Indy News Update #1 for August 21, 2010
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Steven Ashe sent this in:

“BEYOND THE LIMIT” Results – Aug 19, 2010

Oshawa, Ontario
At The Legion
Ring Announcer: GCW Majority Stockholder Jessy Jones
Referees: “Old School Eddington James, Sean Cassidy, Bryan Renda
Results credit: Gordo for

1) Brent B def “Tricked Out” Josh Alexander [8 min]
Brent pinned Alexander after hitting Sliced Bread from a standing position mid-ring.

– GCW Tag Team Champion Ashley Sixx came out to watch the 1st match and congratulated Brent B on his win calling it “impressive.” Sixx is currently without a tag partner and holding auditions for the position. He told Brent that he’d give him the opportunity to be that partner, all he had to do was defeat Sixx in a “fair fight.” Brent agreed.

2) Ashley Sixx def Brent B [8 min]
Sixx asked for a fair fight but didn’t give one. He cheated throughout the bout and pinned Brent after a couple of vicious kicks – the first to the nuts and the second to the head.

– Jessy Jones told fans that their was a “minor issue” from the last event that he needed to resolve and called Steve Brown out to the ring. Brown came out and Jones told him he had no respect for the fans or wrestlers of GCW. Brown said he’d been with GCW since the beginning and nobody ever gave him any respect so why should he give them any. Jones then went on to say that Brown’s physical assault on GCW official Sean Cassidy during the Battle Royal at the previous show would not be tolerated and he was therefor suspended for one month. Brown started to argue but each time he opened his mouth Jones added another month to the suspension, finally totalling six months off without pay. Jones then thanked Brown and told him to be on his way. When Jones turned to leave the ring himself Brown attacked him and gave him a big splash against the buckles before leaving the ring. Jones called him back and said he’d get a match – if he could beat Jones he wouldn’t be suspended…

3) GCW Majority Stockholder Jessy Jones def Steve Brown [45 sec]
As Brown entered the ring Jones kicked the 2nd rope up into his nuts. As Brown fell into the ring referee Sean Cassidy called for the bell. Jones delivered a flurry of punches to Brown’s head then hit him with a stunner and pinned him. The fans rendition of the “Goodbye Song” to Brown lasted a couple minutes longer than the match did.

– GCW National Champion Hayden Avery came out to the ring and told fans he was “extremely disappointed”… Not with his scheduled opponent Tiberious King but with “some of the boys in the back and a lot of you.” Avery said when he was being beat down by RJ City and his cronies fans chanted for Cody Deaner. Avery said “I’m your champ. I sign autographs for free but you chant for Cody or Crazzy Steve or whoever. I don’t need you. Tonight I’m going to beat up Tiberious King. This is a new start. I’m gonna keep this thing (the title) forever. I don’t care what you people think!” Avery then left the ring, pausing to rip up some fan’s sign on the way out. A shocking change of attitude from the champ!

4) GCW WILD Championship:
Gabriella Vanderpool def reigning champion Anthony Darko by DQ [6 min]
(The WILD title is the Women’s Division belt) Darko came out and had some mic time because “it’s promo night.” Vanderpool is a rookie with barely a handful of matches under her belt but if Darko thought she’d be a pushover he was mistaken. She opened the match with a big boot to the face and used a number of leg strike variations to rattle the champion. She even nutted him against the post and scored a couple nearfalls – one after a sideslam and another after a double stomp to the gut. Darko seized solid control after a big boot from Vanderpool spilled him out to the floor and she followed. She tried to hit him with another boot to the face but he ducked and she connected with the ring post. Darko said “Aw, are you ok Sweetie?” then picked her up and tossed her in the ring. “I’m not a good person” he said and began stomping her injured leg before grabbing an ankle lock. Vanderpool made it to the ropes and referee Renda told Darko to break the hold but the champ said “I’m probably not going to do that.” and was disqualified when he wouldn’t release the hold by the 5 count. Darko retains the title

– After the decision Vanderpool attacked Darko but Primo Scordino ran out and grabbed her by the hair yelling “Who do you think you are?” Darko slipped Primo an envelope saying “You work for me” then left the ring as Primo continued to threaten and manhandle Vanderpool. Suddenly Rip Impact ran out and Primo dropped Vanderpool and scooted out of the ring. As Rip and the ref attended to Vanderpool Primo got on the mic and told him “You wanna get involved in our business? Let’s do it right now” but Impact ignored him and with ref Renda assisted Gabriella from the ring. While they were helping her from ringside Primo attacked Impact and tossed him into the ring

