Indy News Update #1 for August 13, 2010
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for August 12, 2010


Heartland Wrestling Association dvds are 25% off, which works out to 11.25 per DVD and there are over 25 different HWA titles to choose from. Support HWA and support indy wrestling!!!

CZW DVD August 7, 2010 “Southern Violence” – Philadelphia, PA $20.00
1. Rich Swann vs. Drew Gulak
2. AR Fox vs. Facade
3. DJ Hyde & Greg Excellent vs. Team Macktion
4. Tyler Veritas vs. Sabian
5. Switchblade Conspiracy vs. Danny Havoc & Scotty Vortekz
6. Ryan Slater vs. Adam Cole
7. Anything Goes: Drake Younger vs. Jon Moxley vs. Nick Gage

AAW DVD July 10, 2010 “Scars And Stripes” – Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. Samuray Del Sol vs. Jordan McEntyre
2. Louis Lyndon vs. Mason Beck
3. Danny Daniels vs. Trik Davis
4. Berwyn Street Fight: Krotch & MsChif vs. The Northstar Express
5. Chandler McClure & Knight Wagner vs. Colt Cabana & Derek St. Holmes
6. Arik Cannon vs. Flip Kendrick
7. Tyler Black & Dan Lawrence vs. House Of Truth vs. Zero Gravity

ACW DVD June 27, 2010 American Joshi II – Queen Of Queens” – San Antonio, TX $15.00
1. Athena vs. MsChif
2. Portia Perez vs. Daizee Haze
3. Jessica James vs. Sara Del Rey
4. Daffney vs. Rachel Summerlyn
5. Portia Perez vs. MsChif
6. Jessica James vs. Daffney
7. Portia Perez vs. Jessica James
8. Non-Tournament: Mat Fitchett vs. Robert Evans
9. Non-Tournament: Scot Summers vs. JT Lamotta
10. Non-Tournament: Childs, Wolfe, Dell, Spiro & Electro vs. Vexx, Masters, Palmer, Plisken & ACH


* CZW – 8/14 – Philadelphia, PA
* Chikara – 8/27 – 8/29 – Reading, PA


BedofNailz sent this in:

Pro Wrestling Syndicate makes its Connecticut debut on Sunday August 22 at the air conditioned Fairfield Knights Of Columbus Hall located on 333 Unquowa Road in Fairfield, CT. The building is right of exit 21 on I-95, just 30 minutes away from NY, and just one block from the Metro North Train Station which provides quick and easy public transportation from CT and NY.

The action kicks off at 2pm, and in the house will be Special Guest PWS Commissioner, the legendary and controversial Scott Hall! How will Scott Hall handle his PWS Commissioner duties? Be there live to find out in person.

Recently crowned PWS Heavyweight Champion Kevin Matthews of Reality Check will be defending his title against former WWE Intercontinental Champion The Road Dogg. This will be Road Dogg’s first Connecticut appearance in quite some time, and like Matthews has some of the best microphone skills and hardest punches in the business.

In a First Time Ever Indy Dream Match, finally fans will get to see The Necro Butcher go one on one against former PWS Champion Devon Moore of Reality Check. This match will determine the number contender for the PWS Heavyweight Title and will be contested under Tables, Ladders, and Chairs rules!
Fans can see what Moore has to say about this upcoming battle here:

Also in First Time Ever Indy Dream Match action will be “The Assassin” Dan Maff taking on “The New Horror” Sami Callihan in what promises to be a strong styled spectacular.
You can see what Maff has to say about this match here:

Since PWS is making its New England debut, its only fitting that “New England’s Top Star” Kenny Doane will be in action as he squares off against the 420 pound “Samoan Mastadon” Fala! Fans not familar with the popular Fala can check out a PWS highlight video of him here:

New high flying PWS tag team The Amazing Red & Bandido Jr, hot off a win over TNA’s Generation Me at the last PWS event will take on one of the top tag teams on the independents scene, the returning The Best Around; TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell.
PWS cameras caught up with Amazing Red which can be seen here:

Fans can also get a taste of PWS action in the form of Red and Bandido taking on Generation Me here:

High flying action will also be a focal point of a special Suicidal Six Way Elimination Match which includes one half of The PWS Tag Team Champion Urban Legends “The Master” Wes Draven, one of indy wrestling’s quickest rising lightweight stars Adam Cole whom is hot off a recent WWE tryout, the North East debut of MTV2 Lucha Libre USA sensation Sabre Cat, the returning “Big Juicy” Justin Corino, “Mr Standing 450 Splash” Rich Swann, and one half of the legendary The SAT’s Joel Maximo!

Fans can check out Joel Maximo’s thoughts here:
and Wes Draven’s take here:

Plus The PWS Tri-State Title will be crowned in a Stretcher Matcher between the returning Deadpool managed by the gorgeous Annie Social and Reality Check’s Danny Demanto whom will be accompanied by Connecticut’s own Velvet Sky!
PWS cameras caught up with Danny Demanto:
Fans can check out the wrath of Deadpool here:

Two of New England’s top stars Davey Kash and Kris Pyro return to PWS to take on the popular tandem of Joey Ayyo and Timmy Aiight.

All this plus much more including the PWS debut of one of the most hardcore brawlers on the planet; Nick FN Gage!

All tickets are just $20 and can be purchased by visiting or by calling 1-800-838-3006

Plus fans can get to meet Road Dogg, Amazing Red, Velvet Sky, and others starting at 1pm, and can meet Scott Hall in the ring after the event starting at 5pm. Scott Hall autograph tickets are just $20 and includes one autographed 8×10 photo and a photograph (with your camera) of you and Scott!

