has obtained the first public statement from Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in reference to being announced for “Glory By Honor IX”, on September 11, 2010 in New York City.

They will face the current Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champion ‘Kings of Wrestling’ – Chris Hero and Claudio Castagnoli – in a Dream Match on the event.

We hope to have comments on this statement from Hero and Castagnoli as soon as possible.


After all of the no compete [expletive], we are RELEASED AND UNLEASHED to wrestle the way we want, and no longer do we have to put up with KISS ASS POLITICS!

WGTT is coming to a company that respects professional wrestling, especially the art of TAG TEAM WRESTLING.

ROH is said to have the best Tag Team division in the wrestling world. That is why Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have chosen to reunite in Ring of Honor.

The so-called Kings of Wrestling are the ROH World Tag Team Champions! ROH is your backyard; we are just guests. But make sure you bring your ‘A’ game, because rest assured WGTT will be at the top of ours. WGTT promises that the KOW has never been challenged by a more aggressive, tenacious, and well schooled wrestling tag team.

We are angry and more motivated than ever before to prove why we are WGTT.

WGTT now stands for “Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team” and on September 11th we will once again show the world why.


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