Impact puts out casting call for tapings

Smyth Casting out of Ottawa has posted a casting call for the Impact tapings in Ottawa this week following the Bound for Glory PPV. They are seeking background actors.

The casting call notes you must be local to the Ottawa area.

Moose addresses critics

Impact Wrestling star Moose took to Twitter to address critics of Sunday night’s Bound for Glory PPV in Ottawa, specifically “bloggers/reports/haters.”

52% of our readers gave the show a thumbs down.


  1. Another way to look at it, is you guys gave the show a bad review and only 52 percent of the readers agreed. This site is biased toward WWE, you can tell when they give their year end awards….

  2. We gave Slammiversary a positive review in June. So which is it: we are biased or fair. Impact fans can’t take any form of criticism. Also, reviews across the board among wrestling media were negative for the show on Sunday. It’s okay if something isn’t great.

  3. As someone who maintains and covers WWE, you clearly don’t read our stuff and see how critical we are of RAW, Smackdown or even monthly PPV events. We review it as we see it. Tossing out the “biased” word is too easy.

  4. Been reading and following you guys for like 8 years. I read almost every review on shows and ppvs. They’re not biased towards wwe or tna/impact. It’s just honest reviews from my viewpoint. When a show is bad it’s bad. Doesn’t matter who and where it’s from.

  5. Ironically, I find WV more critical of WWE but overall equally critical of both and in fact, I think they are too hard on each at times. Just IMO.

  6. Actually, if you need proof, just read through yesterday’s RAW recap to see it received a very unfavorable overview.

  7. No offense, but wasn’t it this site that gave NXT Takeover: Orlando, the Royal Rumble, the Elimination Chamber, WrestleMania 33, NXT Takeover: Chicago, Backlash, Extreme Rules, Money in the Bank, NXT Takeover: Brooklyn, Summerslam, No Mercy, TLC arguably positive reviews?

  8. It’s obvious you are a WWE apologist- your reviews of TNA are so full on innuendos and cheap shots at the product. How many times have your reviews mention crowd size??? You should only be focusing on the quality of the matches. I honestly think you are praying for the day to report that Impact has just sold it’s business to WWE.
    I can accept criticism, but when guys like you Adam start kissing WWE’s butt it becomes a bit too much. You act as if WWE and Impact are on the same financial grounds. You talk about crowd size or lack of crowd size but WWE heavily papers many of it’s events and how about the WWE’s constant use of feeding fake applause into it’s speakers to give the false illusion that the crowd is really hype?

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