JAPW sent this in:

Saturday January 10, 2009
Rain, Snow or Shine Tonight’s Event is on!

Jersey All Pro Wrestling Women’s Division
At The Arts Factory 280 Avenue E
Bayonne, NJ 07002 8PM Bell

Bayonne, NJ is located right off exit 14a on the NJ Turnpike and will be a very easy ride if it is to snow today.

Ringside is Sold Out. G&A seating will be sold at the door for only $15.00 each. All ages are welcome 21 & over to drink in one of the two bars located in the facility and don’t forget about the huge “DEBUT SHOW AFTER PARTY”!

In Action

TNA Superstar ODB vs LuFisto

Nikki Roxx vs Cheerleader Melissa
Sara Del Rey vs Daizee Haze
Jennifer Blake vs Portia Perez

And that is only the first 4 matches announced. You will also see Sassy Stephanie, Ariel and so many others. With the first event only days away the phones at the JAPW office has been ringing off the hook with female talent trying to get on this event, who will be added next?

We have created a page at myspace.com/wdjapw for fan interaction and the 2nd date has already been set for March 14, 2009 in the same building!

Very simple Directions. Take the NJ Turnpike to exit 14A. After paying the toll drive straight under the overpass to Avenue E. The Arts Factory is located at 280 Avenue E.

Public Transportation: There is public transportation from all over NJ & NY to this event including Buses, Trains and Light Rails that will leave anyone near the doorsteps to The Arts Factory. For more info please call 201-377-0308 or email fatfrkjap1@aol.com

Steven Ashe sent this report in:


Friday, Jan 09, 09



Vaughan, Ontario (Just north of Toronto)
The Factory
Attendance: Packed solid.
Ring Announcer: “The Handsome Genius” Kingdom James
Referees: Sean Cassidy, Dave Linton
Event Hosts: Big Daddy Donnie & Dan-e-o
Music: Secret Suburbia
Results credit: www.owie.ca

This event was a trifecta – the CD release party for Tha O Show’s compilation of original theme music for indy wrestlers (a world first)… the presentation of the 2008 Ontario Indy Wrestling Awards from Emanuel Melo and OntarioIndyWrestling.com… a wrestling card presented by GCW which featured the last ever match of Ontario legend “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde.

Numerous familar faces in the crowd as fans from far and wide shared the limited seating with many Ontario wrestlers. Just some of the people there: SLAM!Wrestling’s Greg Oliver, PWI senior editor Dan Murphy, Scott D’Amore, Burt The Hurt, The Magen Boys – Page & Jian, Big H, Matt Garrett, Mikey Madrox, Cherry Bomb, Jimmi Hellbent, Warhed, Big Mac & crew, Jamie Virtue, Referee Bryan Renda, Tyler Tirva, RJ City, Shawn Morgan, Mike Rollins, Xtremo, Kris White, Big Daddy Hammer, Jake O’Reilly, Zack Atticus, Cody Deaner, Atlantis & “Old School” Eddington James.

-All OIW Award winners were presented with medals & a framed certificate.
-Secret Suburbia played all the entrance music throughout the night.
-The show opened with hosts Dan-e-o & Big Daddy Donnie & tunes from the band. They were pumped. The crowd was pumped.

1) Rico Montana w/ Inez def Hayden Avery [5 min]
End came when Inez interfered and tripped Hayden while he mounted the top rope. Rico grabbed him and powerbombed him for the pin. (Ref – Dave Linton)

*The first of the OIW Awards.
– OntarioIndyWrestling.com owner & founder Emanuel Melo was introduced to thunderous cheers and a “Thank you Melo” chant.
– Cody Deaner presented the Newcomer of the Year award to “Tricked Out” Tyler Tirva.
-Miss Danyah came out as Melo was going to begin the Woman Wrestler of the Year award presentation and announced that she was going to do it. She wasn’t happy to rip open the envelope and discover that Jennifer Blake won.

