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Talent quietly departs Impact Wrestling

Mahabali Shera has quietly parted ways with Impact Wrestling. Shera’s departure took place around two months ago according to a report by

Shera joins a growing list of talent that have departed the company in recent months including James Storm, Rockstar Spud, Bram, referees Earl Hebner/Brian Hebner/Brian Stiffler/Robert King, Reno Scum, Jeff Jarrett, Taryn Terrell, Eddie Kingston and Robbie E.

Update on Nashville office

Anthem has informed those working out of the Impact Wrestling office in Nashville that the day-to-day operations will be slowly transitioned to Toronto starting next year.

While not official, reports that the move could go down as early as December 1. Many in the Nashville office are unsure about their future with the company.

As reported on in recent weeks, Anthem is continuing to make some major cost-cutting moves regarding Impact operations heading into 2018. Jeff Jarrett told back in October that “Anthem is out of money” shortly after the company parted ways with Jarrett and his Global Force Wrestling promotion. This statement was just a month after a report by Sports Illustrated claimed Anthem was “hemorrhaging funds.”


  1. How many stories does this make saying that Impact/Anthem is “out of money?” They could have ended on a positive note with BFG, but it didn’t help that the show wasn’t that great. Now they have to tread water through the next set of tapings. Keep in mind their only big draw now is El Patron, who honestly isn’t a big draw. Too bad for this company.

  2. I don’t think / believe Anthem is out of money but I think they are worried about spending way more on Impact than they’ll get back.

  3. so anthem must be struggling financially in every business they’re involved in and purchasing tna and launching a streaming app must be some hail mary.
    or this is the only business aspect that’s failing making the acquisition stranger as they could have let corgan buy it then pick it up cheaper in the sale, which this article alludes to, can’t be far away, again.

  4. I think it’s the second scenario and they would have still owned a percentage if they would have let Billy buy it so they may have made a big misstep!

  5. I think Bobby Lashley is their biggest draw (for whatever that’s worth) even though Impact has sabotaged him repeatedly.

  6. Like sand through the hourglass, so are the talent at Impact.
    However, I don’t consider referees to be talent.

  7. Probably right now Lashley still is, but it seems like they are trying to transition to El Patron since Eli Drake bombed.

  8. EC3 is supposedly Dixie’s nephew and was spoiled with the privilege of that. Once Dixie left, so did a lot of interest in his character. He’s still a great talent but now Impact has cut him down to just another guy on the roster..which they have with pretty much everyone.

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