Indy News Update #1 for August 24, 2010
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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: Complete card Young Lions Cup VIII: Night 1 (Friday, August 27th)!

The last weekend in August will see 24 relative rookies converge on Reading, Pennsylvania all competing for their chance to become Young Lions Cup champion! This tournament is open to wrestlers age 25 or younger, and is the longest-running tradition in our company’s history. We can now confirm the complete card for Friday, August 27th card:

Akira Tozawa [Dragon Gate] vs. Green Ant [CHIKARA]

Johnny Gargano [CHIKARA] vs. Andy Ridge [ROH]

Kaio [ICW] vs. Josh Pain [DWO]

Frightmare [CHIKARA] vs. Brendan Michael Thomas [PGW]

Amasis [CHIKARA] vs. Chrisjen Hayme [NWA]
Christian Abel [POG] vs. Sugar Dunkerton [CHIKARA]

Sara Del Rey & Daizee Haze vs. Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw

Grizzly Redwood vs. Tursas

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Season 9 is here:

Young Lions Cup VIII – 3 Nights!
8.27 – 29.2010 – Fri. Evening – Sat. Evening – Sun. Afternoon
Live @ The Goodwill Fire Assoc.!
100 Madison Avenue
in tranquil Reading, PA!

“Eye to Eye” – Featuring Manami Toyota!
9.18.2010 – Saturday Evening
Live @ Du Burns Arena!
1301 S. Ellwood Ave.
in scenic Baltimore, MD!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“Through Savage Progress Cuts the Jungle Line” – Featuring Manami Toyota!
9.19.2010 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Warsaw!
261 Driggs Avenue
in the nice part of Brooklyn, NY!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

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Steven Ashe sent this in:

Sunday August 22 2010

PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
“All or Nothing”
Hamilton, Ontario
Attendance: Capacity crowd
Special Guest Ring Announcer: “Violent” Jeff Black
Referees: Sean Cassidy, Dave Dread
Results credit: Gordo for

Lots of Ontario indy personalities and stars in the audience for this much anticipated show. The event also saw the return of Badass Productions ROAD TRIP series. (Not affiliated in any way with the PWA – don’t blame them.)

1) “Dynamite T” George Terzis def “Midnight Special” RJ City [8 min]
Good back and forth opener that saw RJ City using cheats & dirty tactics to combat Terzis’s striking and submission attack. George pinned RJ with a small package after flipping out of a backslide attempt.

2) Turcan Celik def Shawn Spears [12 min]
Fantastic match between two legit international superstars. Very evenly matched in size and power both men employed a strategy of targeting one body part – Spears went after Celik’s left arm while The Turk kept his assault aimed at Shawn’s midsection. Fans were solidly behind Spears and were furious when Celik raked the eyes to escape Shawn’s DVD set-up and rolled him up with his hand on the ropes for leverage to score the pin.

3) Joey Allen def RB The Usher [5 min]
Usher was escorted to the ring by his employers, former PWA tag champions The Hollywood Hunks but they returned to the dressing room to let him face the uber-popular man from Munich, Joey Allen by himself. Usher cheated constantly and desperately to combat Allen’s superior weight, strength and skill but was unable to withstand Joey’s power based offense and fell to a spinebuster.

– Fans were told the next bout was the Loser Leaves PWA match but a message sent from the dressing room said Jessy Jones “wasn’t ready yet.”

4) PWA Ontario Championship:
Super Kamikaze def “Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang to retain the title [13 min]
A very competitive bout that saw Kamikaze’s speed and aerial skills pressed to the limit to withstand Kwan’s Martial Arts and vicious cheating. Kwan might have given up the advantage a couple times by trying to unmask Kamikaze instead of going for the pin. Lots of high impact stuff from both guys and the first real aerials on the card from Kamikaze who sailed over the top rope onto Kwan midway through the contest. Kwan became frustrated after Kamikaze kicked out of his powerbomb and grabbed his Kendo stick from the apron. George Terzis (who had selected Kamikaze to be Kwan’s opponent this month) ran out to the ring and snatched the Kendo from Kwan’s hands. Super Kamikaze took advantage of that distraction to level the “Asian Nightmare” and score the win to retain his belt.