Hope to see you there. Building has lots of free parking and as mentioned, it is air conditioned.

Steven Ashe sent these notes in:

Saturday August 07 2010

EWLS -Extreme Wrestling League Show
Brooklyn, Ontario

Brooklyn Community Center
Attendance: 25-30
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Referee: Jon Turnip
Results credit: AP Contant for

“The Motion Picture” Ethan Page” def. “King of K.O’s” Joey Kings

AK-47 def. Danny Franchise

EWLS Tag Team Champions “Sugar” Shaun Macmillian and Joey Valentine def. “Tyrant” Eric Dawson w/Mr. Saki and Son of Doink

Harley Davison def. Catalyst

EWLS Extreme Champion “The Sport” Jesse Jones w/ AJ Jones def. Mami Tsunami and “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea in a triple threat match

“The Motion Picture” Ethan Page won a 10 man “Wrestledown” Battle Royal, last defeating “King of K.O’s” Joey Kings by Pinfall to become the #1 Contender to Jesse Jones’ EWLS Extreme Championship.

Saturday August 07 2010

CCW – Classic Championship Wrestling
St Thomas, Ontario

@ COOLZ Warehouse
Ring Announcer: Big Mike
Referee: Casey Hale
Results credit: Gordo for

– Prior to show start Cody Deaner & Reck were out among fans signing autographs when they were attacked by Avram’s Army – CCW Commissioner Sean Avram, Mr Atlantis, Deamon Reznor, Sgt Dickson & CCW Champion Derek Wylde. They beat the “BFFs” around the bar then Wylde and Atlantis held Deaner at ringside while Reznor & Dickson tossed Reck inside where they joined to give him a vicious piledriver. Reck was tossed out of the ring and Avram began ranting about this feud (which has been going for over a year) had gone on long enough. He was going to ensure Reck would never be a wrestler again.

Deaner helped Reck to the back and most of Avram’s Army left soon after. Deamon Reznor stayed in the ring and began a tirade about women in general and the women of St Thomas particulary. He said he’d finally found one who was worth something and introduced the CCW Women’s Champion, Evilyn. It was announced that the first match would be a tag and their opponents made their way to the ring…

1) Intergender Tag Match:
Deamon Reznor & Evilyn def Jungle Fever (Hornet & Amy Victory w/ a giant albino python) when Deamon pinned Victory following a powerbomb.

2) Turcan Celik def Cezar by pinfall after a spear and a bulldog

3) Battle Royal: Mr Atlantis & Sgt Dickson won by mutual accord.
Other Participants: KC Andrews, Primo Scordino, Hornet, “Killer” Alan Coulture & The Troll (the masked “referee” that’s been seen at other CCW shows)
It appeared that eliminations occurred whenever anyone hit the floor whether they went over or through the ropes.
Order of Elimination
The Troll by Alan Coulture – tossed between the ropes
Hornet by Sgt Dickson who kicked him to the floor while be was “skinning the cat” after being tossed over the top by KC Andrews & Coulture
Coulture by Mr Atlantis – Gorilla Press & toss over the top
Hornet re-entered the match and eliminated himself with a crossbody over the top onto Coulture
Hornet re-entered the match and was eliminated by Primo Scordino with a clothesline over the top
KC Andrews by Atlantis – over the top
Atlantis & Dickson congratulated themselves on being the final two and by mutual agreement they stepped through the ropes and both jumped to the floor on the count of 3 thus earning the “double victory”

4) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def “Shotgun” Brock Barker by submission

5) Women’s Tag Match:
Cherry Bomb & Jamie D def Holly Hilton & Melissa Coates when Cherry pinned Hilton after a Cherry Popper.
Hilton attacked Cherry after the match but was tossed from the ring. Coates joined Cherry & Jamie in the post match celebration

– Intermission

– Sean Avram came out to the ring with Mr Atlantis & Sgt Dickson. He told fans that his match with Reck was off due to the unjuries his boys had inflicted earlier. Reck tried to enter the ring but was held back by KC Andrews & Alan Coulture. Finally, he had enough of Avram’s taunts, punched Andrews and Coulture aside and rushed the ring…

6) Reck def Sean Avram w/ Mr Atlantis & Sgt Dickson.
During this bout Avram used his commissioner’s power to first make it a “No Count-out” so he could take a leasurely break outside the ring and then a “No DQ” so he could use a spiked bracelet like brass knucks to bust Reck wide open. He also spit green mist into his face. Reck rallied to win the bout.

7) British Rounds Match:
“Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva def Freak Show by TKO in the 5th round.
The rules of this bout seemed to confuse everybody. Fans were told only that it would be ten 3 minute round time limit with victory coming by pinfall, knockout, submission or DQ. Freak pinned Tirva in round 3. It was announced that he was “up 1 point.” In the 4th round Freak didn’t break off his ground and pound attack when ordered to due so and was given a “public warning.” Fans were then told that “3 public warnings” would earn a DQ. Then Tirva was awarded the victory in the 5th round when Freak couldn’t rise to his feet before the ref’s 10 count.

8) Cody Deaner def CCW Champion Derek Wylde by pinfall after hitting his Sliced Bread.
Deaner was announced as the new CCW Champion and the ref gave him the belt but Sean Avram came out and said their were irregularities in the contract and thus it was a non title match. Wylde grabbed the belt back and split.

Deaner gets a Falls Count Anywhere Title Match August 21st at the Tillsonburg Fair show.