CZW presented “A Tangled Web 3” last night at the ECW Arena

The evening started with the.”Opportunity Knocks” match with Joe Ettell vs. Eric Enders…which pretty muich turned out to be a backdrop for Nick Gage to storm the ring and make blocking dummies out of the two, then showed people the belt, only to be followed by Egotistico Fantastico bitching about not getitng a one-on-one title shot, demands one tright now with Gage, to be followed by Jon Moxley…

  • So the show begins with a hot opener….a CZW World Title match between Nick Gage vs. Egotistico Fantastico vs. Jon Moxley, who then proceed to brawl all over the ECW Arena, with Moxley regaining his title after pinning Egotistico Fantastico. “This sets up Gage losing the title but never being pinned” and “Ego getting screwed again” (which looks like a possible heel turn for him)
  • Drew Gulak retains his CZW Wired TV title over Ryan McBride with a small package after Rodney Rush distracted McBride
  • Danny Havoc defeated tHURTeen after a Death Valley Driver in a virtual squash match

    Maven Bentley came to the ring to announce the annual Chris Cash Memorial Show, scheduled for Friday, September 10 (note the different date). The main event will be an Aerial Assault ladder match with the returning Church Taylor, Ricochet and Facade among those scheduled

  • Osirian Portal defeated The Best Around in the best pure match of the night with to advance to the semi-finals of the CZW World tag Team Tournament
  • Ruckus defeats AR Fox by pinfall in a spot-filled match
  • Philly’s Most Wanted (Sabian and Joker) defeated Tyler Veritas and Adam Cole after a sick-looking Double Stomp/Joker Driver combination to advance to the semi-finals of the CZW World tag Team Tournament
  • Devon Moore defeated Drake Younger after a Yakuza Kick. Looks like Moore is being set up to do a face turn after
  • The death match fans got their first taste of the evening with the Thumbtack KickPads vs Taipei death fists match, with Brain Damage bleeding buckets as Scotty Vortekz defeated Brain Damage with a flash pin after a kneedrop

    Post-match, the Arena lights went out, and Billy Gram made his return reasserting his control over Cult Fiction, slapping Brain Damage in the face

  • The main event Tangled Web 3 was sick, twisted, psychotic violence….with a “Tangled Web” set up with one side of the ring with a side of the Cage of Death cage, one side a Caribbean spider web spread out on the side of a cage, then hung at an angle from the ring (and chained to hold from the roof), another side with glass partitions hanging like the spider web cage and the fourth with barbed wire tables. as DJ Hyde and Greg Excellent defeated the Switchblade Conspiracy of Sami Callihan and Joe Gacy, with Greg Excellent taking the pinfall on Callihan. DJ Hyde took a scary bump off of a ladder, through the side of the cage with glass partitions and through a barbed wire table on the floor. To get an idea of the set up, photos from the pre-show dry -run set up can be seen at this link.

    Post-match, in an out of the blue turn, Chainsaw Joe Gacy turned on Sami Callihan.

    CZW returns to the ECW Arena for the Chris Cash Memorial Show on Friday, September 10 (note the date).