Jeff Jarrett

Jeff Jarrett says Impact and GFW becoming one

David Penzer spoke with Jeff Jarrett at WrestleCon last weekend in Orlando and asked about the current status of Global Force Wrestling with Jarrett’s new executive role with Impact Wrestling. Jarrett revealed more will be revealed in the coming weeks and months, but that Impact Wrestling and GFW were “becoming one.”

You can check out the interview below.

Sonjay Dutt returns

According to a report by, Sonjay Dutt is back with Impact Wrestling and will be working in a behind the scenes role as a producer.

Dutt had offers on the table including a run as a talent in Ring of Honor and full-time position with WWE to work as part of the Performance Center in Orlando. He opted to return to Impact, a company he had spent time with since 2003.


  1. GFW doesn’t actually exist beyond Jarrett’s delusion and a few supposed championships that were handed out in special edition Cracker Jack boxes. I don’t think they hold any contracts, so is it really anything more than 3 letters Jarrett put together?

  2. Impact Wrestling should be renamed GFW Impact Wrestling. So I hope Jeff Jarrett gets rid of all the TNA championship branded belts & replace them with the GFW branded championship belts.

  3. no. GFW impact wrestling is too long of a name. plus GFW isnt a known name by any means. hell i bet more people know more about FCW then they do GFW. lol

  4. I find it funny that on this exact site years back people we’re pushing the idea that all that had to happen was for Dixie to give up / lose control of TNA or for Bischoff, Hogan or Russo to get their hands off it, and for Dutch and Jarrett to get back in the driver’s seat, and the company would be right back on track, and that Jarrett was the crucial element.

    …and now, when it finally happens, Jarrett is now the new target that Dixie just recently was. Russo and Bischoff of course were the targets throughout the years, as was Hogan and Nash – seen as those who ruined the business.

    I never thought Jarrett would be the savior of TNA but I also think there is no way anyone in the industry will ever make us happy long term, regardless of what they do. Vince gets a slide from many because his house is the largest but when WCW was beating them, I recall many in forums talking about why Vince was failing and slamming him the same way.

    Paul Heyman got the same treatment when ECW was crashing but we somehow forget that he wasn’t successful in the end with ECW, and people have also said he would be the TNA savior. I don’t think for a minute he would be, especially as the majority owner, as many suggested – I think he could have contributed in a big way if he could work within the confines of working for someone else but having creative freedom with the product…but not the savior if it meant managing the entire business model.

    Point is, I’m curious why everyone here thinks it is that we (IWC) are so negative toward anyone who has any company control in the industry?

    Not being judgmental – would simply love to hear why people think it is?

    What could someone ever do to please us all and be deemed an industry success over the long term?

    If you think about it, other than Vince, no company has really been ultra successful over the long term (ROH, Japan, TNA are the ones that have lasted notably long) and we can name the ones that survived longer than most because there are so few (AWA, ECW, WCW, WCCW, NWA, etc. etc.) so it’s not like we can say it’s an industry where Heyman, Carter/Jarrett, Bischoff/Turner, Gagne, Von Erich’s have countless peers. Would love to hear your thoughts on the why?

  5. I guess i am in the minority. I have enjoyed the last few impacts. My new favorite tag team Reno Skum. I’ve really enjoyed seeing some indy talent and nit so much if an emphasis on established WWE guys. I’ve never gad much if a negative attitude towards TNA thougj. I e watched since ut was a weekly ppv. The SEX locker room, Dusty Rhodes having his office in his pickup, to the Original KOTM matches at slamiversary. I will be a fan untill the end.

  6. Dixie was rightfully scorned by taking her promotion which was doing fairly well (a distant 2nd to WWE but doing fairly well nonetheless), putting it into the hands of the same 3 stooges who drove WCW onto the rocks (Hogan, Bischoff, & Russo), and somehow expecting them to do better by her. TNA continues to pay for that bafflingly stupid decision.

