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Beyond Wrestling Debuts “‘Pop’ Culture” DVD Online For Free

Anywhere, OH, August 25, 2010- Inspired by conniving, destitute pro wrestlers – desperate to obtain footage of their meager contributions to a floundering industry – in conjunction with the pleas of unappreciative, know-it-all “fans,” Beyond Wrestling is graciously donating its most recent offering, “‘Pop’ Culture,” to the Internet at large. While other short-sighted organizations can justify slapping an arbitrary fifteen dollar price tag on any and every DVD release, regardless of the quality of the content (while some are presumptuous enough to charge twenty dollars!), Beyond Wrestling will not conform. Proudly channeling the true spirit of DIY culture, Beyond Wrestling will upload a total of eleven matches over the next three months at, culminating with an announcement which in no way, shape, or form, will live up to the expectations set forth by weeks of hyperbolic taunting. Beyond Wrestling’s unprecedented environment encourages proficient, fledging athletes to cultivate innovations that have transformed a plebeian diversion into a vehicle for artistic gratification. While we are content to bask in the glory our own self-aggrandized accomplishments, we urge all open-minded individuals to indulge in the fruits of our labor. We’re very proud of “‘Pop’ Culture,” and as a pro wrestling aficionado, you should set aside a few minutes every week to line up for the wrestling-equivalent of Free Burrito Day.

Team Beyond Wrestling (Chase Burnett & Zane Silver) vs. Jollyville .-Its (Russ Myers & T-Money):

Corvis Fear vs. Jonny Mangue vs. Anthony Stone vs. Darius Carter:

Johnny Cockstrong vs. Jonah vs. TJ Marconi vs. Nick Talent:


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About Beyond Wrestling: The concept behind Beyond Wrestling is very simple – wrestlers wrestling for wrestlers. Beyond Wrestling is not a wrestling promotion; at least not in the typical sense. Live events are closed to the public, creating an atmosphere impossible to replicate. The goal of Beyond Wrestling is to foster competition amongst those who value self-expression, craftsmanship, and camaraderie more than popularity, financial stability, and tradition. For a professional wrestler, Beyond Wrestling is the platform on which to make the ultimate artistic expression. Beyond sports, beyond entertainment – Beyond Wrestling.