GFW live events

Attendance figures for recent GFW live events in New York in early August have now been revealed after much speculation based on live report estimates.

According to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the St. James show on August 4 drew 330 fans and the August 5 show in Staten Island drew 650 fans.

These were the first live events under Anthem and the GFW re-branding. The company, formerly TNA/Impact Wrestling, had largely become a production entity in the last few years under Dixie Carter after attendance numbers struggled for both TV tapings and live events on the road. GFW reportedly has more plans to run live events this year.

GFW released this highlight video covering the live events.


  1. Sad. Hopefully they can turn things around but I’m not super optimistic…happy tho that the people who did attend enjoyed it as that’s what it’s about 🙂

  2. Well, its cause they still had a couple handfuls of really big names back in 2013: Sting, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Chris Daniels & Kazarian, Eric Young, Jeff Hardy, Magnus, Mr.Anderson, Samoa Joe. HUGE difference between then and now. These guys drew audiences cause people wanted to see them. If I rode my bike past that ballpark today, I probably wouldn’t even stop, because there’s no one interesting to see except for Lashley. TNA let everybody go, and now they are nothing but a mere fraction of what they once were.

  3. Yes that’s definitely true. Plus, don’t forget they did have virtual unknown people start holding the world title belt like Magnus, Eric Young, and EC3. No casual fan knew who those guys were.

  4. Plus I wasn’t a fan of the Bully Ray title run. Some people loved it, but after his mic skills, there’s really nothing good about his in ring appearance or wrestling skills.

  5. Plus they were on Spike and whether we like it or not, Hogan was bringing in a few casual fans 🙂 but still get the point about how did it get to this but as said it’s a fraction of the company it was and IMO Jarrett or rehashing Corbett’s on air role, is not the answer!

  6. Yes true, good points there. The casuals didn’t know the Magnus or Eric Young types. I think the hardcore TNA fans stuck around for those guys though, cause they made a name for themselves in that company (sort of like AJ Styles) and they were good wrestlers. Even certain Knockouts like the Beautiful People, Tara, and Gail Kim kept the interest of some of those fans because of how long they were there. Just like Abyss and James Storm today, there’s certain names that were always associated with TNA that the fans dug. Almost all of them are gone now, and what we have seen the last couple years are lesser known indy guys that come & go.

  7. and because this was a Live Event/ House Show, and not an Impact Taping. People turn out more for the TV Shows because they know the good stuff is there. I dont know anyone that has been to a House Show for TNA/GFW or WWE

  8. You do realize the PPVs are free now?? I mean you have to be in the park already, but still, it’s nothing like Lockdown in San Antonio

  9. I was actually there in San Antonio for Lockdown 2013 and to answer your question from your first post: years & years & years of incompetent mismanagement, repeating WCW’s mistakes, alienating your biggest homegrown stars who the fans paid to see (which to some degree was also a WCW mistake), creating lots of ill will amongst your core fan base (like me) by putting on one lousy show after another due to incompetent mismanagement, and to top it all off, renaming the company after Jarrett’s failure of a start up company.

  10. Plus the Knockouts Division was the envy of the entire industry until Bruce Prichard the misogynist asshole that he is sabotaged it. It made a decent comeback after 2013 when they fired him but it was never really the same. Plus they had a great X Division which also got neglected during the Hogan/Bischoff years that never did recover to what it once was.

  11. Interesting that you were there!!! I consider that the last great PPV for the company, mostly because of the crowd. I remember that BFG they did in Japan, what a disaster

  12. “Even certain Knockouts like the Beautiful People, Tara, and Gail Kim kept the interest of some of those fans because of how long they were there.”

    Don’t forget about Mickie. =D And ODB I guess. :/ And Awesome Kong even though they fired her twice for giving what for to 2 human pieces of crap who had it coming. >:(

  13. Yeah, another bad idea was what you’re saying…when X division guys like Aries and Sabin start winning world titles. I’ve stood next to both at house shows and they are probably not even 200 lb.., and WWE is kind of doing the same thing now.

  14. No Hogan really didn’t. With the exception of 2011, ratings went down every year he was there. And even in 2011, it was the strong Knockouts & Tag Team Division and a still pretty good X Division that was bringing in the viewers. Whatever casual fans the Huckster was bringing in, he was driving away even more mainstay fans.

  15. I went to three in the Spring of 2011 (TNA house shows) and they were spectacular! They still had a pretty stacked roster even on house shows in 2011.

  16. 2011 was a pretty awesome year for TNA. I used to go to house shows for TNA & WWE. I wouldn’t waste my time & money on either one now. Or even on Raw or SmackDown.

  17. Mmmm, I don’t know about that. I thought Austin Aries made a credible TNA Champion as did Daniel Bryan during his short time as WWE champion. I’m loathe to go along with the Vince McMahon mentality that you have to look like John Cena or Brock Lesnar or Roman Reigns to be a credible world champion.
    As for Jobber Mahal being the current WWE champion, Vince is only doing that as a transparent ploy to win over the Indian market.

  18. GFW live event at the Sports Arena in St. James, New York (with a capacity of almost 1,000 I think?) on August 7 drew 350 fans.

    GFW live event at the Richmond County Bank Ballpark (with a capacity of 7,171 fans) in Staten Island, New York on August 8 drew 650 fans.

  19. Went to a Smackdown house show in a small population venue…maybe 1500 fans. Mainly to see AJ… would pay to see him work any day anywhere. Was impressed with the effort most of the roster put in to give a great show and fan interaction, Ziggler really worked hard, as did Amborse, USO’s, and even Orton. Corbin was Corbin; however, he did lean over the top rope and interact with me when I shouted out he wrestled like a sissy (have to admit I marked out over it).

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