GFW Impact Ratings

The GFW Impact ratings for September 14, 2017 are in.

Last night’s episode on Pop TV drew 239,000 viewers overall on Thursday night according to a report by

This is up from last week’s show that drew 227,000 viewers. Impact came in at No. 147 for the night on cable in Top 150, up just slightly from last week’s No. 148 spot.

GFW Impact Ratings

Impact, headlined by Johnny Impact vs. Low-Ki and Lashley’s decision, averaged a 0.05 rating among adults 18-49, the same as last week.


  1. Are you being sarcastic because the ratings are so low and bumped a few thousand people or genuinely excited about the ratings. I honestly can’t tell and I truly feel so sorry for the company right now but again, curious if it’s genuine excitement or sarcasm as they were 50,000 people (20%) higher just weeks ago.

  2. I was saying yes because of the ratings being up. They still need to increase. I want them to stay around for a long time.

  3. Gotcha, they have been going down since Anthem took over with just little glimmers of hope (short term bumps up before another drop) and although I feel Anthem / Impact will be around for a long time because Anthem wants the product for the content and if they can run a show with low ratings but still make money from the content in other ways I feel they are all in, the product in my opinion is going in the wrong direction with the ratings. The good news is for a network like POP they are probably safe for a while yet (I.e. The recent renewal) but to me it’s sad to see how far a company with such great promise, and over the years hardworking talent, has fallen. If Jeff rehashing old ideas was part of the recent problem, perhaps they can turn some of that around in his absence.

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