Bound for Glory

Early look at Bound for Glory setup in Ottawa

Anthem Executive VP Ed Nordholm provided a photo of the Bound for Glory setup and ring at tonight’s PPV taping in Ottawa at the Aberdeen Pavilion.

The company is sticking with a Canadian theme for the show tonight in Ontario.

Reduced staff for all tapings

Impact Wrestling is using a very reduced staff for tonight’s Bound for Glory PPV and the Impact TV tapings to follow the rest of the week in Ottawa.

According to a report by, members of the backstage team such as Bob Ryder or Jolene George (a seamstress for Impact) were not brought in. Dutch Mantell, a prominent member of the creative team since March, was also not brought in.

Tonight marks the first night for the new creative regime featuring John Gaburick, Scott D’Amore, Sonjay Dutt, Jeremy Borash and Chris Parks (Abyss). The previous television tapings leading into the PPV were under the previous Jeff Jarrett team.

As noted earlier, the company was expected to utilize a lot of referee and local talent in Canada for the PPV and TV tapings to follow this week in Ottawa. We reported yesterday that veteran referee Earl Hebner has officially left the company just days after Brian Stiffler, Brian Hebner and Robert King also departed as part of the referee staff. Devon “Hannibal” Nicholson of Great North Wrestling noted on Facebook a few days ago that the company was looking for “anyone interested is assisting the ring crew” in Ottawa, signaling they are definitely using a very reduced staff in Canada this week.


  1. Well Ole Anderson, Dusty Rhodes, Hulk Hogan, & Kevin Nash did it and HHH does it even now and look at all the wonderful things that it’s given wrestling like… Dusty Finish 🙁 Ole, Hogan, & Nash pushing themselves & all their old friends at the expense of younger talent. X( The downfall of WCW & TNA thus making WWE a virtual monopoly. >X( HHH still burying people to either make himself champion & the main event of WrestleMania or giving himself big matches at WrestleMania. >:( Aw man, nothing good comes out of wrestlers doing double duty as bookers does it? (:(
    Like Arn Anderson has said, you can’t work & book.

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