final Chapter of this warriors career starts November 19th as Gene Snitsky Debuts with NHPW in Australia. Mana and Snitsky have a past from the USA where they fought tooth and nail in WXW. The war was never settled as Snitsky moved onto the WWE and MANA continued his fight. Now the Final Chapter is set to be written and who will come out of this fight alive?

November 19 & 20 “The Final Chapter Tour” – Morley, Australia

Location: Les Hansmen Community Center
246 Walter Road
Morley, Australia

*** Fight Card ***

Scheduled to Appear: Gene Snitsky, MANA, Heritor, Viper and many more…



On the tails of the November tour NHPW returns to the USA with a double shot on December 4th. With the story of MANA coming to an end we will have the beginning of a new WORLD Champion and Mana’s Final match in the United States…

NHPW “Honor” we will crown a new champion as a single elimination tournament for the vacant NHPW World Title will be held . But that’s not all. The Reigning IndyGurlz World Champion will defend their title and MANA will wrestle in a special match of friends and enemies from his past. Who will be entered into this Survivor Series Type of match??? Only time will tell as the warriors step forward to accept the challenge handed to them by NHPW.

NHPW “The Final Battle Cry” is MANA’s final match in wrestling… We have decided to carry this event here in Boonton, NJ for many reasons… 1) 10 minutes away in Wayne, NJ MANA fought one of his toughest and bloodiest matches in his life against The Monster “Abyss” 2) In Boonton on its own MANA has fought Sabu and Tommy Dreamer on the same night leaving him bloody and a mess in the ring… Last but not least was a match with the “Notorious 187” Homicide which had 26 Chairs Shattered over Mana’s head leaving a lasting impressions for all. For one Last time we will leave an impression for the fans of how this warriors career has ment a lot to indy wrestling…

December 4, 2010 3:00PM

Location: Boonton Elks Lodge
125 Cornelia St
Boonton, NJ

Tickets: $7.00 (Before October 1st)
$15.00 (Door)

Phone: Sound Impressions Box Office: 973-316-8800

*** Fight Card ***

8 Man Single Elimination tournament for the Vacant NHPW WORLD Title

1) Azrieal
2) “Shooting Star” Dave Floridia

IndyGurlz World Title Match
??? vs ???

5 on 5 Elimination Match

“The Polynesian Warrior” MANA , ???, ???, ???, ??? vs ???, ???, ???, ???, ???

December 4, 2010 7:30PM
“The Final Battle Cry”

Location: Boonton Elks Lodge
125 Cornelia St
Boonton, NJ

Tickets: $10.00 (Before October 1st)
$20.00 (Door)

Phone: Sound Impressions Box Office: 973-316-8800

*** Fight Card ***

– Main Event –
“The Polynesian Warrior” MANA vs ???

More to be Announced…


NHPW “Southern Impact” 2009
Shipping September 6, 2010

October 24, 2009
Morley, Western Australia

*** Fight Card ***

“The Silverback” Mark Santoro vs. Heritor

NC Viper vs Jarrad Slate w/ Ebenizah J. Klaus

Jarek Matthews vs Jake Paragon

Tapu w/NC Viper vs “The Widowmaker” Mange w/ Kabel

4-Way Elimination match
Sonjay Dutt vs “The New Age Punisher” B-Boy, vs Dustin Dice vs The Wraith

Buy it Today for $7.00 at

Rocky Jimenez sent this in:

On August 28th, Amarillo Elite Wrestling returns for One Night in Dimmitt!

Saturday, August 28th, the promotion that stated the tradition of bringing the top names of pro wrestling to the Texas Panhandle makes its way to the Castro County Expo Building in Dimmitt, TX as we present “AEW One Night in Dimmitt”.

At AEW Human Chess Tournament back on July 31, Derek Cornell made his debut in AEW, and challenged A-Will to match, but was handed a defeat on a silver platter. Now, Derek returns, and challenges A-Will to a 6-Man Tag Challenge. A-Will has accepted, and has already chosen the towering Brandon Macgreggor & “ShowCase” Shonce Williams as his team. Who will Derek bring with him to battle?

Also, AEW Management has decided to vacate the Tag Team Championships and put them up for grabs in a Tag Team Gauntlet. 5 teams have been chosen to go for the gold, as The Cruz Empire, The Tye-Dyed Tandem, Heaven’s Decent, The Mile High Club, and the team of Shawn Nautlius & Jason Stryfe will all head to battle. Which team can claim the coveted AEW Tag Team Championships?

In the Main Event, it was scheduled to be an epic match between AEW Premier World Champion Jerry Lynn and the 2010 Human Chess Champion Jerry One. However, due to the injury which sidelined him from competing at TNA HardCORE Justice, Lynn has decided to heal up for another chance, while giving up the Premier World Title. Now, Jerry One will have to face 2 unknown challengers for the vacant strap? Will “The Iron Man of Pro Wrestling” be prepared, and who are these two new challengers?

Johnny Crash -VS- Pierce Price in a Softcore Challenge
Jayzon Zane w/ Poizon Ivy -VS- Angelus Layne in Intergender Action
“The Hispanic Titanic” Rual Torrez -VS- “Hott Sauce” Marco Riviera in a South-Texas Chain Match
A Juniorweight Challenge featuring Junior Garza

Plus, it’s the return of referee “Rightous” Scottie McLovin, as he joins senior official, “Your Captain” Rocky Jimenez, in calling the action down the middle in the AEW squared circle!

Saturday, August 28th, 2010
At The Castro County Expo Building
(403 SE 4th Street in Dimmitt, TX)
Doors Open @ 4PM, Bell Time @ 5PM
$12 Adults, $8 Kids 12 & Under
(Children under 5 are FREE!)

Visit for more info!

Todd Brantley sent this in:

Skull Wrestling Productions, Inc presents in Sanction with the National Wrestling Alliance:


Saturday, August 28, 2010
The German House
315 Gregory Street
Rochester, NY 14620
(585) 442-6880

Doors open: 5:30 pm
Belltime: 6:00 pm

Main Event:
NWA-NY Heavyweight Championship
“The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabe Saint (c) vs. “Fabulous Big League” John McChesney

Former WWE/ECW Superstar Gavin Spears vs. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes (w/Star Rider)

NWA-NY No Limits Championship Triple Threat Match
Spazz (c) vs. “Superbad” Richard Venice vs. ????

NWA-NY Tag Team Championship
The Caribbean Connection (c) vs. CloudLee

“Mastiff” Will Calrissian vs. Cheech

Pepper Parks vs. Smith “Big Game” James

The Young & The Wrestlers (Nick & Gino Ando) vs. The McCloud Brothers

The Rivalry Continues
Dewey vs. Rob “Just 2” Sweet

Plus much, much more featuring all your favorite NWA-NY superstars.

Card Subject To Change