Impact Wrestling Ratings

The Impact Wrestling ratings for May 18, 2017 are in.

Last night’s episode on Pop TV drew 272,000 viewers overall on Thursday night according to a report by

This is down from last week’s show that drew 309,000. Impact Wrestling came in at No. 131 overall on cable for the night in Top 150, down from No. 113 last week.

Impact Wrestling Ratings

Impact, headlined by Low-Ki vs. Andrew Everett vs. Trever Lee in an Ultimate X match for the X Division Championship, averaged a 0.06 rating among adults 18-49. This is a drop from last week’s show that averaged a 0.07 rating.


  1. Remember when people used to laugh when they had over 1 million viewers on Spike (and hovered close to 2 million every now and then). I thought those numbers were great at the time and people said they were terrible (even though at the time Smackdown with all of WWE’s resources was less than double and the B shows were less). Funny how those numbers now look absolutely amazing. Still, I think both TNA and Spike lost when that fell apart given some of Spike’s ratings for that timezone since.

  2. I do (know what I’m missing that is) – as a long time supporter of Impact, I watched multiple recent episodes and had a tough time watching until the end and used to enjoy (esp. pre and Post Hogan Bischoff) it much more than WWE.

    In many of the matches there were obvious botches across each of the episodes (perhaps because they are pushing people too soon or trying to accomplish too much but they were sloppy mis-times, etc. which pulls me out of the moment) and it made it feel like I was watching developmental which I have never felt with TNA before and it seems like they are trying to revert back to what was working pre-Hogan (even similar storylines with the same talent with no reason for the back-step or recreating the same story) instead of creating new but with the overall feel of that era.

    What made it worse is they had specials featuring Roode, Angle, Joe, Styles, Aries, etc., X-division stuff from that time, Gail and Kong, etc. and when I saw the difference…wow!

    Some will feel things are moving forward and from a business perspective things are, and the LIVE shows and recent overseas developments are all great and I have no doubt Impact will be around for a long time (even with Anthem breaks even because the content is great for special shows with no new production needed) but personally it is close to my least fave time in TNA’s existence.

    Perhaps it’ll change for me next time I tune in…hopefully

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