Preview for Thanksgiving edition of Impact

Impact returns to Pop TV tonight for a special Thanksgiving edition.

Scheduled for the show tonight is Eli Drake’s “Gravy Train Turkey Trot” in the main event. The person who loses the match tonight on Pop TV will be forced to wear the turkey suit on television, as with tradition on the show.

Pop TV pulled from Dish Network

The Pop TV network has been officially pulled from Dish Network due to an ongoing contractual issue between CBS (Pop’s parent company) and the satellite provider.

Impact Wrestling airs every Thursday night on the Pop network.



  1. Time to just pull this shitty program off the air completely. Who the hell tunes in to watch this junk. “Gravy Train Turkey Trot”?! Really guys? And you wonder why the local shows that are in high school gyms draw much larger crowds than this nonsense.

  2. Screw you do you want me to name how many shitty angles the WWE/WFF had over the years? Do you remember the Gobbly Goobler?

  3. Moron, I’m not defending the WWF or today’s WWE. Yes, Gobbly Goobler sucked, along with lots of other retarded shit they did over the years. Hell, most of today’s WWE product is poorly written garbage with stupid nonsense like the Jason Jordan angle. If you’re actually trying to defend Impact’s show though, then I guess you’re just one of those 200,000 fans that will tune in to watch it no matter what type of buffoonery they throw on.

  4. It appears they are back on the network already so if you viewed it as them managing to get a network pulled do you now also (in fairness) give them the same credit for getting the network back on-board? well done? Just seeing if you are fair on both sides or…

  5. Impact is in a bad way for sure. WWE has seen better days as well (seen worse as well) but the different is obvious in terms of sustainability.

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