Impact Wrestling star DJ Z (Michael Paris) suffered a serious injury during a match at The CRASH live event in Mexico City, Mexico this past Wednesday.

Paris suffered the injury after taking a 450 Splash towards the end of the match he was involved in. According to a Facebook post by independent wrestler Gringo Loko, who was also on the show, Paris suffered internal injuries from the move, including heavy internal bleeding and a ruptured colon.

Paris underwent surgery on Thursday and posted the following message Thursday night, thanking fans and peers for their support, as well as detailing what happened and where he goes from here:

Paris is expected to be out of action for some time. On behalf of the staff of, we wish Paris a quick and painless recovery.


  1. Yeah, this was incredibly nasty and I’m glad that DJZ is going to live, never mind returning to the ring. What a hell of a thing to happen (and a hell of a place to have it happen.)

  2. Oh damn!! So tragic that another health issue has put a damper on his career. I’ve met DJ Z in person at some TNA autograph signings, he even remembered me once after we last met over a year before, and he was a super fan-friendly guy. Very talented wrestler too. I hope this isn’t the last we see of him. It’s bad for TNA too because now they’ve lost yet another great wrestler.

  3. With this occurring, we may see Impact/TNA start restricting their talent from appearing elsewhere.

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