    As for how TNA is fairing now that Jarrett is back, maybe Anthem should get most of the blame for how poorly it’s doing now but fans were expecting better after yet another re-launch just to be disappointed with more of the same & worse. If Jarrett is mostly responsible for the current debacle, I guess he simply just wasn’t the savior the fans were hoping for. Maybe at this point, TNA is just beyond saving and nothing short of an Easter miracle will deliver it from the boneyard of past promotions. Combining it with GFW, which never really was a viable promotion to begin with, is NOT that miracle.

  7. well the jarretts created a company that they couldnt afford and thats when the carters came in and bailed them out and honestly tna would have went under if it was for the carters back then. the mistake that bob carter made was putting dixie in charge instead of someone that actually knew the buisness.

  8. Go Fight Wrestling Impact Wrestling? Why not World Wrestling Fight Wrestling Impact Wrestling Wrestling? WWFWIWW! It looks awesome!!!

  9. and i see the same happening to jarret. i mean since he came back, he brought back bruce pichard who did nothing for tna the first time. had a part in the low balling of the hardy’s, which caused them to leave along with the let go of arron rex which baffles me since he is a very talented wrestler and put karens annoying ass back on tv and put her into some gm role.

  10. Admirable for sharing that as most don’t admit it when many others are speaking against it – I’m not into it much now but stood behind it longer than many 🙂

  11. I don’t disagree with anything said here at all but wondering what someone could do to please the average fan because the few figures who have achieved notable success are disliked by more than they are liked so is it just normal to not like anyone in a power position in the industry?

    The only one I disagree with is Eric taking all the blame for WCW. Most (including Vince, flair and those who dislike Eric) agree that whether someone had Turner’s money or not, few could have taking WCW to the level he did (no one else had ever done so before or since regardless of the background within the industry as a whole) so even if he holds responsibility for helping to take the ship down, he is the one most responsible for building the ship to begin with.

    Many people win millions in the lottery, throw all their money at a business and are bankrupt a few years later. No matter what bad you say, he played a big part in WCW being a name we still know.

    Turning Hogan heel, the nitro girls, taking the shows live, creating a faction like the NWO, the belts in the trash can, challenging Vince, etc. All things nobody else (including Vince) had the balls to try so give him the blame for the end but also the credit for the beginning.

    Russo may be a different story as we’ll never know how much a part he played in the attitude era, etc. Although many wrestlers (Foley in his books) say he played a big part – he still shouldn’t have been giving full reign in WCW, and no question Hogan booking in any promotion hurt more than helped.

    Eric was the only one who at least produced without a boss and seemed to make things better for a while.

    He shouldn’t have given Hogan so much say tho and he didn’t like Russo’s booking so that’s a separate issue!

  12. The fans turned on TNA once Jarrett got ousted by Dixie Carter and all of her fake saviors. Jeff had the right idea in the very beginning of TNA building on new talent, it fell flat once they started trying to compete with WWE instead of creating a true alternative.
    Now fast forward to the Anthem Era you got Double J back in the driver’s seat, with Dutch Mantell, Bruce Pritchard. They’re focusing on their tag team division which is a great way to develop homegrown stars. They brought back some hitters now its all about how they book the talent and establishing the talent they already have and trusting them to get over on their own instead of looking for the next WWE release they’ll be in good shape. They should revamp the definition of the X Division because it’ longer original, make that division a division strictly for new talents moving up the ladder and it’s a great way to build tag teams and singles talent going forward.
    As for GFW they should really look to revamp that and make it the spin off of their UK project WOS, giving us in the States that as an alternative. Impact where they are right now is looking real bright if they would just be open to new ideas

  13. I’m in the minority with you. I’m digging Reno Scum and the revamped LAX. I like how they’re putting emphasis on their rag team division which has suffered for so damn long. I’m actually invested in where they go with the X Division. I was hoping they’d start advertising more house shows considering GFW been doing a lot of work with WrestlePro which could become their developmental, they have a hardcore fan base in Jersey. They just have to utilize all of these pieces and create that cult following again.

