Eddie Edwards

TMZ covers Eddie Edwards injury

TMZ Sports picked up the incident involving Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan that aired on Impact this past Thursday night on Pop TV.

If you missed it, Callihan was attempting to hit a baseball bat over a steel chair over the face of Edwards and the bat slipped catching Edwards in the eye/face.

The segment, which was taped back in January in Orlando, was picked up by many media outlets including TMZ. The article notes that Edwards was treated for a broken orbital bone and broken nose. Doctors also told Edwards he was lucky his vision wasn’t permanently impaired. Callihan was described as feeling “terrible” about the incident.

Jim Cornette and Kassius Ohno fire back at Callihan

Jim Cornette responded to a fan tweeting him a clip of the incident. As you could probably guess, Cornette was not amused and pulled no punches in his response.

Callihan caught wind of the tweet and seemed to go into storyline mode immediately.

NXT star Kassius Ohno saw the tweet by Callihan and offered this reply.

It’s clear Impact saw the traction the story was making and – good or bad- decided to run with it by having Callihan record the following “apology” video in character.


  1. I’ll just keep watching my bank account go up. Hahaha. Walmart must be giving double shifts lately. We know he isn’t getting paid by Impact anytime soon.

  2. What a dumb spot though. So the kayfabe idea is what? He hits the VERY top of the chair and…james it overtop of Eddie’s ribs? I don’t even think that’d elicit much of a reaction. Plus, unlike the steps, the chair can’t support itself above Eddie, so immediately you see Eddie try and hold it up straight.

    Just a stupid stupid spot all around, incredibly unfortunate that Eddie got hurt so bad, but it could’ve been even worse.

  3. Here’s one question that I don’t see a lot of people asking: So, Impact is taped way in advance. Why in God’s name would they show this in its entirety on TV? I’m not saying ignore it, but like, just have the commentators come on TV and say “During a match that was taking place before we went on the air (‘cuz that’s technically not a complete lie), there was an accident involving Sami Callihan and Eddie Edwards”, and they can talk about what happened, but WHY would they show this? At least, PLEASE dear God tell they at least put up some kind of warning letting people know they were about to see some graphic shit happen.

  4. lost a bit of respect for Chris for that. why is jimmy being the one defended here? it was a stupid spot but he had no business saying all of that. Sami responded back really well to that.

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