5) Rip Impact def Primo Scordino [5 min]
A back and forth match that saw Primo in trouble after Rip hit a flying back-elbow, single-leg dropkick and flipping neckbreaker in quick succession. As Impact mounted the corner buckles Anthony Darko suddenly ran out to the ring and jumped on the apron, depositing a short steel pipe near Primo on the way. Impact and referee Old School were distracted with Darko at the apron when Primo grabbed the pipe. Impact saw him coming just in time to avoid the first swing. When Primo charged a second time Rip moved and he clobbered Darko off the apron with the pipe by mistake. Impact rolled up a surprised Primo to score the win. (By the way, if you’re reading these results on any other website than Ontario Wrestling’s Indy Elite and they are credited to Stephen Ashe it’s because he’s an asshole who lifts stuff from OWIE and submits it to numerous other news sites under his own name all the time.)

6) GCW National Championship:
Hayden Avery def “Lord of the Bling” Tiberious King to retain the title [13 min]
Prior to the bout Tiberius told Hayden that he appreciated what he’d done for him. He mentioned Cody Deaner and Shawn Spears as men who, like them, “respected the business.” Tiberius said “I want my shot – no BS. I know in my heart you will give me a fair match.” When he turned to hand the mic off Avery jumped him from behind. The champ cheated throughout the bout and mocked King’s “Looky Here” yell. Avery targeted King’s back for much of the match, even locking on a Boston Crab out on the floor but Tiberius rallied with a jawbreaker, a couple atomic drops and a bulldog. Avery tried to grab his title belt from ringside but Jessy Jones snatched it away from him. A few moments later Hayden pinned King using the ropes for leverage.

As King limped away from the ring Hayden started to cut a promo but was interupted by a voice over the sound system saying he’d cheated to win the match. Hayden thought maybe it was Crazzy Steve talking but the voice said “no, it’s not Steve.” The voice then told Hayden to “shut your mouth or I’m coming out there.” Hayden said “come on out” and the voice said “hit my music!” Fans popped huge when “Pour Some Sugar on Me” began playing and Cody Deaner came out through the curtain. Deaner made his way around ringside shaking hands while fans chanted his name. Avery said “You people chant Cody during my matches so I feel right at home.” Deaner grabbed a mic and said being there was “kind of bittersweet” because he’d watched Avery’s match and it pissed him off yet hearing the GCW fans again made him feel good. Cody got in the ring and began berating Avery about his attitude, reminding him of not just who helped him get his start in the business (Him, King, Shawn Spears, Eric Young) but also of the personal relationships they’d had over the years. Hayden told Deaner he was sorry and then hugged him. The he punched him in the nuts and left. Cody was pissed – “I didn’t come out here to say a few words and get punched in the nuts! I’m gonna go the back and find Hayden, drag him out, beat his ass and take his belt!” then he stormed off to the back.

– Intermission [35 min]