  14. If your point is that the fans have always hated the head guy/girl/people in charge of any wrestling promotion ever, I have to disagree with that. There have been a few exceptions and even Vince himself hasn’t always been hated.
    The pre-WCW NWA run by Jim Crockett Promotions is mostly favorably remembered. That’s when Ric Flair achieved most of his fame plus it gave rise to many stars like Dusty Rhodes, Sting, Magnum TA, Nikita Koloff, Lex Luger, The Steiner Brothers, the various incarnations of The 4 Horsemen, and I could go on. They eventually went downhill until Ted Turner bought them out but the Crocketts are remembered fairly well by many of the fans.

    I was a big fan of The Von Erichs & WCCW when I was growing up and I’ve NEVER heard anyone say anything bad about Fritz or his sons. To do so is akin to blasphemy. Problem was that WCCW lived & died (literally) by The Von Erichs. When family tragedies took the wind out of their sails then when WCCW became the USWA, fan interest went with it until WWF/E eventually bought them out & made them a farm league. But Fritz & The Von Erich boys are still by & large considered pro wrestling’s original royal family.

    The AWA was also great until it wasn’t. Verne Gagne was a good promoter in his time but he didn’t change with the times. Letting Hulk Hogan slip through his fingers, along with Andre, Jesse Ventura, DDP, Shawn Michaels, et al.. gave him a reputation as an out of touch old geezer which was well deserved.

    ECW is also mostly fondly remembered. Fans today still chant the name when some hardcore moment happens. Paul Heyman had a pretty good promotion there and was worshiped almost like a god during it’s entire run but he wasn’t business man enough to keep it going. But in our defense, his own wrestlers criticize him for the same thing.

    I’ve never heard anyone say anything bad about Gabe Sapolsky or Cary Silkin either. They both did very well founding then keeping ROH going. Sapolsky in particular continues to be successful running his World Wrestling Network subsidiaries EVOLVE & SHINE. No one hates on him.

    Over in Japan, Antonio Inoki has always been loved, as far as I know, since founding New Japan. Current president Takaaki Kidani is also well-liked because he has the decency to mostly keep himself off TV so they can focus on the Wrestlers. Those who govern best, govern least.

    Vince…well. He’s hated now but that wasn’t always the case. During the Federation/Hulkamania years when WWF/E was a big part of American pop culture, he rightfully got credit where it was due. He took a lot of heat after the Montreal Screwjob (and rightfully so) but after that people mostly hated his on-screen character more than hating him personally. NOW he’s seen as an out of touch, hated old coot ruling an evil empire resting on its laurels while fans continue to leave is droves because of this on-going PG Era, along with the rest of his @sshole family for running WWE more like the family playground than the family business.

    Bischoff that venomous old toad deserves all the hate he gets but that’s a conversation for another time. But not every head promoter is hated or was hated by the fans.

  15. I’ve been a loyal TNA fan since the beginning. I’ve defended then when they were at their worst. They finally got the tools now it’s about execution

  16. I wouldn’t say they are beyond saving. Because they can be salvaged if they do these five things. 1.Continue to focus on the tag team division they need at least eight teams, four of those teams can be split between the X Division and the Impact Grand Division, 2. Make the X Division about finding new talents, 3. Focus on their women’s division and lastly the best way to build stars is to build contenders. If they focus on building contenders the promotion will save itself

  17. Thx so much for the detailed reply and I can’t argue with that list, although I think being that most of it was still in the territory days while respect for the business as a whole was at an all time high and most being before the internet mark does play some part in the difference. Each person I was referring to has been since the internet voice and that was the timeline I was referring to BUT at the same time I didn’t specify and so great list to demonstrate it hasn’t always been this way.

    I’ve also always known of your disdain for Eric since we’ve both been on WV a long time.

    I still feel he did things no one else did (whether they had an ATM or not – I.e. Panda Energy, the dude who won the lottery of close to a hundred million and started a promotion who got nowhere) before or may since and the industry had acknowledged that and feel he gets at least enough blame but not enough credit – we’ll always disagree on that point I think but that’s ok, that’s the great things about opinions 🙂

  18. All the TNA-branded title belts have already been rebranded, as Impact belts. I don’t see the GFW name lasting past a merger with Impact and all the current GFW title belts would simply be merged with the Impact belts that now exist.

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