Indy News Update #1 for August 14, 2010
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Joel Bateman sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Ignition presents ‘Showdown at The Showgrounds’
As a part of the 154th Annual Gawler Show
28th & 29th August, 2010 (Shows at 11AM & 2:30PM Daily)
Watch PWI’s fortnightly web show on Youtube, Facebook & Daily Motion

PWI will be apart of the 154th Gawler Show with it’s ‘Showdown at The
Showgrounds’ event. This is shaping up to be a historic weekend for
PWI, with new talent, and old feuds settled.

Show 1:
Main Event
PWI CyberSlam Championship
‘The God of Pro Wrestling’ Nick Eclipse Vs ‘The Highpoint’ Adam Brooks (c)

‘The Golden Greek’ Alexi Papadopolous (GREECE) Vs ‘110% Canadian Made’
Justin Newman (CANADA)
Spike Cyanide Vs Alex Haize

Show 2:
Main Event
15 Man Battle Royal for a shot at the PWI CyberSlam Championship on Day 2.

PWI World Championship
Antonio De’Ath (Debut) Vs ‘The Smash Hit’ Joel Bateman (c)

Rasheed Corperation Vs PWI
Justin Newman, Paul Thornton & Nick Eclipse Vs Alexi Papadopolous
(GREECE), Daxon Kage & Tank Travis

‘The Messiah of Extreme’ Damien Drake Vs ‘The Highpoint’ Adam Brooks
(Will be a PWI CyberSlam Title match is Adam retains earlier in the


Show 3:
Main Event
PWI CyberSlam Championship
Winner of the Battle Royal Vs the PWI CyberSlam Champion

CWA Heavyweight Championship
‘The Anarchist’ Alex Haize Vs Antonio De’Ath (c)

‘The Golden Greek’ Alexi Papadopolous (GREECE) Vs ‘The Pain Killer’
Morphine (NEW ZEALAND)

Show 4:
Main Event
6 Man ‘Scramble’ Tag Team Match
Alex Haize, Damien Drake & Spike Cyanide Vs Joel Bateman, Adam Brooks
& Daxon Kage

PWI South Pacific Championship
‘The Golden Greek’ Alexi Papadopolus Vs Paul Thornton (c)

Antonio De’Ath Vs ‘The God of Pro Wrestling’ Nick Eclipse

Shannon Rose sent this in:

Pro Wrestler Makes Official Comment about NWA Event Incident

(Tampa, Fl.) – Sunday, August 8th, 2010 was the day, NWA North American Champion, The Sheik decided to make a point.

It took place in the hotbed of Pro Wrestling, Charlotte, NC in front of fans and legends of Pro Wrestling alike at the NWA Fanfest.

He’s tired of being disrespected by the NWA and tired of being denied a match with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.

He made that point, the only way he knows how; in a violent fashion!

Through an Interpreter, The Sheik had this to say about his actions:

“Adam Pearce paid the price, but the true culprits are those infidels, Bob Trobich and the NWA Board of Directors. They are the cause of the knot on the head of Adam Pearce.

They are the reason the Middle Eastern Madman has taken matters into his own, blood thirsty, hands.

For over a year The Sheik has been denied his destiny. A denial that started when The Blue Demon refused the Sheik a title match, claiming he wasn’t worthy. Sheik’s response was to conquer Florida, The Midwest, and ultimately the North American Continent itself, but still he is denied.

Next, the NWA holds a “Future Legends” tournament and invites many top contenders including the National Heavyweight Champion, Phil Shatter, but where is The Sheik?

Why is The North American Champion denied? Why is the most dominant and feared man in the NWA, again, insulted? The truth is clear.

The NWA Board of Directors is protecting its World Heavyweight Champion and in doing so, keeping the title out of the reach of The Sheik.

NO MORE! The NWA and it’s World Champion must answer to The Sheik now. Pearce will force The NWA Board of Directors to make the match, and by doing so, will seal his own fate. The Sheik WILL destroy Adam Pearce. The Sheik WILL become NWA World Heavyweight Champion. The Sheik WILL realize his destiny and Rule the Wrestling World!”

The NWA Board of Directors declined to comment at this time on these statements but one thing that is for sure is not whether it will happen BUT when it will happen.


The Sheik is represented by Eclectic Media Productions PR Firm and their website is at