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Note: Matches were shot out of order during the evening’s taping. For obvious reasons, the taping began with the cage match with Austin Aries vs. Delirious (with Daizee haze)

# Austin Aries and Delirious start it off in the cage. Aries attacked Daizee before the match. Delirous told Haze to go to the back. A good back and forth match with Rhett Titus and Kenny King coming out toward the end of the match but not getting in the cage. Delirious won with a cool-looking submission as he and Aries lay up on the corner of the cage.. Post-match Titus and King got in the ring, jumped Delirious and nailed him with a couple with two spike piledrivers.

# Mike Bennett defeated Adam Cole rolling thru a crossbody.

# The Embassy (Necro Butcher/Erich Stevens) with Prince Nana and Ernie Osiris defeated Dark City Fight Club when Stevens pinned Chavis.

Jim Cornette did an in-ring interview with Tyler Black, acknowledging at least that “Black’s contract was up” (translated: Black has signed with WWE and will go to their Florida Championship Wrestling developmental promption. Cornette asked Tyler about “his contract”; and Tyler heeled it up; saying “you can’t outbid a billionaire from Connecticut” and threatened “What if I show up with the belt on another network”

# Colt Cabana defeated Jay Freddie in a pure comedy filler, with a fast Billy Goat’s Curse submission. Post-match, Corino tried to jump Cabana with the fork, but Cabana grabed it and Corino split.

# Kings of Wrestling (Chris Hero/Claudio Castagnoli) defeated Super Smash Brothers with a combo of Claudio’s superplex and Hero’s moonsault on Player Dos.

# Steve Corino defeated Aden Chambers with the sliding clothesline. The match featured hilarious running commentary from Kevin Steen at ringside. Corino threatened to fork Chambers., but Colt Cabana and El Generico made the save.

# Daizee Haze defeated Rachel Summerlyn after a heart punch/German suplex combination

# The TV main for one of the hours saw The House of Truth (with Truth Martini defeating Christopher Daniels and The Briscoe Brothers after Roderick Strong pinned Daniels with a gourdbuster after he was tripped up by Martini.

# In a dark match, the Bravado Brothers and Bobby Dempsey defeated Julian Starr, Mike Taven, and another unidentified third wrestler. Yippee.

# In the Pick your Poison match, Colt Cabana and El Generico (Davey Richards was named El Generico’s opponent in the other match by Corino and Steen) announced that Kevin Steen’s opponent would be Steve Corino. Steen decked the referee, stated that he and Corino would “never wrestle” , said they’d been “disrespected long enough”, said they might join Tyler Back and ” quit”, then they walked out the front door of the ECW Arena

# In a pure formula TV match, Tyler Black defeated Mike Sydal with God’s Last Gift. During the match, Black received an audible amount of “You Sold Out” chants. Post-match, Black got trash thrown at him.

# Eddie Edwards came out for his “Ten Minute Hunt” match. Cornette came out and said that Hagadorn is turning Edwards and the TV title into “a joke” and challenged Edwards to pick the next challenger. Edwards agreed, told Hagadorn to go to the back and pack his bags. Cornette then selected Kenny King as his opponent. In a really good babyface-style match, Edwards finally submitted King with an ankle lock.

# In the second Pick Your Poison match and main event for the evening, Davey Richards submitted El Generico tap to an ankle lock after an other good long match..

Ring of Honor returns this afternoon at 4:00 pm to the ECW Arena for the second day of tapings.