Aaron Stevens

Aaron Stevens (aka Damien Sandow) spoke with Rich Palladino of Title Match Wrestling in a new interview from WrestleCon this past weekend in Orlando.

Stevens (aka Aron Rex) reveals in the interview that he is no longer with Impact Wrestling and teased a possible retirement from pro wrestling.

After being released by WWE in May of 2016, Stevens later signed with TNA and debuted on Pop TV last August. The highlight of his TNA run was becoming the first ever Impact Grand Champion last October at Bound for Glory. Stevens would later transition to a new Liberace-like character along with Rockstar Spud that didn’t last long.

He missed the last set of TV tapings at Universal Studios a few weeks ago under the new Anthem and Jeff Jarrett lead teams due to a movie filming commitment. According to a report by PWInsider.com this week, he was never signed to an actual long-term deal with the company despite it being publicly touted as if he was.

You can check out the full interview with Stevens below.


  1. I was at Wrestlecon this weekend in Orlando (I was in town for Wrestlemania) and before the Hardy’s made their return to WWE, I got to see their popularity firsthand. in Mick Foley’s Countdown to Lockdown book he talked about how at a time WWE wasn’t pushing them (long ago) and yet, Mick’s publicist told Mick she had never seen anything like their book signings – comparing it to Beatle’s concerts. Mick concluded that WWE wasn’t realizing the ratings when they had them on the main event didn’t reflect their popularity due to a large percentage of their followers were also children who were nuts over them but had already gone to bed by main event time.

    Anyway, I digress.

    The point is. Impact Wrestling recently acted like they didn’t need the Hardys and apparently treated them poorly in approaching their re-sign (leaving it to the last minute, asking for a percentage of their indy profits and claiming they owned the Broken universe stuff). At Wrestlecon, the entire day The Hardy’s signings and photo opps were insane. Hundreds deep all day long. They were bigger than Flair’s and Sting’s combined, bigger than HBK’s, Scott Hall’s, etc. – which shocked me.

    Impact Wrestling on the other hand had multiple stars at their booth and rarely anyone was stopping by – most who were stopped by for Lashley photo opps. I think Jarrett would have generated a bit of buzz at the booth but never saw him there once.

    Point = I think Impact Wrestling needed the Hardy’s more than they realized and at a crucial time in their history. Would have been great to see what Dutch could have done with them.

    All this is to say, Impact keeps losing people at a time when they are asking for another chance (they asked for one at the Wrestlecon talk Jeff, Earle (Heb.) and Dutch gave), and I rooted for them for a long time, but sadly now, I think they are blowing the one chance they had to reboot. I think they’ll be around a long time because Anthem wants content and will even run as a break-even to do so BUT I think losing Sandow (who has / had so much upside and wasn’t used properly very long in WWE so he still seemed like a new talent), Maria and Mike, etc., etc. just as they turn a corner are just signs that even the talent is beginning to lose faith…just what it seems like…and hope for them I am wrong.

  2. They sure dropped the ball, my thinking is they thought with the Hardys holding the belt they would stick around, but obviously money talks.

  3. Confused as to why impact wrestling, or whatever they’re called today, signed him in the first place.
    Being British I only saw his run up until the liberace gimmick debut, which had failure written all over it.
    When we Brits get to watch impact again it appears the likes of grado and shera will be headlining, the roster is pretty slim.

  4. Agree completely and at the same time, I think it was way more than money this time.

    I think The Hardy’s liked the limited work schedule and freedom of TNA BUT it seems they felt insulted (from a principle perspective) in the way they were treated with the re-signing given that they were playing a big part in the brand, had been loyal to the company (esp. Jeff), etc. etc.

    Financially they didn’t / don’t need TNA and it seems they felt, if you’re going to treat us like this, we’ll simply take our services elsewhere 🙂

  5. Bring him back and give him a run in NXT. With all the call ups right now, they could use someone with his charisma.

  6. Not re-signing The Hardys and Drew Galloway ranks up there in stupid with Dixie bringing in Hogan and Bischoff.

  7. I totaly agree, I have stuck with TNA from its start (except for the Hogan years I bailed on them during that era, but returned once hogan and bish were gone) From what I have seen so far the return of Jarrett is nearly as bad as the Hogan years. First they clearly low balled top talent and let them walk out the door, thinking bringing in old retreads and other folks associated with GFW (which never happend) could make up the difference. Letting go of the Hardys was just insane, and losing Galloway, Maria and Miracle and Jade…my goodness did they even try to keep them? I really have not enjoyed these new Anthem shows, the hard Josh Mathews heel turn was ridiculous, JB is supposed to be liked, but instead just looks like a Jarrett stooge, they piped in audience applause are just sad. They desperatly want Reno Scum to be over but the crowd is not interested, even the wolves fued is a little dull, half the time it looks like they are attempting to burie EC3, and putting all their chips in ADR…which is a big mistake. So far to me this reboot is a fail.

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