Indy News Update #1 for August 20, 2010
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Live Radio 8/18 – Jimmy Rave Returns!

Pro Wresting Live presents “PWL Radio”, a weekly show presented via Veteran pro wrestling broadcaster Joe Dombrowski (ROH, 1PW, PWO) hosts the show and gives you all the information you need to know on PWL and beyond. This week, PWL welcomes back the most listened to guest in history, Jimmy Rave!

Rave discusses his thoughts & memories of PWL’s “The Rising”, why he lost to Sonjay Dutt, stipulations in his contract, and how everything is Bill Behrens’ fault. In addition, we touch on Bryan Danielson’s return to WWE as Daniel Bryan, Danielson’s match in Rave’s Rampage Pro Wrestling in Georgia on July 31, thoughts on TNA’s current direction and EV 2.0 group, thoughts on ROH’s recent personnel changes, and impressions on the new rumored Wilpon/Sean Davis promotion in Florida. Jimmy also discusses his immediate future, what’s led to him being so excited about wrestling again, and has bold words for one Johnny Gargano.

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And while you’re there, check out our show archive, featuring interviews with Johnny Gargano, Jimmy Rave, Bill Behrens, Gregory Iron, Kyle Matthews and Bobby Beverly!

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KSWA sent this in:

There is a new tag team on the scene. Yes the rumors are true and we are pleased to announce that the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance and Song Whale are teaming up. This new team plans on taking over the text message world by storm! If you text KSWA to 94253 you will start to get text messages about the KSWA. Want to know when the next live KSWA is? Want to know the results of the last KSWA event? What major wrestling legend or megastar is coming to the KSWA? Well the answers will be sent right to your cell phone via text message. There is no reason to be left out of the KSWA world anymore. So text KSWA to 94253 and be one of the first to know all the KSWA news and notes! Wanna get crazy or do you want to be KSWA KRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Marty Lyons – K.S.W.A. Public Relations
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