Josh Mathews

Josh Mathews recently spoke with this week and was asked about Anthem making no mention of GFW (Global Force Wrestling) in a press release to announce the Bound for Glory PPV in Ottawa on November 5.

As noted yesterday, Anthem simply referred to the promotion as Impact Wrestling in the press release. This was also made apparent in early graphics released of the new Bound for Glory logo where it only listed the words “Impact” above the logo.

It would appear Mathews, who is involved in the digital side of the promotion, also seemed to be a bit confused about the sudden change in branding.

“You know, I wish I could tell you everything and tell you that ‘this is what it’s going to be, because I think we did a great job in January of getting rid of TNA, of getting rid of that brand and becoming Impact, then becoming GFW. Now, you’re right, if you look at that graphic, it says Impact Bound for Glory, and that’s the brand we are bringing to Ottawa.   Those are the tapings that is coming to Ottawa.  That’s the show that’s coming, Impact.  I know that doesn’t really answer a whole lot of questions, but that’s what we’re doing.  That’s what we’re bringing up there.  That’s what you’re going to see and after what you see on November 5th, to be determined, I suppose.”

To make matters even more interesting, Mathews noted that discussions have already started about renaming the planned Global Wrestling Network roll out as well.

Attempts by to reach out to Anthem were not answered.


  1. Thanks for making the situation more confusing Josh. Anthem is treating this like it’s a big national secret. Why not just say, “GFW is gone.” It’s not like millions of people are waiting around to see the next rebranding strategy. I thought the Tokyo BFG was the worst promoted show, but this 2017 BFG could end up the worst ever.

  2. I love how every time someone from this company tries to answer questions like this, all they end up doing is creating whole new questions, debates, and speculations. Why, it’s almost as if they have NO .ING CLUE WHAT’S GOING ON.

  3. Nwa-tna gone
    TNA is gone
    Impact wrestling was gone (it was just the name of the show)
    Gfw now gone
    I make that 4 lives if gfw is a cat there 5 to go

  4. Oh shitt! I promise im not trolling , ted turner just aquired tna!!!!! Yes that means we getting a bigger budget scale and a show on tnt and tbs.. i cnt .in believe this wtf! !! I thought ted would never wanna have anything to do with wrestling again.

  5. I wonder what belts they are going to use. I think the old ones have the TNA logos, and the new ones have GFW. Maybe they’ll just put tape over the logos and just say they’re “wrestling champions” and let the audience (“audience” lol) imagine the company brand. I’m picking TNGFAW

  6. Add to that its stints on Fox Sports Net, Spike, Destination America, & now POP TV and you get 8. 1 more life to go.

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