2) “Girl Dynamite” Jennifer Blake def Miss Danyah [4 min]
Miss Danyah controlled much of the early going (screaming “It’s my award” the whole time.) Blake fought back and won by pinfall after a superkick to the chin. (Ref – Sean Cassidy)

*OIW Awards
– Melo announced the nominees for Tag Team of the Year but was interrupted by Percephone Vice before he could announce the winner. Vice was pissed that her tag team – Club Sexxx – wasn’t even nominated. Vice introduced HHV who told fans he wasn’t able to wrestle but had found a replacement in Josh Alexander. HHV then introduced Sebastian Suave.
– Kingdom James Announced thar Club Sexxx were NOT the tag team of the year… the Flatliners were the winners. Matt Burns and Asylum rushed into the arena and the fight was on.

3) The Flatliners (Matt Burns & Asylum) def Club Sexxx (“Your Savior” Sebastian Suave & “Just As Sexy” Josh Alexander w/ Percephone Vice & HHV) [6 min]
Six minutes of smashmouth action with lots of high impact maneuvers. The Flatliners won after blasting Alexander with an elevated lift into a powerbomb and then killed Suave for the pin – Asylum lifted Suave up and Burns came off the top with a lungblower. (Ref – Dave Linton)

– The Flatliners received their award medals after the match and while they were still at ringside, Lance Malibu came out to his new theme by Secret Suburbia. Malibu posed and acted his usual arrogant self then climbed in the ring and demanded an opponent. The Flatliners jumped in the ring and crushed him with Death From Above.

4) “The Ugandan Headhunter” Kamala w/ Kim Chee def “Wrestling Personified” Eddie Osbourne w/ Jessy Jones [1 min]
Osbourne jumped Kamala before the bell but the former WWE star quickly turned the tables. He choked Osbourne in the corner then blasted him with either a head butt or a chop (didn’t see it) for the pin which came after Kim Chee managed to tell Kamala to roll Eddie onto his back. (Ref – Dave Linton)

*OIW Awards
– Melo announced Jessy Jones was the winner of the Manager of the Year award but Kim Chee took the medal and certificate and left with them.

-Kamala got on the mic and sang one of his own songs. (A big “That was awesome” chant after this.)

– There was an intermission while the cage was being set up

*OIW Awards
– “Old School” Eddington James presented the Referee of the Year award to Dave Linton
– Scott D’Amore was supposed to present the Promotion of the Year award but he was AWOL. (BSE won. Burt the Hurt was there and could have received the award but he was AWOL too.)
– Greg Oliver presented the Technical Wrestler of the Year to Tyson Dux

5) Cage Match
Special Guest Referee: Ricky Stardust
Notorious TID def Bloody Bill Skullion w/ The Wizard of Wrestling [4 min]
The brawl started outside of the cage and by the time they entered, Skullion was already busted open. Skullion did manage to hit TID with his flaming punch but couldn’t get the pin. The wizard tossed in a kendo stick wrapped in barbed-wire but TID was able to get it and nailed Skullion in the nuts before pinning him for the win

-After the match, Skullion went over to the merch table where Warhed was seated. Reports are that Skullion attacked Warhed with a headbutt or punches or both. (Couldn’t see)

*OIW Awards
-Melo announced that there were two Match of the Year winners – Eric Young vs “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde and Tyson Dux vs “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde.
-Big Daddy Donnie then called out Derek and announced the first annual “Derek Wylde Award of Excellence” Wylde presented the award (a nice silver cup trophy) to Xtremo
-Big Daddy Hammer presented the Most Improved Wrestler of the Year award to “Midnight Special” RJ City who then sang by popular demand.

6) Main Event:
“Dangerboy” Derek Wylde def “Textbook” Tyson Dux [26 min]
Absolutely fantastic match that had fans chanting “This is awesome” numerous times. Required viewing on the dvd release of this show and a frontrunner for 2009 Match of the Year. Wylde got a standing ovation after the match which was his last ever. (Ref – Dave Linton)

*OIW Awards
-Big Daddy Donnie presented “Dangerboy” Derek Wylde the Wrestler of the Year award. In addition to the medal and certificate, Wylde received a giant gold trophy.

Lots of photographers & media at the show. Keep on the lookout for news of pics, reviews, video clips etc.

Kudos to Tha O Show, Emanuel Melo and GCW for a great show!