7) Street Fight:
Boris Brezhnev w/ Jamie Virtue def Sebastian Suave [22 min]
As a result of this loss Suave must leave GCW. Had he won the match he would have got 5 minutes alone with his former manager Virtue who he’s been feuding with for some time now. All 3 GCW referees were there to officiate – Renda in the ring as primary with Cassidy and Old School outside as back-up. The match was a pretty wild brawl that Suave controlled in the early going, even finding time to handcuff Virtue to the ringpost so he couldn’t get involved. The fight raged in and out of the ring with a number of weapons being used – all introduced into the match by Suave… A steel chair, a garbage can, a table and that most dreadful of hardcore artillery… tinfoil cooking pans. Boris took solid control after ducking Suave’s running clothesline that killed referee Bryan Renda. The Russian then kicked Suave hard in the head putting him down long enough to retrieve the key to the handcuffs from Renda’s carcass. He unlocked his manager then held Sauve while Virtue rammed his cane into Sebastian’s gut a couple times. Suave avoided the 3rd cane shot and Virtue smacked Boris in the gut. Suave tossed Virtue from the ring and went after Boris. He appeared to have the win in hand after a DDT onto the steel chair but Virtue pulled referee Cassidy from the ring to break up the count. Suave chased Virtue to the back and then pulled a table out from under the ring and leaned it up against the turnbuckles. As he set up to (presumably) spear Boris through the table Virtue returned to distract him by grabbing his foot. That gave Brezhnev the opportunity to grab Suave and send him through the table with a Death Valley Driver. Suave kicked out of the following pinfall which pissed off Virtue – “Why won’t you die?” Brezhnev picked up Suave and said he was going to “break him in half” but Virtue jumped in the ring and said “Wait! Do a Tombstone on this!” and kicked the steel chair toward the center of the mat. Boris did as his manager suggested and pinned Suave to win the match. After the two left, Suave remained motionless in the ring. Tiberius King, Jessy Jones, Brent B, Rip Impact and the two remaining officials all attended to Suave for a couple minutes before he was able to move enough to be walked to the locker room. Fans chanted his name as he was carried / guided out but they were pissed about the tactics of Virtue and Boris and the outcome of the bout. Jessy Jones and GCW promoter David Wyldstar discussed it for a few moments then Jones announced that there was nothing they could do because Suave picked the Street Fight match and that basically meant there were no rules so technically, Virtue and Boris did nothing wrong.

8) Shawn Spears & Xtremo def The Empire (Decimus & Marcus “The Great” Marquez) [17 minutes]
Announced as the Main Event this action filled tag was definitely the Match of the Night. Just a great match! Xtremo got the winning pin on Marquez with a 450 splash from the top rope after Spears had deposited him on the canvas with a DVD. (I just sat back and watched this one. Aside from noting the start and finsh times the only thing I put down in my notepad was “Buy the DVD of this show and watch this again!”)

– Even before the competitors of the last match had left the ring, another fight spilled through the entrance curtain and into the arena… Cody Deaner pounding on Hayden Avery. As the others left Deaner hauled Avery into the ring and referee Cassidy called for the bell…

9) Cody Deaner def Hayden Avery [7 min]
As the match officially started fans and Deaner asked if it was for Hayden’s GCW National Championship. Somebody said “yes” but I don’t know if that was the ref, promoter Wyldstar, GCW Majority Stockholder Jessy Jones or some random fan. Deaner remained in control for the early moments – “I’m going to beat some respect into you!” – with ten punches to Avery’s head, a bite to the forehead and a snap suplex. He even took his shirt off and choked Hayden with it as fans cheered their approval. Avery cut Deaner’s assault off with a vicious eye gouge and the advantage started shifting back and forth. Deaner continually tried to set up his Sliced Bread while Avery kept using cheap shots and cheats to avoid it. Eventually, after knocking Avery off the turnbuckles during a struggle for control above the mat, Deaner was able to successfully hit the move and pinned Avery to win the match. He was announced the new GCW National Champion and handed the belt as fans cheered wildly and Hayden bawled some incomprehensible lament into the microphone. Hayden retreated to ringside as Deaner posed with the belt, screaming to Jones and Wyldstar “it’s not fair! I already honored my contract by defending my title tonight. I want my belt back!” Jones and Wyldstar talked for a few moments then Jones announced to everyone that Hayden was right – the match was not an official title match and Avery was still the champ.Deaner said “you want the belt? Come and get it.” but Avery refused to climb back in the ring. He told Jones and Wyldstar to make Deaner give him the belt back. Jones and Wyldstar said it was the fans who called the shots in GCW. Fans began chanting “Next month” and Deaner said they obviously wanted him to officially win the title next month. Avery said that was “unacceptable” but Jones announced that he would defend the title “officially” against Deaner at the next show on Sept 24th.

Tony Givens sent this in:

CWA’s Championship Wrestling TV for August 21, 2010 is Now Online at

This week’s episode features highlights and the fall out from this past Saturday’s Steel Chair Coffin Match between Tony Givens and CWA World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Richards.

Also on this week’s program, National Heavyweight Champion, Alyx Winters defends his title against a young up and comer in Skylar Kruze.

Plus we will hear about the CWA Morgan Memorial Event coming to Kingsport on Sept. 24.

We will see all this and more this week on Championship Wrestling TV!