“This is about breaking the link in that parasitic chain that connects the disease [El Generico] to Kevin and has dragged him into the abyss that only I can pull him out of. This is about breaking those chains and this is about finality. Colt Cabana hasn’t listened. He only attaches another disease-ridden chain. Yet together we will break them all. And together we will set Kevin free.”

Those were the words of Steve Corino in the July 29th edition of the ROH Newswire after Kevin Steen failed to capture the ROH World Title in Chicago and went to war with El Generico in Collinsville. His choice of the word “chain” seemed extremely intentional given the duo’s recent love for using a steel chain in their assaults on Colt Cabana and El Generico whenever possible. When Cabana and Generico were approached about doing battle once again as a unit, Cabana had one very specific request of ROH officials.

“We want nothing more than to get our hands on Kevin and on Corino,” said Colt. “Correction, actually we want nothing more than be done with those sick, twisted [expletive] but in order to get there, me and Generico obviously have to get our hands dirty again. The only thing we ask from ROH is to take those chains that they have become so fond of, and bind the four of us together. No running, no getting disqualified, just some of that finality that Steve loves to talk about. Is that too much to ask?”

“Sure, chain us together,” offered Corino. “What do we care? All that means, Colt, is that you two idiots will be trapped with the two most dangerous men in Ring of Honor. Not only that, but Kevin and I are already at an advantage. Psychologically we already own you! You keep coming and coming because deep down you both know, especially El Generico, that you’re nothing without us! If it wasn’t for me and Kevin you’d have no identity. We define your lives, Colt, both of you clowns. For us this is about breaking the chain of disease and sickness you represent. For you guys, it’s about not being able to let go.”

With Colt Cabana and El Generico still wrapped up in the Tag Wars 2010 tournament, and with Kevin Steen already scheduled to face Davey Richards in Richmond and Roderick Strong in Charlotte, this is a battle that will have to wait. But not too long.

ROH officials have decided that on September 11, 2010 as part of “Glory by Honor IX” in New York City, it will be Colt Cabana and El Generico versus Kevin Steen and Steve Corino in a chain match! Each competitor will have a strap around one wrist and will be chained to another member of the opposition. This means two chains will be in play in the Grand Ballroom! Who will be connected to who? No matter the combination, all four men will be trapped with one another, and maybe ROH will see some measure of that much needed finality brought to this situation. Considering the levels of violence the NYC crowd saw at “Supercard of Honor V”, who knows what this next battle in the Feud of 2010 will bring!

Get your tickets now for “Glory by Honor IX” or pre-order the event on iPPV at GoFightLive if you can’t be there in person. And keep checking back with and the official Glory By Honor website for more details about this historic event!