Karen Jarrett

Karen Jarrett issues statement on Jeff Jarrett

Karen Jarrett issued the following statement on Twitter this weekend briefly addressing the situation currently with her husband Jeff Jarrett.

As reported earlier, GFW issued a statement revealing Jarrett would be taking an “indefinite leave of absence” from his current role as Chief Creative Officer.

You can check out Karen’s tweet below.

Lashley talks Bellator MMA

During an appearance on The MMA Report with John Pollack, current GFW star Bobby Lashley talked at length about wanting to get another fight with Bellator MMA.

Lashley, 15-2 in his MMA career, fought last October over Josh Applet at Bellator 162. He’s already interested in getting a shot at Bellator’s Heavyweight title and even expressed interest in taking a fight with MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko.

“All of my fights, even the one where they had Kimbo [Slice] and Shamrock and they were boasting that their ratings were so great, the peak time was my fight. So, I add value to Bellator and one thing I like about Bellator is that Scott Coker is a great person and he’s doing great things for the organization as it’s changing.”

Source: MMAUno.com


  1. WHAT is a 110% positive for Jeff & GFW/Impact?? Can we get some clarification on why he’s now gone?
    As for Bobby Lashley, consider leaving GFW to fight for Bellator full time. GFW isn’t growing at all and obviously doesn’t care that much about you. I’m sure most would agree with you that you add value to Bellator whereas GFW just treats you pretty much like just another guy on the roster.

  2. Rumor and innuendo says that Jeff has a booze problem. Hopefully (if that is the case) he gets himself in order.
    Lashley is probably going to keep a foot in each of company until one shows true promise for him. I cannot see Lashley full-time fighting at his age (albeit he is only 41 and in great shape) and I’m not sure if it is something he’s passionate about or if it is more of a hobby to stay competitive in that form of discipline…as he is a former amateur wrestling stand-out.

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