Bound for Glory

GFW unveils new Bound for Glory logo

GFW revealed the new logo for the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV that will take place on November 5 live from the IMPACT Zone in Orlando, Florida.

You can check out the new logo below.

Early 9/7 Impact Preview

GFW previews this week’s episode of Impact on Pop TV.


  1. I agree, great logo 🙂 despite recent speculation I think Anthem is thinking long term and around for the longer term as is POP (just my opinion) – I think their product is not at the level is once was but hoping they can change that. All this is to say that I don’t think they can do anything so substantial that ratings will bump up much as I think once you’re at a certain spot on a network, it’s tough to change them much without a big development and given the roster they have had over the years they may have spent most of their big moments. All things are possible but outside of them getting some more broken universe moments (two similar but unique and impactful storylines like that one at the same time because that one alone just bumped the episodes it was on) or someone like a Goldberg signing to wrestle a match in GFW or Bret Hart as a commissioner (not saying they can afford to or would do either of these things) without getting onto a bigger network or airing POP locally in bigger (outside the country) markets, it seems unlikely.

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