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AAW Path of Redemption is in the books and what a wild night it was. A sold out standing room only crowd of rabid fans witnessed the below results.

Pre show:

Derek St Holmes/ Dewey Dawson d. Rob James/ Juice Robinson


* Show started with a promo from Zero Gravity backstage. Nick Brubaker was upset that they had not gotten any big wins in AAW and told Brett Gakiya and CJ Esparza he was going to enter the singles division and challenge Danny Daniels later in the night.

The Phoenix Twins d. Hunter Matthews and Knight Wagner to retain the AAW tag team titles

– The Twins put away Hunter Matthews with the “double impact” superkick. After the match they called out the House of Truth. Josh Raymond and Christian Able hit the ring and a wild brawl ensued. Krotch was trying to break up the melee when Chandler McClure hit the ring leading to……..

Chandler McClure w/ Jordan McEntyre d. Krotch w/ Nikki

Krotch mistakenly hit his sister Nikki leading to Chandler getting the win. After the match Krotch was nearly in tears tending to Nikki.

* Promo in the lockeroom with Nick Brubaker asking Jim Lynam for a match with Danny Daniels. Jim informed Brubaker that Daniels was not going to compete tonight due to an injury but told him he would find him an opponent. Dewey Dawson then interjected telling Jim over and over that he “was ready” for the main show. Jim told him next month he would debut on the main card.

* Kevin Harvey interviewed AAW champion Tyler Black in the ring. They were interrupted by Dave Prazak who revealed Davey Richards to be the newest member of DP Associates and the man that would bring the title to Prazak. Richards got in the champs face and there was an intense stare down.

* Promo from Arik Cannon and the Northstar Express. They said even though Joey Eastman was gone they would still have each others backs. Cannon said once he retained the Heritage title tonight he was going after the AAW Heavyweight belt.

The House of Truth (Josh Raymond/Christian Able) w/ Truth Martini d. Faith in Nothing (Chris Faith/Vincent Nothing)

An impressive debut for Faith on Nothing but in the end Nothing fell victim to a Death Valley Driver/Phoenix Splash combo by the House. The Phoenix Twins then hit the ring and once again brawled with Truth Martini’s men.

Mason Beck d. Nick Brubaker

Truth Martini was ringside seemingly scouting both men. Beck got the win with a powerbomb.

Arik Cannon d. Shane Hollister and Mdogg20 to retain the AAW Heritage title in a three way elimination match

The Northstar Express got involved and took Hollister out of the match early. They then cost Mdogg the first fall. Just when PJ Drummond was about to call the match for Cannon, Hollister came back bloody and battered. He fought hard but in the end Cannon hit the Glimmering Warlock for the victory. The fans applauded Shane’s efforts after the match.

Zero Gravity (Gakiya/Esparza) d. The Northstar Express

Big upset here as Mdogg20 came back out to return the favor and distract the NSE. Esparza hit the shooting star elbow drop on Darrin Corbin for the win.

* Promo with Ryan Boz promising he would end Jimmy Jacobs once and for all in the weapons match. Danny Daniels showed up and Boz grabbed him by the neck and told him to stop telling people Boz was washed up and past his prime. Daniels talked his way out of the situation saying Boz misunderstood what he was trying to do.

Tyler Black d. Davey Richards w/ Dave Prazak to retain the AAW Heavyweight Title

One of the most intense AAW title matches in history as Richards punished Black for most of the match utilizing submissions and brutal striking. In the end Black hit a roundhouse kick to a seated Richards that knocked him cold and allowed the champ to retain.

Ryan Boz d. Jimmy Jacobs in a Fans Bring the Weapons match

A riot like atmosphere in the Eagles Club as these two beat each other bloody and the fight spilled in the crowd. Weapons included a staple gun, cheese grater, lead pipe, a board with mouse traps and even a large black “marital aid”. (Yes a large black “marital aid”). In the end Danny Daniels hit the ring and nailed Jimmy Jacobs with a Kendo stick and a piledriver. He laid Boz on top for the victory leaving everyone stunned.

Big thanks to everyone who packed the Eagles Club tonight. AAW in back on 2/21. Already signed:

AAW Tag Titles

The Phoenix Twins vs House of Truth w/ Truth Martini


mitchtv sent this in:

Corky’s Loco Birthday Bash Gets Devastated RESULTS
3 Teams ? Two Belts ? One Winner

January 24th 2009 @ Devastation University
2309 Haddonfield Road Pennsauken NJ.
Bell Time 7:30….
Tickets only $12.00……

1. Steve the Teacher defeated Radical Robby Morrison

2. Anhell Gonzalez defeated Mr. Saturday Night and Rockin’ Rebel to win the DWF Heavyweight championship

3. Corky not only celebrated his birthday but he also celebrated a win over King Bash Manta.

4. Arrogance defeated Bobby Piper

5. Victor Kahonnas defeated Alberto Liebre Jr. to win the Loco Cruiserweight championship.

6.Indy’s most hated Amadeus defeated The Southern Enforcer in a strap match.

7.Mr. Energy Kevin James defeated Damien Pain to win the Loco Hardcore championship.

8. WWE Hall of Famer Nikolai Volkoff defeated Sheik Sheil Ali

9. The Lost Boys defeated The Latin Connection and The Latin Revolution to become the Loco and DWF Tag team champions.

10. Downtown Raphael defeated Dr. Ruthless

11. The Blue Meanie defeated Teddy Fine

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Impact Zone Wrestling
January 24th 2009
Impact Arena

Kyo-te Joe beat ‘Great’ Dane Griffin by disqualification

‘Freakshow’ Chrisstopher Crow beat ‘Mr Money’ Randy Price by disqualification

Shane Rawls beat ‘The Vulture’ Kenny Campbelll by disqualification

Austin Tacious beat ‘The Gifted’ Eric Rose by countout

Monteego Seeka beat Bernie Donderwitz by pinfall