Josh Mathews

Alfonso Castillo of is featuring an interview with GFW commentator Josh Mathews where he addresses the report by Sports Illustrated last week stating that Anthem was already looking at selling all interest in GFW/Impact Wrestling.

“I’m kind of disappointed in what I’ve seen out there this week . . . because we’ve been working so hard on these over-the-top platforms that we’re looking to be a part of. This company has been getting beat up for 15 years — maybe at times rightfully so. But I think now to have fake news out there about what we’re doing is sad.”

Mathews later went on to discuss why the reports made no sense just as Anthem and GFW were announcing plans for the launch of the Global Wrestling Network and new TV deals for Impact (both on Pop TV and overseas).

“Never once has anybody said anything about, ‘Well, we might not be around to do these huge things.’ I’ve gotten three or four phone calls from vendors and people that I work with saying, ‘Oh, man. I really hope you guys pull through. And it’s like, ‘No, no, no. We’re good. There’s nothing to pull through right now.’ Put any other company against we’re up against in these times . . . I don’t know if a lot of them survive. But Anthem, with their wisdom, they saw something. They came in. They breathed life into this company. And now here we are at the end of 2017 and there are all these things that are happening . . . And we’ll grow from there.”

For what it’s worth, Justin Barrasso told Wrestlezone recently that he stands by his original report about Anthem looking at pulling out from GFW.


  1. They were getting dumped on by a lot of people in the IWC since day one (I’ve been in the IWC and watched it happen almost every day I visited it a wrestling website) BUT to your point during 2002-2009 they had a lot of people (perhaps an equal number or more) supporting and defending them as well whereas around 2009 onward that shifted. Since day 1 though (and perhaps partly because of them starting in a weekly ppv format that wasn’t sustainable) people were calling for their demise and trying to predict which week it would be…which has to be frustrating if you are working for the company and for whatever reason believe the speculation. I’m not saying that any feedback wasn’t warranted, just saying what I watched happen. The difference this time is I personally feel what Josh is saying is more accurate than the reports given Anthem’s resources vs. Dixies since 2010. I actually don’t believe (unless proven otherwise) that Anthem went into it planning to turn a major profit in 9 months…and I think they see more long term value in the content.

  2. ps. having said all that I’m personally not a fan of the current product or what they’ve done with the product in the last 9 months.

  3. To be fair, I’ve only tuned in here and there over the past few years to see if things had improved. I was a regular viewer pre-2012(ish) but as the product started to suffer so did my interest. I did tune in before Anthem took over on some occasions and then after a few times to see if things would head in a better direction but for me personally, I have to admit that I enjoyed the product more pre-Anthem than post even though I haven’t been a big fan of either and of course, really enjoyed the product during the years you mentioned and off and on after that.

  4. They were a good alternative during the asylum days and making a move to Spike TV. I really got into Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, and Eric Young. Even the Knockouts could wrestle as opposed to the WWE cat fight type of wrestling. It was when they moved to POP where I started to lose interest.

  5. Agreed all the way around. I actually started losing interest when they moved to the Destination America network even before the move to POP.

  6. As noted, the report about Anthem selling GFW came from Sports Illustrated. SI is a sister company of CNN (which itself is a purveyor of fake news), sooo…yeah.

  7. The moment someone uses the term “fake news” they immediately morph into Donald Trump in my eyes.

  8. I certainly wasn’t one of those calling for their demise. I watched them on Fox Sports Net, watched their very 1st Victory Road PPV, defended them to the hilt most of the time, and considered them my favorite wrestling company (even through all the Hogan/Bischoff crap & afterwards) up until all that Broken Hardy crap culminating in Tag Team Apocolypto. After THAT show, I DELETE DELETE DELETED TNA from my DVR and now that they’re officially GFW, TNA is officially dead to me.

  9. Or had been, anyway (per the original post) – found out in the Wikipedia SI article after I posted that Time Warner spun off SI as part of its spinoff of Time Inc. back in 2014. That said, SI still has no excuse for publicly making the claim they made regarding Anthem and what it does with GFW without getting their facts straight.

  10. Haven’t watched TNA/Impact/GFW in ages myself. Nowadays when I want my wrestling fix, I just watch old school NWA/AWA/Portland/other companies’ clips from the territorial days on YouTube.

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