Bound for Glory

Attendance for Bound for Glory

Last Sunday’s Bound for Glory PPV in Ottawa drew 650 fans at the Aberdeen Pavilion, well below the estimated 1,000 figure that had been tossed out previously.

Impact TV tapings the following few nights averaged around 350 fans. The company announced at the PPV (off camera) that anyone who purchased a ticket to the PPV would be allowed in for free. Anthem also worked with a local casting agency to bring in background fans who were offered $50 per night to attend the shows.

The final Impact TV taping took place last night in Ottawa, with the company filming enough footage that is believed to get them through the rest of November, December and most of January. They have not announced where the next set of tapings will take place, but another location in Canada is likely based on recent internal communications.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Videos after 11/9 Impact on Pop TV

Impact Wrestling posted a few clips from this past Thursday’s show on Pop TV.


  1. This is exactly what I mean how bias Adam Martin and this whole website is towards impact. Who the hell cares how many people were in attendance. The WWE has a long history of heavily papering t’s shows as well.

  2. How is he bias? He’s reporting the attendance, the same way Wrestleview always lists attendances and ratings for both Impact and WWE. Its not his fault that the attendance in Ottawa was abysmal. Be glad that websites still even bother reporting any news on this sad indy promotion, cause its but a MERE fraction of what it once was (they are PAYING people to attend their shows for crying out loud!) That’s how sad and desperate Impact has become.

  3. This^^^

    How is he being biased?!? Reporting how many people attended tapings and events has and always will be posted here. Doesn’t matter who the promotion is.

  4. um they also reported on recent declines in wwe attendance too. so i don’t know where you think they are biased. trust me if wv was really biased against tnaimpact wrestling they would definitely have no problem doing it, given this companies history.

  5. What difference does the attendance make??? He should (Adam Martin) be reporting on the quality of matches and not how many people were in attendance. It’s stupid and pointless to talk about attendance. The Los Angeles Chargers haven’t sold at a home game yet, is that a bad thing in terms of the quality of football games being played?

  6. You’re comparing apples to oranges, the structure of the NFL makes the attendance figures of any one team next to meaningless so long as league-wide numbers are still good. Impact doesn’t have that same support structure so less than 1000 people attending their biggest show of the year is a big deal.

  7. We did that here ( and here ( The reason the attendance figure is relevant is because Anthem/Impact Wrestling has remained in Orlando since the new buyout earlier this year. Outside of a handful of live events in the Northeast (we also reported those attendance numbers, sorry), this was the first PPV and TV tapings outside of Orlando. So, yes, the attendance figure is relevant.

  8. Wrestleview DID do a recap of the event talking about the matches. THIS is a different story reporting the attendance which they also do for WWE as well.

  9. Next headline: Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports Impact didn’t pay its fans this week and that some fans haven’t been paid for the past month of TV tapings.
    I mean sh*t! They don’t pay their ring crew, they don’t pay a lot of their wrestlers, but they pay some casting company to hire seat fillers for them? How is this company still in business?

  10. it’s a waste -attendance has been declining overall including the WWE. Ratings have also declined, the WWE currently doesn’t have near the attendance that they once had in 70’s, parts of the 80’s/90’s and during the Monday Night Wars that’s a no brainer. If you are expecting ROH or Impact to hold venue and sell 20k tickets you are clearly out of your mind. Do you realize that wrestling just isn’t that popular anymore?

  11. It’s a waste?!? I mean why does it matter so much to you? Your original argument is that they’re biased towards impact/tna/anthem. You make it seem like they’re only targeting them. They’ve reported attendance across all promotions like I mentioned. AND WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH POPULARITY?!? It’s just a reported attendance! Lol. Nobody expects to have a sell out event. If it happens great! If not, oh well. You seem to have issue with WV’s staff.

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