Indy News Update #1 for August 8, 2010
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Javier Gonzalez sent these notes in:

WWC Puerto Rico: Black Pain vs Hiram Tua

WWC Puerto Rico: Shelton Benjamin crowned Universal Champion beating Ray Gonzale

Callum MacInnes sent this in:

MCW comes to the Rushcliffe Arena on 21st August.

Matches already confirmed:


Guvnor’s Challenge Match
“MCW’s Own General Manager” The Guvnor vs ???

The Guvnor will compete against whoever he wants in whatever type of match he wants!

Tag Team Match
“The man from Japan” Weaddow Won Chow w/Wrestle Bear & Jay Austin vs The Hooligan & Alistair Augustine

The unconvential Weaddow Won Chow and Jay Austin, opponents at the last show, but have found repect for each other and team up for the first time against the returning Hooligan, a man that was loved by MCW crowds, but since the world cup has turned into a twisted individual, inflicting pain and punishment wherever he goes who will team with another highly talented wrestler, returning to MCW, in Alistair Augustine.

Triple Threat Elimination
Knightmare vs “The Unbreakable One” Adam Antine vs Marcus Green

A feud that has been ongoing for over a year, started when Knightmare body slammed Adam Antine onto a solid wooden floor, causing nerve damage to Antine and putting him on the shelf for 4 months, Antine returned to cost Knightmare a barbed wire rope match against Jay Austin, and the two have cost each other matches and fought each other everywhere. After Knightmare’s victory in what was described as the most brutal match in MCW history (A barbed wire strap match, which involved a barbed wire bat, chairs, tables, crutches and light tubes), Antine wants redemption. The role that Marcus Green plays in this match adds yet another dynamic to this red hot rivalry.

Something to Prove
“Lightning” Lance Logan vs Freddy Nova

Freddy Nova returns to singles competition after Flower Power tag team partner, Joey Atlas, is out of action. Taking on former fan favourite, who has now turned his back on the fans of MCW, and will be looking to show a change in attitude also brings a change in the W/L column.

MCW Championship Match
MCW Champion Brad Payne vs Orion “The Hunter”

Brad Payne – the man of 1000 holds, think you know them all? He’ll just make up 1000 new ones. The only man to have made the monster Knightmare tap out and coming off an impressive victory over former champion Shaun Sykes, The MMA specialist is high on confidence (as always) going into this match against an opponenet he’s no stranger to…
Orion – the hunter has demonstrated he has got the skills to get it done in the ring, holding victories over the guvnor, leo lavi and brad payne himself. However has developed a reputation of being the “nearly man of MCW”, having had 4 title matches within the last year and coming up short on all of them. Can he finally take that next step and reign supreme in MCW…

5 Way Number One Contender Ladder Match
“The South African Witch Doctor” Dagara vs “Eco Friendly” Alex Kingston vs Shaun Sykes vs PsychoWannaGoCrazy vs “Everybody’s Hero” Kid Fenix

With so many different elements to this match, this is one you definately don’t want to miss. Will Kid Fenix be able to get it done with regular tag team partner Leo Lavi out for some time with a back injury? How will Dagara fare in his first main event? Will the returning Alex Kingston find himself battling for the title after one match back? Will the momentum and experience of the outspoken PsychoWannaGoCrazy and his dirty tactics gain him his first shot at the MCW Championship? Will Shaun Sykes be able to get a shot back at the title he feels he should have never lost?

Full Address:
Rushcliffe Arena, Rugby Rd, West Bridgford, Nottingham. NG2 7HY

Doors Open 7.00 Bell Rings 7.30

Tickets are available from the venue NOW
£6 Adults
£4 Under 16’s