James Storm

During last night’s Impact tapings in Ottawa, former TNA Champion James Storm gave a farewell speech confirming reports he would be leaving Impact Wrestling.

Storm signed a new two-year deal with the company back in early 2016 when the company debuted on Pop TV, shortly after Storm left and spent time in WWE NXT.

He stated on a recent Impact Wrestling call with media that he made the decision to return to Impact due to personal reasons involving his family and why he opted to not agree to terms on a deal to remain with WWE as part of the NXT brand.

Storm was one of the few roster members who have been part of the company since the early days in 2002 under the Jeff and Jerry Jarrett regime. He gained a big following as part of the America’s Most Wanted tag team with Chris Harris and later as part of the Beer Money tag team with former NXT Champion Bobby Roode. Storm would go on to have one reign as TNA Champion back in 2011, defeating Kurt Angle.

Storm posted the following to Twitter using the #ThankYouStorm.


Main Event Radio posted a brief clip of his speech to the fans in Ottawa last night.


  1. If you are going to write wrestling stories you should probably be up to date on whose champion and where they are at. Roode is on Smackdown and Drew McIntyre is NXT Champion.

  2. In your defense, I wish Roode was still NXT champion, because they haven’t done jack Shi* with him since he has been on Smackdown.

  3. HUGE loss for this company. Him & Abyss were the last 2 originals, and Storm was one of the few guys there that’s worth a damn. It’s the Lashley & EC3 show now, and once those 2 guys leave, its lights out folks! Hopefully Storm heads over to ROH or some place where he’s used properly.

  4. Yeah, I’m expecting Roode will just be floating around the mid-card at best. That’s just how WWE is… they don’t have a clue sometimes. That’s why I’m hoping James Storm heads over to ROH instead. It’s where Matt Hardy should have stayed also.

  5. don’t understand what direction, if any, the company is looking to go.
    a mexican that never drew, a guy from a mexican show nobody watched and eli drake?

  6. F*cking hell! Other than maybe Bobby Lashley who’s left now that anyone really cares about? Impact slips a little deeper into its inevitable grave.
    As for James Storm, I always considered him one of my favorite TNA wrestlers and its very lamentable they didn’t do more with him as a singles wrestler, especially now when they really needed to step up their game. Well F*ck that owl & happy trails Tennessee Cowboy. Hope to see you somewhere soon where they’ll appreciate you more.

  7. I don’t see how. Like Rob said, other than Lashley & MAYbe EC3 who’s left anyone really cares about. I like Johnny (Insert Current Gimmick Name Here) all right but he’s not going to make me want to watch Impact again and guys like Alberto El Aburrido (Spanish for boring), Texano, Eli Drake, Gail Kim now serving her 115th Knockouts title reign, & whoever else they have left aren’t going to make fans pour through the doors again. ANY wrestling company needs wrestlers that fans want to see and right now that’s–a very very few moderately known guys & gals and they’re losing more & more by the month.
    Impact is in even worse shape now than the Global Wrestling Federation was near the end. At least GWF still had the Fabulous Freebirds in their last year.

  8. I wish I had that endless pool of money they seem to have, because they keep just blowing money, and they never get any ratings or show any growth from it. I mean who thought up going to Canada for a PPV? They should have gone to the south if they wanted the Hispanic demographic with El Patron. Contrary to popular belief, there’s tons of that demographic in places like NC, GA, AL, TX…etc. Why not hold the PPV there? But Canada?

  9. Not saying the location for the PPV or tapings made sense but I believe it’s because Anthem’s head quarters are there and I guess they figure if you’re only bringing talent in to tape once every blue moon why not get them to drive to Canada and then Anthem saves money to keep the ‘lemon’ going – I would guess their tie to Orlando will end soon and although it’ll probable save them money if they don’t have as large a staff and separate office locations / entities, it’ll continue to make Impact look more weak (and more Indy) with every turn!

  10. Much respect James Storm…there is a plan…God has always done for me what I was incapable of doing for myself..

  11. I see what you’re saying but just because this company has defied worst expectations to stay in business when everyone said it would fold in 2002 doesn’t mean it’s pluckiness will eventually save it. Company ownership or no, it still has to pull in some kind of profit for Anthem and they’re looking less & less likely to do that with all its best talent running for the door.

  12. I don’t think El Patron is a big draw in any demographic. He didn’t even raise Lucha Underground’s viewership to any great degree. If he was a draw after leaving WWE, he damaged his own credibility by crawling back to work for them again.

  13. All true and they could shut the lights out tomorrow or be forced to, I’m just saying I don’t think it will happen. I mean ECW with all it had going for it and Paul E. convincing his talent / friends to work for free while owing them in RVD’s case almost 100,000 he never saw and having a massive cult following couldn’t keep the lights on.

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