Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling saw a number of talents depart the company this week.

Former X Division wrestler Marshe Rockett and referees Brian Hebner and Robert King have all finished up with the company before Bound for Glory this Sunday.

It was anticipated that Anthem would be utilizing more Canadian talent for the Impact TV tapings that will follow the Bound for Glory PPV this weekend in Ottawa.

As reported earlier, Rockstar Spud, Reno Scum and Taryn Terrell all recently left the company in recent weeks along with Anthem parting ways with Jeff Jarrett.

King and Hebner shared these statements on Twitter.


  1. i’m just waiting on anthem to announce that bret hart will become the new commissioner of impact wrestling next now that it’s in Canada lol.

  2. Meh, I wouldn’t go that far but I do see your point. Nowadays you don’t even know their names anymore. I always enjoyed that depth…

  3. He’d also have to lose his mind to give up in his WWE spot to go and work for Anthem. As time goes on I’m becoming more and more convinced that Ed Nordholm is just Dixie Carter in disguise

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