5) PWA Pure Violence Championship – Loser Leaves PWA:
“Impact” Eddie Osbourne def “The Sport” Jessy Jones to win the title and force Jones out of the PWA for 6 months [15 min]
Jones wanted to “end this right now” with a handshake but Osbourne elected to go ahead with the match. Not much cheating from either guy in the early going but that soon changed and chokes, eye gouges and other cheats came fast and furious amid the many classical technical wrestling moves both guys displayed. Jones targeted Osbourne’s legs and had him in trouble a couple times with a figure 4 but Osbourne’s great counter wrestling skills kept him in it. Jones introduced a steel chair into the match but it was Eddie who managed to use it to his advantage. In the end, with both guys exhausted, Jones nailed a stunner but was unable to keep Osbourne down for the 3 count. Jessy went for a neckbreaker but Eddie countered it with a backslide to pin Jones and win the title.

After the match, Jones sat down on the chair and refused to leave the ring. PWA Commissioner Daryl Porteous entered the ring to order him to leave and Jones cracked him over the head with the chair. A number of wrestlers came out from the dressing room and began beating Jones then escorted him from the building

– Intermission

6) PWA Elite Women’s Championship:
Krystal Banks def Nikita to retain the title [7 min]
Solid match between Banks and the debuting Russian Nikita. Lots of heavy chops from both women and plenty of cheats from Nikita. Neither woman held a sustained advantage and the match seesawed back and forth. Banks came back from a bulldog and hit a neckbreaker to pin Nikita and retain the title.

7) PWA Tag Team Championship:
“Big Ticket” Reggie Marley & “EZE” Eric Cairnie def The Celebs (“Former Childstar” Rhys Greenaway & Moondog Buddy) w/ Dallas Carter to retain the title [8 min]
Fast paced action with some good double teams from both sides. The Celebs enjoyed a brief domination when they were able to isolate EZE but the champs rallied to take control and destroyed Greenaway with a superkick assisted spinebuster to win the match.

After the bout Marley and Cairnie were attacked by former champs The Hollywood Hunks with their assistant RB Usher. Marcus “Custom Made” Ryan and “The Stunner” Sean Ryker were livid that they weren’t granted an immediate rematch after losing the titles back in July. They pounded on the Champs and then exchanged shouts and threats with fans before finally leaving the venue. Video footage of the post match attack

PWA Pure Wrestling Championship – No DQ, No Count-Out, No Time Limit:
Geza Kalman Jr def “Shotgun” Brock Barker by Ref Stoppage to retain the title [19 min]
Lots of stalling from Geza when the match started (his usual strategy), almost 6 minutes before they locked up in earnest. Barker targeted the Champ’s arm for much of the bout while Geza employed a heavy striking attack. The fight went out to the floor for a couple minutes and Barker gained a solid advantage by using a chair on Geza. He took the fight back inside the ropes and rocked Kalman twice with chair shots to the head then waited for Geza to rise. When the Champ staggered to his feet Barker ran at him with a short-arm elbow strike but Geza avoided the blow and hit a big spinebuster that put Brock down by the ropes. Kalman swarmed the challenger with a vicious ground and pound attack that bloodied his mouth and nose. Trapped under the ropes, Barker couldn’t defend himself and Geza punched him nearly unconscious before the ref stepped in and stopped the bout giving the decision to Kalman.

PTW sent this in:

Power Trip Wrestling announce a brand new regular home venue and bi-monthly shows, in Bedfordshire

Power Trip Wrestling are thrilled to announce, that from this moment, our new regular home in the Bedfordshire area, the ‘Home of PTW’, is the Houghton Regis Leisure Centre. We have been looking for somewhere to base ourselves from for months now, and we are extremely happy to bring publically the fact that we have reached this agreement with the venue.

What does this mean? It means that ‘The Pride of Bedfordshire’ have will not only be travelling the country, but you, the fan, are now guaranteed a hometown PTW show once every two months. You may well have poor imitations of us locally, but we are the cheapest ticket price that a family can buy for a professional wrestling show in the county; and we are the only wrestling promotion in the area that can lay claim to having been featured on both BBC2 and Sky Digital, as well as all other forms of local media.

PTW’s Upcoming Shows

What : PTW present ‘All In The Family’

When : Sunday 26th September 2010

Where : The Grampian Club, Patrick Road, Corby, Northants, NN8 9NT.

Times : Doors Open 2.00pm, Starts 2.30pm

PTW Stars Include (card subject to change) : Pete Dunne, Damian Dunne, PTW World Champion Snare, Kidd Pride, PTW World Tag Team Champions Tommy & Danny Stevens, Marcus Phayer, Sean Midnight, Petey Player, and more to be announced.


What : PTW present “Living Loud”

When : Saturday 9th October 2010

Where : Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, Parkside Close, Houghton Regis, Dunstable, LU5 5PY.

Times : Doors Open 7.00pm, Starts 7.30pm

Tickets : £5 per person. Reserve now, by calling 07706 178200.